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Number of Vice Presidents by party affiliation
Party Vice Presidents
Confederalist 14
Democratic 13
Vacancies 2
No Party 1

The Vice President of the Confederate States of America is formally the second highest position within the government of the Confederacy. There have been 25 Vice Presidents from Alexander Stephens to Bill Richardson. Twice there has been a period of time where the office was left vacant. Vice President Stephens first took office on February 11, 1861, but was considered only a provisional Vice President until the 1861 Presidential Election.

According to the Confederate States Constitution, the Vice President's office is almost entirely identical to that of the Vice President of the United States.

The Vice President is elected by an electoral college (closely modeled after the U.S. Electoral College) along with the President. If no candidate wins a majority in the Electoral College, the Confederate Senate elects the Vice President from the top two vote-getters. Candidates for President and Vice President can not be citizens of the same state. Like the President, the Vice President has to be a natural-born citizen of the Confederacy or was a natural-born citizen of the U.S. born prior to December 20, 1860, and a resident in the Confederacy for over 14 years.

The Vice President's duty is presiding over the Confederate Senate and breaking tied votes, as the U.S. Vice President presides and breaks ties in the U.S. Senate. He is also the first person in the line of succession. If the President dies, resigs or is removed from office, the Vice President becomes the new president for the remainder of his term. President Glass is the only Vice President to date to assume the role of President following the death of Champ Clark on March 2, 1921.

The major difference between the U.S. and the Confederate Vice Presidencies is that the term in office was six years long. The President is explicitly forbidden to run for a second term by the constitution, but the Vice President is not. Still, to date no Vice President has ever served more than one term.


  Democratic Party
  Confederalist Party

No. Image Name Home State Took Office Left Office Party President
1 Stephens Alexander Stephens Georgia February 22, 1862 February 21, 1868 No Party/Confederalist Jefferson Davis
2 Reagan John H. Reagan Texas February 22, 1868 February 21, 1874 Democratic John C. Breckinridge
3 Hampton Wade Hampton III South Carolina February 22, 1874 February 21, 1880 Democratic John H. Reagan
4 Longstreet James Longstreet Louisiana February 22, 1880 February 21, 1886 Confederalist Jabez Curry
5 Fitzhugh Fitzhugh Lee Virginia February 22, 1886 February 21, 1892 Confederalist James Longstreet
6 Garland Augustus H. Garland Arkansas February 22, 1892 February 21, 1898 Confederalist Fitzhugh Lee
7 Caffery Donelson Caffery Louisiana February 22, 1898 February 21, 1904 Democratic Clifton R. Breckinridge
8 Bankhead John H. Bankhead Alabama February 22, 1904 February 21, 1910 Confederalist Furnifold Simmons
9 Broward Napoleon Bonaparte Broward Florida February 22, 1910 February 21, 1916 Democratic Woodrow Wilson
10 Glass Carter Glass Virginia February 22, 1916 March 2, 1921 A Confederalist Champ Clark
Vacant March 2, 1921 February 21, 1922 Carter Glass
11 Cotton Ed Ellison D. Smith South Carolina February 22, 1922 February 21, 1928 Confederalist Carter Glass
12 Harrison Pat Harrison Mississippi February 22, 1928 February 21, 1934 Democratic Joseph T. Robinson
13 File:Byrd.jpg Harry F. Byrd Virginia February 22, 1934 February 21, 1940 Confederalist John N. Garner
14 Harry-truman Harry S. Truman Missouri February 22, 1940 February 21, 1946 Democratic James F. Byrnes
15 Barkley Alben W. Barkley Kentucky February 22, 1946 February 21, 1952 Democratic Harry S. Truman
16 Fielding Fielding Wright Mississippi February 22, 1952 May 4, 1956 D Confederalist Strom Thurmond
Vacant May 4, 1956 February 21, 1958 Strom Thurmond
17 LBJ Lyndon B. Johnson Texas February 22, 1958 February 21, 1964 Democratic Dwight D. Eisenhower
18 RLong Russell B. Long Louisiana February 22, 1964 February 21, 1970 Democratic Lyndon B. Johnson
19 Happy A.B. "Happy" Chandler Kentucky February 22, 1970 February 21, 1976 Confederalist George C. Wallace
20 Udall Mo Udall Arizona February 22, 1976 February 21, 1982 Democratic Jimmy Carter
21 Baker Howard H. Baker Tennessee February 22, 1982 February 21, 1988 Confederalist John B. Connally
22 Vped James B. Edwards South Carolina February 22, 1988 February 21, 1994 Confederalist Howard H. Baker
23 Gore2 Al Gore Tennessee February 22, 1994 February 21, 2000 Democratic Bill Clinton
24 Thompson Fred Thompson Tennessee February 22, 2000 February 21, 2006 Confederalist John McCain
25 Richardson Bill Richardson New Mexico February 22, 2006 January 4, 2010 Democratic John Edwards
26 Jim Webb official 110th Congress photo (cropped) Jim Webb Virginia April 22, 2010 February 22, 2012 Democratic Bill Richardson
27 Huckabee-SF-CC-024 Mike Huckabee Arkansas February 22, 2012 February 22, 2018 Confederalist Rick Perry
27 Governor McCrory Headshot Pat McCroy North Carolina February 22, 2018 Incumbant Confederalist Mike Huckabee


  • D Died in office of natural causes.

  • A Assumed the role of Acting President.