This is a list of ongoing conflicts that are happening around the world, which continue to result in violent deaths. This list is for the sole purpose of identifying present-day conflicts and the death toll associated with each conflict. Fatality figures include both civilian and military deaths. Conflicts which no longer produce violent deaths are not listed here, but can be found in the historical list of wars and the list of wars extended by diplomatic irregularity.

1000+ deaths per year

Conflicts in the following list are currently causing at least 1000 violent deaths per year (a United Nations categorization[1]).

Start of Conflict War/Conflict Location Cumulative fatalities Notes
1983 Sri Lankan Civil War Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 80,000 (+/-)[2]
1997 Kivu conflict 25px Democratic Republic of the Congo 4,000,000 (+/-)[3]
2001 War in Afghanistan Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan 35,000
2003 War in Darfur Flag of Sudan Sudan 500,000 (+/-)
2003 Iraq War 25px Iraq 103,359+ - 1,136,920+ (see: Casualties of the Iraq War)
2004 War in North-West Pakistan Flag of Pakistan Pakistan 11,345 (+/-)
1988 Somali Civil War Flag of Somalia Somalia 300,000[4] - 400,000[5]
2000 Second Intifada Israel Israel & Template:Country data Palestinian Authority Palestinian territories 7,315 (+/-)
2006 Mexican Drug War Flag of Mexico Mexico 8,400[6]

Other conflicts

There are many other smaller-scale armed conflicts that are currently causing a smaller number of violent fatalities each year.

Start of Conflict War/Conflict Location Cumulative fatalities
1948 Kayin State Conflict 24px Kayin and Template:Country data Burma Burma ~7,000
1964 Colombian Civil War Template:Country data Colombia Colombia ~52,000
1969 Communist and Islamic insurgency in the Philippines[7] Template:Country data Philippines Philippines ~160,000+
1975 The Secret War Template:Country data Laos Laos 2,000 - 3,000
1984 Turkey-PKK conflict PKK PKK (Kurdish militants) and Turkey Turkey ~37,000
1987 Second Ugandan Civil War Template:Country data Uganda Uganda ~12,000Template:Fact
1989 Insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir India India ~60,000
1993 Ethnic conflict in Nagaland India India ~43,000[8]
1995 Insurgency in Ogaden Ethiopia (1983: Doomsday) Ethiopia ~125
1996 Naxalite-Maoist insurgency India East Central part of India ~4,483
2000 Second Chechen War Template:Country data Russian Federation Russia and Template:Country data Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Ichkeria ~90,000[9]
2002 Insurgency in the Maghreb Template:Country data Algeria Algeria, Template:Country data Mauritania Mauritania, and Template:Country data Morocco Morocco ~6000Template:Fact
2004 Balochistan conflict Template:Country data Balochistan Balochistan and Template:Country data Pakistan Pakistan ~9,000[10]
2004 South Thailand insurgency Flag of Pattani Patani and Thailand Thailand ~3,500 [11]
2004 Conflict in the Niger Delta Flag of Nigeria Nigeria unknown
2005 Fourth Civil War of Chad Template:Country data Chad Chad ~1,400Template:Fact
2007 Second Tuareg Rebellion Template:Country data Mali Mali and Template:Country data Niger Niger ~350[12]

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