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This page lists all the Vice Presidents of the Western States of America.

The Vice President of the Western States is the second-highest officer in the executive branch of the WSA federal government, after the President of the Western States. The Vice President is also the President of the Senate, and the first person in the presidential line of succession.

List of Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents of the Western States
No. Name Portrait Took Office Left Office Party Previous Position President
1 George Dern George Dern.jpg January 20, 1931 January 20, 1934 Non-Partisan, Progressive 6th Governor of Utah Charles Curtis
2 Arthur Vandenberg Arthur Vandenberg portrait.jpg January 20, 1934 January 29, 1936 Conservative None (civic activist and author) Charles Curtis
3 Joseph C. O'Mahoney Joseph O'Mahoney.jpg January 20, 1937 (1937+) Progressive-Liberal WS Senator from Wyoming William Borah

Records and Stats

Record Holder Value
Youngest Arthur Vandenberg 49 years old
Oldest George Dern 61 years old
Oldest (at inauguration) George Dern 58 years old
Longest Tenure George Dern 3 years
Shortest Tenure Arthur Vandenberg 2 years, 9 days

Party Vice Presidents
Progressive-Liberal 2
Conservative 1

State Vice Presidents
California 1
Utah 1
Wyoming 1

Prior Positions
Prior Positions Vice Presidents
Author 1
Governor 1
Senator 1