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Louis Bourbon (August 23, 1754 – February 12, 1811) was the last king of France as Louis XVI.

His involvement in the American Independence War and other excessive expenses for the monarchy and the nobility, together to some of bad harvests, lead to a full scale insurrection in France, and the king was imprisoned in 1787.

The king formally abdicated in 1788 and was deported to Spain, which granted Asylum. Legitimists, however, keep recognizing Louis XVI as the true ruler of France, creating a constant threat to the French Republic.

In 1808, sick, Louis Bourbon decreed to his followers an abolition of the Salic law, and formally relinquished his pretensions and any pretension from his heirs, to the throne of France. With this legitimation of the French Republic, France could re-establish relationships with Britain and other European monarchies.

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