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This is a list of sovereign states by the dates their modern forms were established.

Year State Event
301 Flag of San Marino.svg San Marino Independence from the Roman Empire.
1128 Flag Portugal (1830).svg Portugal Battle of São Mamede.
1270 Flag of Ethiopia (1897-1936; 1941-1974).svg Ethiopia Empire established.
1278 Andorra vlag 1939 2.svg Andorra Independence from Aragon.
1291 Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland Traditional date of foundation.
1479 Flag of Spain.svg Spain Castile-Aragon unification.
1712 West Persia Differently.png West Persia Formed with the split of the Second Sassanid Empire.
1783 US flag 35 stars.svg United States Recognized as an independent state after its victory in the American Revolution, the independence war against England.
1792 Kingdom of Haiti.png Haiti Independence from the French Empire.
1811 Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay Independence from Spain.
1814 600px-Bandiera Elba.svg.png Elba Treaty of Fontainebleau. Independence from the French Empire.
1816 Flag of Argentina (1818).svg Argentina Independence from Spain.
1818 Flag of Chile (1812-1814, alternative).svg Chile
1820 Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia
1821 Flag of Peru.svg Peru
Flag of the Federal Republic of Central America.svg Central America
1822 Flag of Brazil (1870–1889).svg Brazil Recognized as an independent state after its victory in the independence war against Portugal.
1825 Flag of Bolivia (state).svg Bolivia Independence from Spain.
1830 Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium Independence from the Netherlands.
Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador Independence from Spain.
Flag of Venezuela (1863–1905).svg Venezuela
1861 Flag of Italy (1861-1946) crowned.svg Italy Italian unification.
Flag of the Confederate States of America (March 1861 – May 1861).svg Confederate States Seceded from the United States and was recognized as an independent state after its victory in the War for Southern Independence.
1866 Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein Separated from the German Confederation.
1867 Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg Austria-Hungary Austro-Hungarian Compromise.
Flag of Canada.svg Canada Canadian Confederation.
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg Treaty of London.
1868 Flag of Japan.svg Japan Meiji Restoration.
1870 Flag of France.svg France Third French Republic formed.
1871 Flag of the German Empire.svg Germany German unification.
1882 Egypt Differently.png Egypt Modern states of Syria and Egypt founded after the liberation from the Empire of West Persia by Britain after the Perso-British War.
The Republic of Mesopotamia by maxwasson.png Syria
1892 Australia flag Differently.png Australia Achieved peaceful independence from the Netherlands.
1897 Flag of Korea (1899).svg Korea Elevation of the Joseon dynasty into the Korean Empire.
1907 Kyle Lockwood's New Zealand Flag (alt 1).svg New Zealand Dominion of New Zealand established.
1911 Flag of Mongolia (Differently).png Mongolia Mongolian Revolution. Independence from the Qing dynasty.
1912 Flag of the Chang remastered.png China Beginning of the Chang dynasty and fall of the previous Qing dynasty.
1918 Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland Iceland gains independence following the defeat of Denmark in the Great War.
1926 Flag of Quebec.svg Quebec Seceded from Canada after the Anglo-American War.
Kanaka Maoli flag.svg Hawaii Republic formed during the Anglo-American War.
Caribbean Federation flag.png Caribbean Federation Independence during the Anglo-American War.
1929 600px-Flag of the Vatican City svg.png Rome Lateran Treaty.
1956 Communist Jamaica alternate flag.png Jamaica Socialist uprising and war of independence.
1960 Flag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon Independence from France.
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Congo-Kinshasa Independence from Belgium.
3rd Republic of Congo-Elizabethville Flag Differently.png Congo-Elizabethville
Flag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon Independence from France.
Flag of Gabon.svg French Equator
Flag of the Merina people.png Madagascar
Flag of Nigeria.svg Nigeria Independence from the United Kingdom.
Alternate flag of federal republic of somalia by resistance pencil-daq4ttn.jpg Somalia Independence from Italy.
1961 Flag of Chad.svg Central Sahel Independence from France.
1962 Flag Rwanda 1959.svg Rwanda Independence from Germany.
Communist Jamaica alternate flag.png Jamaica Independence from the United Kingdom.
Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda
1963 Kenyan Star.png Kenya
1966 Flag of Warrenia.png Warrenia
Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana
1964 Flag of Malawi.svg Nyasaland
Flag of Zambia.svg Zambia
1965 Flag of Zimbabwe.svg Zimbabwe
1968 Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg Mbini Independence from Spain.
Flag of Mauritius.svg Mauritius Independence from the United Kingdom.
1970 Flag of the United Kingdom of Fiji 1871-1874.svg Fiji
Flag of Tonga.svg Tonga
1973 Flag of the Bahamas.svg Bahamas
1975 Flag of Russia.svg Russia Seceded from the Soviet Union after its dissolution.
Flag of Armenia.svg Armenia
Azerbaijan Differently.png Azerbaijan
Flag of Georgia.svg Georgia
Flag of Kyrgyzstan.svg Chagatai
Turkmenistan Differently.png Turkmenistan
Flag of Uzbekistan (Differently).png Uzbekistan
Flag of East Persia (Differently).png East Persia Democracy restored after the fall of the socialist regime.
Flag of South Vietnam.svg Vietnam Became recognized worldwide after its victory in the Vietnam War.
Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname Achieved peaceful independence from the Netherlands.
Melanesia flag Differently.png Melanesia
Flag of the Comoros.svg Comoros Independence from France.
Flag of Avizia.png Avizia Independence from Portugal.
Flag of RENAMO.png Mozambique
Flag of Tuvalu (1996–1997).svg Tuvalu
1976 Flag of Seychelles.svg Seychelles Independence from the United Kingdom.
1981 Flag of Belize.svg Belize
1987 New Zulu Kingdom.png Mutapa Split of South Africa.
Flag of South Africa (1928–1994).svg Boer Republic
Flag of Namibia.svg Namibia
2014 Flag of Scotland (traditional).svg Scotland Seceded from the United Kingdom through a referendum.

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