Alternative History

Since the first homo sapiens walked the earth, males tended to take a dominant place when it came to equality of the sexes. Yet, sometime around 150,000 years ago, the SRY gene started malfunctioning, leading to male infertility and emasculation. Less than half of the world men can father children, and over 90% have a overtly lack of classical masculine features. Women tend to take the dominant role in most aspects of life. Essentially, women rule the world.

One dollar (women rule the world)

Martha Washington dollar bill.

In the 20th and 21st century, most advertisement features men as the stand-ins, and the women as the describers and presenters. Most product for men are marketed by men, and women for women. Crime rates are 95% lower than the OTL, and wars are only a tenth as frequent. World War I and II never happened, there hasn't been a war since 1819 (the Slavics against the Poles). Women are the key figures in the political strata, out numbering men 50-to-1.

Things in this World:

  • Lesbian Mafia
  • Clothes stores for Men
  • No wars, except those at home
  • Instructional videos on how to be a good husband
  • More universities, less time at high school 
  • Racism illegal, Slavery abolished, and Votes for Men in 1918.

Capitol (women rule the world)

The U.S. Capitol

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