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Magna Judea is one of many possibilities of how an earlier collapse of the Roman Empire could have reshaped the metaphorical landscape of Europe and the rest of the world. Rome, in this timeline, is not seen as the golden precursor to Western civilization, instead, it becomes the loathed "Boogeyman of the Mediterranian", buckling inward due to invasions from certain provinces that have reached a certain state of restlessness. Magna Judea's interesting timeline details the near-global spread of Jewish-Coptic and Germanic culture, and the Christian faith.

Point of Divergence

On 3 August, 70 CE, an error in communication causes half of the Roman troops stationed near Jerusalem to pull out of the city. The remaining troops are successfully routed by Simon Bar Giora's forces, preventing the destruction of the temple. Knowing that the victory-at-hand will only cause the Roman military to retaliate harder, the leaders of the Rebel movement decide to appeal to resistance leaders in Ptolemaic Egypt, as well as several surrounding Levant provinces. By 1 January 71 CE, the entire Middle East is unified under anti-Roman resistance militias spear-headed by Jerusalem. Asia Minor now becomes a warzone for one of the deadliest conflicts in Classical History.

Holy Judean League

The Spread of Christianity in 1300 CE

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