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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Groussherzogtum Lëtzebuerg
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"
OTL equivalent: Luxembourg and Belgian Luxembourg
Coat of arms
Lux "Mir wëlle bleiwe wat mir sinn" (Luxembourgish) "We want to remain what we are
"Ons Heemecht"
Royal anthem: 
"De Wilhelmus"
Location of Luxembourg (dark green) within the European Union (light green).

Luxembourg Map SSY.png
Location of Luxembourg (dark green) within Flenebrulux (light green) and the European Union (Grey).
(and largest city)
Luxembourg City
Official languages Luxembourgish


Demonym Luxembourger
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  King Henri
 -  Prime Minister Xavier Bettel
 -  Deputy Prime Minister Etienne Schneider
Legislature Chamber of Deputies
 -  TBC  
 -  Total 7,029.4 km2 
2,714 sq mi 
 -  2016 census 856576 
 -  Density 7025/km2 
18,194.7/sq mi
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 -  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Date formats dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .lu

Luxembourg, officially the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a landlocked country in Western Europe, bordered by France to its North, West and South, and Germany to its East. Its capital is Luxembourg City, which alongside Brussels and Strasbourg is one of the three official capitals of the European Union, being seat of the European Court of Justice, the highest juridicary in the EU.

In 2015, is population and area doubled upon the accession of the Belgian Province of Luxembourg.


Administrative divisions.

Luxembourg is divided into eight districts, which are further divided into 32 cantons and then 280 communes. Diekirch, Grevenmarcher and Luxembourg District are the original districts prior to the Pa

List of Districts

Flag of Arlon.svg Arlon

Flag of Bastogne.svgBastogne


Coat of arms grevenmacher luxbrg.pngGrevenmacher

Insigne Luxemburgi.svgLuxembourg

Blason de Marche-en-Famenne.svgMarche-en-Famenne

Blason commune de Neufchâteau (Belgique).svgNeufchâteau

Flag of Virton.svgVirton