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This page lists all the Vice Presidents of the United States of America, except for those before the timeline's point of divergence.

The Vice President of the United States was the second-highest officer in the executive branch of the U.S. federal government, after the President of the United States. The Vice President was also the President of the Senate, and the first person in the presidential line of succession. The position was abolished on September 12, 1928, with the final surrender of the United States to the socialist revolution, although it had been vacant for over three years at that point due to the ascension of Charles W. Bryan to the presidency.

List of Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents of the United States
No. Name Portrait Took Office Left Office Party Previous Position President
16 Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson.PNG March 4, 1865 March 4, 1869 National Union, Democratic 15th Governor of Tennessee Abraham Lincoln
17 Augustus C. Dodge Augustus Caesar Dodge.jpg March 4, 1869 March 4, 1877 Democratic US Ambassador to Spain George H. Pendleton
18 Thomas A. Hendricks Thomas-A.-Hendricks.jpg March 4, 1877 March 4, 1885 Democratic 16th Governor of Indiana Samuel J. Tilden
19 Levi P. Morton Levi-P-Morton.png March 4, 1885 June 22, 1885 National American US Representative from New York William B. Allison
20 Daniel W. Voorhees DanielWVorhees.jpg March 4, 1889 March 4, 1893 Democratic US Senator from Indiana John G. Carlisle
21 Morgan Bulkeley MorganBulkeley.jpg March 4, 1893 March 4, 1897 National American 54th Governor of Connecticut William McKinley
22 Arthur Sewall Arthur Sewall.jpg March 4, 1897 September 5, 1900 Democratic Director of the Maine Central Railroad William Jennings Bryan
23 George Gray George Gray Senator.jpg March 4, 1901 October 27, 1901 Democratic Judge of the United States Court of Appeals William Jennings Bryan
24 Robert R. Hitt Robert R. Hitt.jpg March 4, 1905 September 20, 1906 National American US Representative from Illinois Charles W. Fairbanks
25 Robert M. La Follette 444px-Robert M La Follette, Sr.jpg March 4, 1909 March 4, 1913 National American US Senator from Wisconsin Charles W. Fairbanks
26 Herbert S. Hadley Herbert S Hadley.jpg March 4, 1913 March 4, 1921 National American 32nd Governor of Missouri Henry Cabot Lodge
27 Irvine Lenroot Irvine Luther Lenroot.jpg March 4, 1921 August 2, 1923 National American US Senator from Wisconsin Warren G. Harding
28 Charles W. Bryan CharlesBryan.png March 4, 1925 June 18, 1925 Democratic 20th Governor of Nebraska Robert M. La Follette