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File:Map of Schleswig-Holstein 1945-1991.pngFile:Map of Sealand with territorial waters.svgFile:Map of Seborga 1983 DD.png
File:Map of Second Mughal Empire (Raj Karega Khalsa).pngFile:Map of Senators 1979.pngFile:Map of Serbia (1945).png
File:Map of Serbia TEvCP.pngFile:Map of Shugarhai Union - Time Zones (IM).pngFile:Map of Siberia (1962- The War to End all Wars of the World).png
File:Map of Siberia (No Unified Nations).pngFile:Map of Siberian Confed 1989 War.pngFile:Map of Sicily (GNW).png
File:Map of Silesia 1945-1991.pngFile:Map of Sin Destino for Katholico.pngFile:Map of Sinai.png
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File:Map of Steppenland (New Union).pngFile:Map of Stirling County.pngFile:Map of Subiaco County.png
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File:Map of Switzerland Nic PMIV 2.pngFile:Map of Tahuantinsuyo (Russian America).pngFile:Map of Taiwan.png
File:Map of Taungoo Empire (1580).pngFile:Map of Tawantis (The Fascist Roman Empire).pngFile:Map of Territorio de Alta California.png
File:Map of Thailand (Yellowstone 1936).pngFile:Map of Thailand LMiSE.jpgFile:Map of Thayvoeka (Origo Mundi Map Game).png
File:Map of Thayvoeka Aumsbek (Origo Mundi Map Game).pngFile:Map of The Earldom of Kent 1500 (The Failed Conquest).pngFile:Map of The New Kaiserreich of Germany-v2.png
File:Map of Their British America.pngFile:Map of Thrace.pngFile:Map of Thuringia 1945-1991.png
File:Map of Toeh Ngoa Nyoing (PM).pngFile:Map of Transatla (Venusian Haven).pngFile:Map of Transnistria.png
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