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Alternate History imagines what would happen if history had gone differently. We are a community for creating and discussing a wide range of alternate timelines: large and small, ancient and recent, realistic and fanciful. If you'd like to add to our growing multiverse, the following pages will help you get started.

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Welsh History Post Glyndwr

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This timeline looks at what might have been if Wales under Owain Glyndwr had won the War of Independence (1400-1409).

The Point of Divergence for this timeline is the Battle of Worcester. In our timeline this battle never happened. The two armies faced off, and with the Welsh at the end of a long supply chain, did not force a battle with Henry IV. In this timeline that battle not only happens, but ends with a Welsh victory. With such a victory the entire territory west of the River Severn was open to the Welsh. With support from the Bretons, the Scots and official recognition from the French, Glyndwr was well placed to force the English to recognise his independent Principality.

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