Alternative History
Magdalene Sibylle of Prussia
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Queen Consort of England
Queen Consort of England
Predecessor Elizabeth Howard
Duchess Consort of Guelders
Tenure 14 December 1608 - 14 December 1637
Spouse Alexander II of England
Alexander III

John George, Duke of Wessex
Elizabeth Anne, Queen of Sweden
Charles, Duke of Lincoln
Mary Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia
Sophia Eleanor, Countess of Penthièvre
Anne Sybille,Princess of Anhalt-Plötzkau

House House of Hohenzollern (by birth)

House of Tudor (by marriage)

Father Albert Frederick, Duke of Prussia
Mother Marie Eleonore of Cleves
Born 31 December 1586
Died 12 February 1659 (aged 72)
Hampton Court Palace
Religion Lutheran

Magdalene Sibylle of Prussia (31 December 1586 - 12 February 1659) was Queen Consort of England as the wife of Alexander II of England.


Magdalene Sybille of Prussia married Alexander II in 1609 and had the following children:

  1. Alexander III, King of England and consort of Scotland married, Isabella Mary, Queen of Scots and had five children: James VIII/I who married Lady Helen of Ross and had two children: Alexander IV and Princess Helena Philippa, Princess Charlotte Sophia who married Bohemond of Antioch, younger son of Arbella Mary of Scotland and John IV of Antioch and had one daughter, Isabella of Antioch, Princess Cecily Anne who married Frederick William, Duke of Prussia and had five children, Alexander, Duke of Edinburgh who married Anne Henriette of France, and Isabella Alexandra, who married Charles X of Sweden.
  2. John George, Duke of Wessex who married Lady Diana Willoughby and had five children: Alexander, 2nd Duke of Wessex, who married Lady Anne of Edinburgh and had one daughter: Lady Diana of Wessex, Lady Diana of Wessex, who married Alexander, 2nd Duke of Ross and had four children: Lady Sophia of Ross, John, 3rd Duke of Ross, Lady Diana of Ross, and Lady Helen of Ross, Lady Magdalene of Wessex, Lord John George of Wessex, and Lady Anne of Wessex
  3. Elizabeth Anne of England who married Wladyslaw IV of Sweden and had two children: Maria Isabella of Sweden and Sigismund Casimir of Sweden.
  4. Charles, Duke of Lincoln, who married Lady Rebecca Boleyn, daughter of George Boleyn, 3rd Duke of Ormond and Lady Mariana Howard and had one daughter: Anne of Lincoln who married Lord Edmund Gordon and had three sons: Charles Gordon, Edmund Gordon, and George Gordon.
  5. Mary Elizabeth of England who married Dmitry of Russia and had one daughter: Maria of Russia.
  6. Sophia Eleanor of England married Henri, Count of Penthievre and had five children: Madeleine of Penthievre, Henri, Count of Penthievre, Jeanne of Penthievre, Francis of Penthievre, and Marguerite of Penthievre.
  7. Anne Sybille of England, who married Ernest Gottlieb, Prince of Anhalt-Plotzkau and had five children: Christinae Charlotte of Anhalt-Plotzkau, Augustus Louis, Prince of Prince of Anhalt-Plotzkau, Eleanore Wilhelmine Anhalt-Plotzkau, Emmanuel Louis of Anhalt-Plotzkau, and Gisela Agnes of Anhalt-Plotzkau