Louis II of Hungary and I of Bohemia
Timeline: Tudor line

Lajos II
Portrait of Louis II of Hungary and I of Bohemia

King of Hungary and Bohemia
13 March 1516 - 17 June 1543

Predecessor Vladislaus II and II
Successor Casimir I and I
Born July 1, 1506
Buda(pest), Kingdom of Hungary
Died June 17, 1543
Buda(pest), Kingdom of Hungary
Queen Mary of Spain
 Louis II of Hungary and I of Bohemia was born on the 1 July 1506 to Vladislav II and Anne de Foix. He was ruler since 1516 following the death of his father. He was then raised at the court of Maxmilian I, Holy Roman Emperor. Also he and his sister Anne were betrothed (since 1515) to Maxmilian's grandchildren. He was married to Princess Mary of Spain and Anne to the then Prince Ferdinand of Spain. In 1523 he and his army supported the Catholics in the Protestant Wars. His reign was made problematic as the Turks were attacking Hungary for a long time, he met with his enemy Suleiman the Magnificen near Mohac, there he escaped at the last second, he then met then 90 km from Buda in the Battle of Dunaújváros where he stopped their advance to the Hungarian capital. In 1530 they had a son named who he named Casimir in memory of his grandfather Casimir IV. In 1532 he celebrated again as a daughter Agnes was born, this was something that made him less angry (Turks have advanced to the City of Pest on the other side of the river). Later, the Battle of Pest ended in a tie, Louis crashed the Turks but they stayed in Pest. The siege took a month and in the end the Turks escaped by a secret tunnel under the city, the army which seemed to run away made Louis think he was winning and went after them to make sure of it, only to have his leg cut, this made him maimed for the rest of his life. The Turks finally stopped by Szeged (near the border with Serbia). Suleiman then decided to sign a peace which made Louis think he won and he started to do what the Pope Leo X asked him to do with half the money he was given to attack the Turks, he now had to battle the spreading Lutheranism in the Hungarian version of the Protestant Wars which lasted until 1541. In 1543 Suleiman attacked the weakened kingdom and Louis called Sigismund I, but this time Louis didn't escape the death in the battlefield, but this time it was the Second Battle of Pest which spread to both sides of the river. Casimir and his mother escaped to Bohemia where Casimir was made king.
Electors of the Holy Roman Empire
Title 1519
Archbishop of Mainz Albert of Mainz

Archbishop of Trier

Richard von Greiffenklau
Archbishop of Cologne Herman of Wied
King of Bohemia Louis II of Hungary
Elector of Palatine Louis V, Elector Palatine
Elector of Saxony Frederick III of Saxony
Margrave of Brandenburg Joachim I Nestor of Brandenburg
RESULT Charles I of Spain
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