Cygnia states map labelled

A map of Cygnia showing its 21 states

The United Cygnian States is a federation consisting of 21 States, a Federal Territory (Swan, which comprises the federal capital, Northam), and five External Territories. The 13 contiguous states and the Territory of Swan are located on the mainland of Australia. The state of Tasmania lies to the south of Victoria across the Bass Strait. Aotearoa is southeast of both the mainland and Tasmania, across the Tasman Sea. Papua and New Guinea occupy the island of New Guinea to the north of New Zealand, and the other four states are located on islands to the northeast of the mainland, including Fiji, New Caledonia, the New Hebrides and the Solomon Islands. Cygnia also possesses six external territories, which are small islands lying to the northwest and northeast of the mainland.

All the States are partially self-governing, and are represented in the Cygnian Congress; the External Territories, on the other hand, are administered exclusively by the federal government. four of the external territories are inhabited; the others are uninhabited, apart from non-permanent scientists.

New Albion is the most populous state, with 23,687,400 residents (as of 2016); New Caledonia is the least populous, with an estimated 268,767 residents. The Territory of Swan, with an estimated 403,468 residents as of 2016, has a higher population than two states. The largest state by area is New Zealand, encompassing 1,852,642 square kilometres (263,983 square miles), while the smallest is the New Hebrides, encompassing 12,189 square kilometres (4,706 square miles). The first state to ratify the Imperial Constitution was Carolina, which it did on 2 January 1792. The newest state is New Caledonia, which was admitted into the Federation on 5 May 1999.

The most recent entity to come under the sovereignty of Cygnia in its current form is the Heard Island and McDonald Islands, which formally became an External Territory in 1910.


The table below lists the 21 states, with their current capital, largest city, the date they ratified the Imperial Constitution or were admitted to the Federation, population and area data, and number of representatives in the Cygnian House of Representatives (Each state is entitled to at least one Representative. Current law limits the number of representatives to 300, which are then apportioned among states every ten years according to their relative population. Each state is also entitled to four Senators.)

States of the United Cygnian States
State & postal abbrieviation Cities Statehood Population Area in km2 (mi2) Rep(s)
Capital Largest # Date (2016 est)
NZ flag design Silver Fern (Black, White & Blue) by Kyle Lockwood Aotearoa AO Wellington Auckland 9th 1 January 1824 4,899,660 268,021 (103,483) 10
Auralia AU Esperance Kalgoorlie 14th 23 April 1905 6,829,000 770,488 (297,487) 13
Flag of Campbell Avon AV Charlotte 4th 26 April 1792 7,259,100 1,043,514 (402,903) 12
Flag of Peel Carolina CA Perth 1st 2 January 1792 21,427,000 161,510 (62,359) 35
Flag of the Northern Territory Darwin DA Palmerston 13th 1 October 1900 4,952,308 1,420,970 (548,640) 9
East Georgia EG Albany 3rd 6 February 1792 5,380,299 39,007 (15,061) 9
Fiji FJ Suva 16th 25 February 1950 898,760 18,274 (7,056) 3
Gascoyne GA Carnarvon 12th 2 September 1890 18,420,000 138,000 (53,000) 25
Gibson GI Geraldton 15th 14 October 1906 1,352,920 472,336 (427,336) 4
Kimberley KI Broome 8th 19 September 1820 5,683,590 423,517 (163,521) 11
Flag of North Albion New Albion NA Sydney 7th 6 June 1795 23,687,400 811,870 (313,465) 47
Flag of New Caledonia New Caledonia NC Noumea 21st 5 May 1999 268,767 18,576 (7,172) 2
Flag of Papua New Guinea New Guinea NG Port Moresby 18th 16 September 1975 8,084,999 462,840 (178,700) 15
Flag of Vanuatu New Hebrides NH Port Vila 20th 30 July 1980 270,402 12,189 (4,706) 1
New Zealand NZ Brisbane 5th 23 May 1792 9,352,190 1,852,642 (263,983) 29
Morning Star flag Papua PA Numbay 17th 15 August 1963 5,399,000 420,540 (162,371) 10
Pilbara PI Port Hedland 11th 16 January 1885 7,534,190 507,896 (193,826) 13
Flag of the Solomon Islands Solomon Islands SI Honiara 19th 7 July 1978 599,419 28,400 (11,000) 2
Tasmania TA Hobart 6th 1 June 1792 1,566,000 68,401 (26,410) 5
Flag of Victoria (Australia) Victoria VA Melbourne 10th 5 September 1860 19,076,700 237,659 (91,671) 36
West Georgia WG Bunbury 2nd 9 January 1792 9,523,101 23,970 (9,255) 6

Federal Territory

Federal Territory of the United Cygnian States
Name & postal abbrieviation Established Population (2016 est) Area in km2 (mi2) Rep(s)
Flag of the Australian Capital Territory Territory of Swan TS 12 March 1800 403,468 6,648 (2,567) 3

External Territories

Inhabited External Territories of the United Cygnian States
Territory & postal abbrieviation Capital Acquired Population (2016 est) Area in km2 (mi2) Administration
Flag of Christmas Island Christmas Island CX Flying Fish Cove 1888 2,072 135 (52) Administrator of the Indian Ocean Territories
Keeling Islands KE West Island 1857 596 14 (5)
Flag of Nauru Nauru NU Yaren 1886 10,084 21 (8) Administrator of Nauru
Flag of Norfolk Island Norfolk Island NO Kingston 1788 1,748 35 (14) Administrator of Norfolk Island

Uninhabited territories

Territories of Cygnia with no permanent population
Territory Acquired Area in km2 (mi2)
Ashmore and Cartier Islands 1881 199 (77)
Cygnian Antarctic Territory 1908 1,709,400 (660,003)
Heard Island and McDonald Islands 1910 368 (142)


The table below presents a comparison in terminology used for the various administrative institutions in the Cygnian federal government, the States and the Territories.

Entity Type of entity Tie to the Monarch Domestic administrator Head of Government Upper House of Parliament Lower House of Parliament Member of Legislature
Upper house Lower house
The Union Federal government Direct The Queen Chancellor Congress Senator Representative
Senate House of Representatives
Territory of Swan Federal Territory Direct Chief Minister Legislative Assembly MLA
Aotearoa Federated state Direct Governor Prime Minister Parliament MP
Auralia Legislative Council Legislative Assembly MLC MLA
Avon House of Assembly MHA
Carolina Legislative Assembly MLA
Darwin Legislative Assembly MLA
East Georgia
New Caledonia Parliament MP
New Guinea
New Hebrides
New Zealand Legislative Assembly MLA
New Albion Legislative Council Legislative Assembly MLC MLA
Papua Legislative Assembly MLA
Solomon Islands Parliament MP
Tasmania House of Assembly MHA
Victoria Legislative Council Legislative Assembly MLC MLA
West Georgia Legislative Assembly MLA
Christmas Island External territory Indirect (through Administrator) Administrator President Council Councillor
Keeling Islands
Norfolk Island

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