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Louis the lion

Louis VIII's seal

Louis VIII the Lion (le Lion) was the OTL King of France from 1223 until 1226 and the last King of France to ever successfully invade and hold any portion of the British Isles. During King John's disastrous reign the Barons declared Louis the true King of England and he obliged by invading and installing a government in Westminster from 1216 until 1217 while the Dauphin of France.

This would have been the setting for a personal union of the two realms, however John died leaving the then Henry III in his minority ready to be groomed by the now disloyal barons.

This timeline which will be set in 1800 and will show a world in which Henry III who was resident in Dorset at the time of his father's death was intercepted by the Dauphin's troops and unable to rally support or even acknoledgement of being alive. This establishment of a French led English state which would then join, at Louis' ascension to the French throne will affect the future of Europe and beyond as the middle ages come to a close and we enter the eras of exploration and enlightment.


Nations (Louis the Lion)

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Europe - 1215

Europe, 1215 - At the outset of the Baron's Submission, also known by English historians as simply, The Baron's War Europe was in a delicate balance of power. This map is in line with reality and maps after this date will reflect changes.


Europe - 1217~

Europe, 1217~ - When John of England died in 1216 Henry III was declared King of England and fought on bravely from Cornwall, while OTL would have Henry to go and be ruled through the Baron's regency Louis crushed the English resistance and staged Henry III's demise. The child was never recognised as King and the civil war was the focus of Louis' solely English reign. The Irish, Welsh and the English holdings in Aquitaine took full advantage of the chaos seizing vast swaths of territory taking decades to fully bring under control. Alexander of Scotland pledged open alligiance to Louis when he first took Westminster and for this was given lands in northern England to govern.

Europe 1230

Europe - 1226

Europe, 1226 - When Louis VIII of France and I of England died far sooner than expected many predicted the union of the crowns to shatter. Louis however had spent from 1216 when he gained the throne of England until 1223 when his father passed away bringing stability to his realm. After gaining the French throne Louis left in place trusted advisors to whom he had turned for half a decade and stressed the need for England to be recognised as a separate entity rather than unification with France. Despite his best efforts there was still resistance in the south and many groups worked tirelessly to reinstate the desposed Angevins.

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