Louis VII
King of France
Reign 3rd July, 1170 - 7th February, 1181
Predecessor Robert IV
Successor Charles IV
Born 1141
Paris, France
Died 7th February, 1181
Paris, France
Spouse Margaret of Mâcon
Issue Louis


House Capet
Father Robert IV
Mother Alys of Bar

Louis VII was King of France during the late 1100s.

While his father lay dying, Wessex was honouring its agreements with Normandy, landing an army on the continent to help subdue Maine. The Wessexian forces were extremely badly behaved however, becoming a nuisance to all sides in the conflict. Already riled by the intervention in his Francia and pushed by his nobles to take a hard line, Louis demanded compensation from Edmund III threatening to void any Wessexian claims over its presumed inheritance of Normandy. To hammer this home he took the cross in 1172 and quickly received the backing of the Papacy. Humiliated, Edmund III was forced to pay homage to Louis but Louis did not over-play his hand. Normandy's seizure of Maine was also confirmed however he made it clear this came only with Louis' blessing.

Slowly it seemed, Northern Francia was falling back into line. Champagne to the east was still largely intransigent, as was Flanders which was now firmly part of the Anglian realm. However in many other parts French authority was higher than it had been for centuries. The Royal Domain which Louis directly controlled was also growing richer thanks to a growing trade and an expansion in agriculture.

Louis VII died 'suddenly', as the chroniclers put it, in early 1181. Having outlived all of his own children the throne would pass to his younger brother Charles.

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