The Lotharingian Trading companies is the name given to the collection of trading companies in Lotharingia or with loyalty to the Kingdom of Lotharingia.

Lotharingian Merchant Realm
Lotharingisch Handels Rijk
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The Lotharingian merchant influence and companies started in 1408 when a group of Rotterdam traders decided to group together. These traders founding the "Rotterdamsche Handels Compagnie". This trading company mostly uniting together for trade with northern European nations. As they bought a lot of Scottish wool for the "Lakenhalle" in Lotharingia, these factories needing big amounts of wool to make their fabrics.

The Duck breaks into africa.


Lotharingian Realm
Company name Founding date Region of Operations
Rotterdamsche Handels Compagnie 1408 Baltic and northsea, West indies
Den rote hand Compagnie (Kwac) 1410

Western Africa and Brabant

Gouden brug Compagnie (Kwac) 1424 Western Africa and Artois
Witte swoan Compagnie (Kwac) 1424 Western Africa and Flanders
Koninglyke West Afrikaansche Compagnie 1424 Western Africa
Azienda onda blu (Kwac) 1430 Western Africa and Anconna
Hilsetser Yzerwerken  ~1430 Lotharingia, Nort sea
Wagenaar famyljebedriuw 1498 Northsea and greenland
Vrye Oostindië compagnie 1508 Misteiland-Indian ocean

Colonies and trading hubs

Kwac Colonies

Collony Founding date form of ownership Governor Flags
Hoekbaai-Sherbro 1437 Lease Jan Haazelaar Flag Lotharingian Merchants
Dakar Haven 1438 Lease Hans Timmerman Flag Lotharingian Merchants
Hendrico 1462 Collonial protectorate  Adriaen Beyaert Flag Lotharingian Merchants
Kaboutstad ~1470 Trade post merchant guilds Flag Lotharingian Merchants
Garnaalrevier 1496 Trade post Adriaen Beyaert Flag Lotharingian Merchants
Sint-Bavo 1508 Trade post Hans Bouwer Flag Lotharingian Merchants

RHC Colonies

Collony Founding date form of ownership Governor Flags

Hemelse strand


1497 Trade post 'Paul Govaerts Flag Lotharingian Merchants

Kaaie Hieken

1512 Trade post Paul Govaerts Flag Lotharingian Merchants


~1525 Trade post Johan Ruysch Flag Herdersvlakte V1

Leeuwarden islands

1534 Trade post



Flag Leeuward islands V1

Fort Majeimi

1535 Millitary fortification Millitary fort Flag Lotharingian Merchants


1537 Millitary fortification Millitary fort Flag Lotharingian Merchants

Nieuw Jersey

1554 TBD Willem Smit Flag Lotharingian Merchants

Voc Colonies

Collony Founding date form of ownership Governor Flags
Zonneschijn ~1505 Trade post Bart Kuyp Flag Zonneschijn V1
Kruidenpoort 1512 Trade post Bart Kuyp Flag Lotharingian Merchants
Klaesstad 1526 Trade post Severijn Klaesens Flag Lotharingian Merchants
Toeval Eiland 1541 Fishing post Bart Kuyp Flag of Toeval Eiland V1

Wagenaar Colonies

Collony Founding date form of ownership Governor Flags
Broekden 1508 Trade post Merchant Democracy Flag Lotharingian Merchants
Kebeck 1527 Trade post Merchant Democracy Flag Kebeck V-Small

List of colonial govenors

List of Colonial govenors
Name Life Time in Office Colony
Diederic Godard 1445 - 1505 1478-1505 Hoekbaai-Dakar-Sherbro
Adriaen Beyaert 1451 -1519 1478-1519 Hendrico-Garnaal revier
Sebastiaan Beyaert 1480 -1546 1519-1546 Hendrico-Garnaal revier
Dirk Govaerts 1472 -1535 1497-1535 Hemelse strand Eilanden
Hans Timmerman 1473 - 1537 1505- 1537 Dakar haven
Antoon Brouwer 1470 - 1539 1505- 1539 Kruidenpoort
Thomas Haazelaar 1460 - 1528 1505-1528 Hoekbaai-Sherbro
Hans Bouwer 1460 - 1532 1505- 1532 Sint Bavo
Jan Haazelaar 1502- ... 1528-15... Hoekbaai-Sherbro
Severijn Klaesens 1497- 1559 1526-1559 Klaesstad
Johan Ruysch ~1460- 1533 ~1525-1533 Herdersvlakte
Erick Dekleine 1507-... 1532- ... Sint Bavo
Willem Smit 1499-... 1533- ... Herdersvlakte
Paul Govaerts 1504 -15... 1535- ... Hemelse strand Eilanden
Dirk Scheper 1502 - ... 1537- ... Dakar haven
Bart Kuyp 1510 - 15... 1539-.... Kruidenpoort
Sebastiaan Beyaert 1511 -15... 1546- Hendrico-Garnaal revier
Hans Klaesens 1535- ... 1559- Klaesstad

History of  Lotharingian Mercantalism

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