Alternative History
The Kingdom of Macedonia
808 BC - 666 AD


Location of Macedonia before the Macedonian War
Capital Pella
Languages Ancient Macedonian Language
Religion Paganism
Government Monarchy
 •  323-309 BC Alexander IV of Macedon (first)
Historical Era Era One, Era Two
 •  Founding of Macedonia 808 BC
 •  Macedonian Civil War 67-59 BC
 •  The First Crusade 666 AD
 •  1 AD est. 1/2 Million 
Currency Tetradrachm

Macedonia, Also called The Kingdom of Macedonia, and at one point, The Macedonian Empire, was a nation based is Greece from 808 BC to 666 AD, though it would be hard to consider it the same nation the entire time. While it is perhaps most famous for the startling conquests of Alexander the Great, that Empire didn't last longer than the king who made it. Because of this, it was largely a non-entity between 300 and 200 BC before settling for a more modest Empire in 187 BC. Afternoon the establishment of a more lasting Empire, Macedonia would go on to have many conflicts with other nations in the Near East, spurred in part by the rise of Christianity. This would lead to a disconnect between Macedonia and the rest of Europe, leading to a lot less trade, and ultimately less influence for Macedonia.

While Macedonia's history could argot be defined by it's conflicts with almost every nation that surrounded it, there were several peaceful bright spots. For example, the colonization of the balkans (usually known as Greater Croatia) would put organized state over the last major area of Europe that lacked them. Meanwhile, when they weren't actively fighting the Christian nations, they were able to establish trade routes, eventually leading to a massive trade network across the near east. However, despite these accomplishments, amount others the legacy of Macedonia is largely one of violence. Upon the nation's collapse in 666 AD it would never be in any form.


Macedonian War

The Macedonian war was a landmark moment for Macedonia - the nation was able to establish an empire that would actually last, rather than one that collapsed at the death of its leader. The war would start in 179 AD with the Macedonian invasion of the rest of Greece. While this didn't look like it would be an easy victory - or indeed, a victory at all - for Macedonia. However, they had an advantage, that being economic and military aid from Etrusca, a nation that could probably overpower all of Greece. This lead to the Macedonian army sweeping across Greece, with the minimal resistance they encountered being no match for the deadly and well lead Macedonian empire. With little resistance, Greece was secured within the space of a summer.

After the defeat of the Greek states, the war moved East to the Anatolian states. Up to this point, Macedonia had an initial presence in the area, only enough to prevent an counter attack. Unlike the attack in Greece, the assault on the Anatolian states would quickly be bogged down. After a few months of fighting, The Macedonians had only secured a small portion of western Anatolia - their goal was a total least half the peninsula. However, just as the assault seemed to grind to a halt, troop surge from the captured Greek territories began to kick in. This put the war back on track, and the war reverted to the mean with Macedonia taking a large swath of Anatolia by the end of the year.

Civil War

The Macedonia civil war was fought between two sides, who called themselves the Expansionists and the Monarchists. The first wanted to expand Macedonia deeper into Anatolia, while the other wished to maintain the status quo. While at first the fighting shook the nation, it later began to take place in the less populated areas of Anatolia, mitigating the effects on the Macedonian populace. This loosened Macedonian control over Anatolia, but this was widely considered worth it to keep the fighting away from Greece. After years of battle, the Monarchists eventually came out on top, defeating the Expansionists. This meant the Monarchists controlled Macedonian politics until 666 AD, at which point the whole nation collapsed.

Colonization of the Balkans

Trade with European Tribes

War with Carthage

Second Civil War