Alternative History

King Louis XVI of France and I of New France (1754-1827) was the last absolutist King of France. He was king during the French Revolution and fled to Canada in 1788. As recognized King of France, he was succeeded by his brother, who was proclaimed as King Louis XVII. However, Louis XVI never recognized his claim, and instead called him the Pretender. During his reign, he only claimed the title Louis XVI of France. The titles of King of New France was added by his son and heir, who proclaimed himself King Louis XVII de France, et II de la Nouvelle France.

After the deposing of Napoleon, Louis was restored to the throne of France. His son succeeded him, taking the name Louis XVII (thereby explicitely denying the legitimacy of the king who had succeeded his father, who was subsequently referred to by the name Louis-Stanislas to avoid the numbering confusion), but he only ruled France for 3 years before being in turn deposed, and returning to Canada.


Louis XVI et I was married to Marie Antoinette (1755-1832), daughter of Maria Theresa of Austria. They had four children, two of whom lived to adulthood. Louis XVI was the grandson of Louis XV, the son of Louis XV's only son to survive to adulthood, who never the less died before Louis XV.

  • Marie-Thérèse-Charlotte (1778-1851)
  • Louis-Joseph (1781-1789)
  • Louis XVII et II (1785-1851)
  • Sophie-Beatrix (1786-1787)

Preceded by (first term):
Louis XV
King of France
Succeeded by (first term):
Preceded by (second term):
Napoleon II
Emperor of the French
Succeeded by:
Louis XVII et II
Preceded by:
Pretender to the Throne of France
King of New France
posthumous title