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Vinland Lucayanaeyjar.svg
Flag of Lucayanaeyjar
(and largest city)
Population 120,000 

Lucayanaeyjar Fylk is an island group of the eastern coast of the Myrland peninsula. It has a population of around 120,000 and its capital is Eyfinna. It is the southernmost of Vinland's fylkír and has a very different character to the main fylkír in the north.

Most Lucayansk trace their families back to the original Lucayan inhabitants of the islands. The small Lucayan tribe was spread out over the island group and engaged in fishing and low level subsistence farming. Vinlandic explorers and traders made contact by 1140 but with little in the way of tradable resources meaningful interaction was limited. However disease, especially the Black Death, almost wiped out the tribe.

Relations changed when Europe began to turn its attentions to the Taino & Carib Islands. This coincided with a period of disunity and misrule in the island group. When Vinland felt it could no longer allow European (and largely Catholic) nations a free hand in the Tainos it was generally considered the Lucayan Islands would be perfect to take over. In 1553 a Vinlandic navy landed on Banekajya and overthrew the despotic chieftains. The nobles quickly agreed to Vinlandic 'protection' and they would campaign together, occupying several islands. Eventually Vinlandic rule was established over the three main western islands of Banekaejya, Bahamaejya and Habacoaeyja, as well as number of smaller ones. A small effort to plant Vinlandic families on the islands began but this was not a huge success and many returned to the north complaining bitterly about the heat and storms. Nevertheless the original population was soon baptized and in the process largely lost their native language. Also the widespread practice of head-flattening was outlawed. The other eastern islands in the group were occupied by Passamaquoddia and Susquehanockland.

Used as a staging post between Vinland and Mexica the islands slowly grew in prosperity yet regular depredations by Ais and Cusabo pirates would keep Vinland from becoming too complacent. A large amount of money poured into the islands as relations with Mexica declined and it was ringed with formidable fortifications by 1750. Civilians were less of a concern and the hurricane season of 1772 was devastating to the population. Queen Eyfinna II led efforts to help those in need and many towns were rebuilt in stone, replacing the easily damaged wooden structures. Xaymacan marble was used to construct a new Thinghus in 1784 and when Eyfinna died in 1790 the city elders renamed the city after her.

Famous for rum, sponges and its slow pace of life, Lucayanaeyjar Fylk has suffered as trade with Mexica has gone to better-placed neutral islands and, excepting a growing tourist trade, runs a budget deficit that is made up by the northern fylk. This often results in a sense of resentment when the annual budgets are being prepared in Isafjordhur. Many young Lucayansk move northwards to find jobs and there are small vibrant Lucayansk communities, Lillalucayanaeyjar, in Fjallasay, Karantóborg and Bárinnívesturlátt.

Lucayanaeyjar Fulk is divided into four counties: Banekaejya, Vestur-Bahamaejya, Auster-Bahamaejya and Habacoaeyja. The fylk and its geographical position is often given as reason not to move the Althing from Isafjordhur to the inland cities of Fjallasay or Karantóborg.

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