Welcome to the Live History portal page. Live History timelines all follow the same format. Information is provided in the form of daily news headlines and short blurbs, starting from the day of the OTL creation of the timeline. There is no backstory, no nation profiles nor biograhpies. Each timeline can make use of different news services to provide various slants on the news. The POD can either be the exact day the timeline is created, or the POD could have happened in the past and be explained as the timeline advances.

If you would like to participate, please share your ideas on the talk page.

Active timelines

  • Alba by Reximus55 - Trying to fix the flaws of inactivity that I learned from my first attempt, this Live history will explore the aftermath of a "Yes" vote on the Scottish referendum for independence.
  • 2015 Doomsday by Awesome history 28 - Reving Live History. In this TL the world suffferes a nuclear Doomsday on the 11th October 2015 after many changes to modern history (after the Soviet collapse). What will happen to the world afterwards?
  • Israeli Imperialism by VenoMan
  • Beau Lives by Edgeofnight. A hybrid timeline. The Timeline starts in mid 2015 and stretchs to the present day and continues. 

Inactive timelines

The following timelines have not been updated in some time. If you like to adopt one of them, please contact the original creator asking for permission and state your intentions on the talk page.

  • Blood Rain by BlackSkyEmpire
  • Bloodlines by CrimsonAssassin - Bloodlines is a live history in which vampires, werewolves, and other creatures live among us today.
  • Financial Wars by Vegas adict - Europe stands on the brink of war as the debt crisis spirals out of control.
  • Outbreak by CrimsonAssassin - The Zombie Wars have begun! But will you survive? (This was the first Live History timeline)
  • Red America by Tbguy1992- The Cold War between the Union of American Socialist States and the United Russian Republics threatens to break out at any moment.
  • Seven Months to the River Rhine by Matt - The assassination of prominent Belarussian and Ukrainian politicians by unknown forces sets off a chain of events that threatens to prompt a third world war
  • The Days After by BrianD - What happens in a major American city (major in the timeline, not so major OTL) after an apparent attack of some kind on portions of the United States. Multiple PODs (mostly minor), one being the existence of a North Korea-like rump USSR having survived to the present day in Siberia.
  • The Occupation by CheesyCheese - Israel begins to occupy nations to bring back peace to the Middle East.
  • These Dark Days by Azecreth - Terrorist actions begin the world into a downward spiral, of which the end is not in sight.
  • Wars of Liberation by Roguejedi - French and British revolutionists fight against a powerful German Reich...and start a world war!
  • On A Black Horse by Yankovic270 - In the aftermath of an apocalyptic plague, the survivors struggle to regain a semblance of the world before the pandemic.
  • Americanization by Mitro - A broken America tries to survive in a very different present.
  • Crescent Moon over Europe by BlackSkyEmpire - Muslim takeover of France...and Europe!
  • The Great War by Baconton - Should be created today (January 30)
  • World War III by PitaKang- When Egypt mistakes a military exercise by Israel as an attack, they invade, along with a bunch of other nations, starting World War III Note: Not dead, but postponed.
  • Crimean Crisis by Reximus55 - After a long period of inactivity in the Live History project, this is the first new reincarnation of the great idea. In this Live History, the 2014 Crimean crisis spirals out of control!
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