Nuwathi, 4.5 neltew vineths mintu. Earth, 4.5 billion years ago.


The highest resolution picture of the moon, taken 1998, clouds edited out for detail. Notice the faint atmosphere and Mars in the background. (click to enlarge)

4.5 billion years ago, our planet was impacted with a Mars-sized object that helped create the moon. The first main POD was that instead of the Moon's core being a mere 480 km in diameter, it is 960 km in diameter. With a larger core came stronger gravity, and it didn't take long for its own magnetic field to kick in. This was a great help to hold off deadly solar radiation, it was only a matter of time before millions of asteroids and comets carrying water droplets and microscopic life was brought along. It was as if the Moon was copying the Earth's creation story.

This is Luna: Earth II.

Differences from OTL

File:Earth-Luna comparison revised (Luna Earth II).png



History of Luna and First Creation of Life
First lunans
Evolution of lunar technology
Earth's Realization of Luna
Apollo 11 Landing
Lunan Near-Extinction Event
Lunar Colonization Movement

Earth and Lunar News Headlines

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