It's 1846, And the US and Mexico are at WAR! The Union armies are quickly digging into Mexico, it seems like Mexicans might lose, but one lucky shot changed the world. Of course, in our timeline this never happened, The US for sure won the war, but what if things had been different? Welcome to What If Mexico had won the Mexican-American War

Point of Divergence

The Port Veracruz, Winfield Scott, a Important US Commander, is scouting for an Amphibious Landing, but suddenly gets Shot right in the head! This is known today as the "Second Shot heard around the world". Suddenly, The US's Push into Mexico slows and Gives time for the Mexicans to reinforce the front lines, Santa Ana Takes this to his advantage and on November, 27th 1847 Santa Ana with a small regiment flanks the Americans and besieges Ciudad Victoria from the Yankees. Veracruz is Recaptured as well.

for the remainder of the war, the Mexicans see Victory after Victory And Are able to push into US Territory and the disputed Texas Territory.

on February 1, 1848 the Americans Surrender and on February 2, the Treaty of Mexico City is signed, which gives Mexico authority over Texas, now Officially renamed and called Tejas, the treaty also Prevents any more Union expansion Westward, meanwhile, William B. Ide, leader of the Californian Rebellion and Republic is arrested and jailed for his Crimes, Though Texas is still being Debated on if they should make a Vassal state or Completely re-annex it due to the HIGH possibility of another Anglo rebellion. It is decided that Most of the claimed Lone Star Republic land will stay with Mexico and That the Actual Land they controlled would be Made into a Vassal State of the United Mexican States.


After this Shocking Victory, though most suspected Mexico to win before hand anyways, Mexico doesn't become a Global Power, but a Regional Power, Britain especially funds and supports Mexico, seeing the United States as an Ally to France plus Britain is still Salty after the American Revolution, so they are glad to see Mexico beat their "Rebels". Mexico sees much development and growth, being seen as a Strong regional power, Mexico later incorporates Break off states of the United Provinces of Central America back into Mexico as representative states. In 1874, Mexico and Great Britain Borth claim OTL South Washington State and Oregon. In 1889 the 2 Powers agree to making a Buffer state in the territory called "Americana" and Borth establish equal influence, the buffer HAS to be neutral at all times and Can't have any army of ANY sort. In 1895 gold is discovered in California and People from all around the world come rushing to Mexican California to find some gold and get rich, this makes Mexico Prosperous as HECK, this era is called the "Mexican Gold Rush of 1895". In 1904 Cuban Warships Fire upon a Small Mexican Fisherman in his fisher boat, the Mexican government demands that Cuba pay up for this outrageous event! The Cuban Gov. Rejects the Demand, and so Mexico Declares all out war on Cuba for its disturbance! The Mexican-Cuban War occurs with The Mexican Navy being deployed in the direction of Cuba, the Cuban Navy blocks the way, and fire upon the Mexican Warships, The Mexican Navy fired back with a Very Decisive battle, but reinforcements come to aid the Mexican Navy and are able to break through, they reach the Present day "Bay of Pigs" and land there, with Mexican Troops Flooding the docks and Occupying the beach. The Cuban Navy Attempts to Blockade the bay of pigs, but fails do to the overwhelming majority of Mexican Ships in the area, the Cuban navy is in disarray now with the Mexican Navy Outnumbering them and being more modern then the Cuban Ones. More Mexican Soldiers Land on Cuban territory, on November 15, 1904 Havana is bombarded with A Hit and run tactic in Head, with Naval warheads and torpedoes being fired at the coast killing 300,000 and 50,000 Military personal, the Mexican Ships quickly Retreat after the bombardment is done.


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