Alternative History

Lysander the Great of Sparta (468BC-395BC) Lysander was the first King of a united Greece and the first true conqueror of the west.

468: Lyander is born the first born of humble parents in a village about twenty miles outside of the city of Sparta. Both of his parents have dreams of Lysander becoming great one day.

461: Lysander is sent through Spartan military training thanks to his father's friendship with a Spartan general.

449: Lysander fights in his first battle and distinguishes himself as commander of a troop of ten soldiers. Shortly after this battle, Lysander, with approval of his commanding general begins training the Spartans in the use of 14 foot long pikes which are designed to keep the enemy at bay while they are attacked by stones, arrows and the like.

447: Lysander leads his new command in a battle with the Athenaens and their allies. So great is the victory that Lysander is given permission to train the entire Spartan army in this new way.

436: Lysander has spent more than a decade training the Spartans and organizing them into Moras of 5,000 men each. The Mora was similar to a Romas legion and included light and heavy infantry, slingers, archers, and both light and heavy cavalry. Lysander has also traveled throughout the Mediterranean and is forming a plan to conquer the whole near east. But first he must build a Spartan navy.

431: Using ship builders from Athens, Lysander has build over 300 war ships powered only by sails which enable them to move faster and carry more fighting men than any other navy in the world.

430: Lysander defeats the Athenian navy at Aegoospotami and establishes firm Spartan control over the Bosporus.

429: Lysander defeats Athen's allies the Paionians with the help of the Macedonians. He than makes an epic march across Greece to defeat the Athenians at the second battle of Naupaktos. Sparta now dominates all the southern Balkans except Thrace, Illyria and Athens.

477: Lysander is chosen to be chief king of Sparta and soon gains great power.

424: Sparta defeats Athens at Delion and force their surrender.

423: Lysander signs the Treaty of Athens were he grants free citizenship to all Greeks and rights for all. This is considered to be only the third time in history that ruler declares the rights of his subjects.

419: Lysander's Neo-Spartan Empire now covers all the lands south of the Danube, as well as southern Italy, Ionia and Sicily.

418: Sparta invades Egypt to help the Egyptians win their independence from the Persian Empire.

417: After being defeated by the Persians at the battle of Gaza, and intern defeating them at Pelusium, Lysander is crowned Pharaoh of Egypt.

415: Persia cedes Anatolia to Sparta in exchange for a ten-year truce.

411: The Neo-Spartan Empire now covers Greece, Thrace, Illyria, Italy, Sicily, Crete, Anatolia, Cyprus, Egypt, Libya, Meroe, and Nabataea.

401: Lysander becomes sole ruler of Sparta and invades Persia, he defeats the Persians at Issus, and conquers Syria, Phoenicia and Palestine.

400: Lysander defeats and kills Cyrus II at Nisibis and forces Persia to recognize his control over all the lands west of the Zagros mountains after defeating Memnon at Susa. Lysander is now the undisputed ruler of all the lands from Carthage to Persia, and from Ethiopia to the Crimea.