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Alternate History imagines what would happen if history had gone differently. We are a community for creating and discussing a wide range of alternate timelines: large and small, ancient and recent, realistic and fanciful. If you'd like to add to our growing multiverse, the following pages will help you get started.

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2 December 1946 - After a disastrous decade of authoritarian Imperial Party rule, which had seen the restoration of Edward VIII, the horrors of the Global War, and the Schism of the Commonwealth, Britain abolishes its monarchy and declares a republic. (Rebellion of 61)
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Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita is an Alternate History timeline with three major divergent points, leading collectively to many world shaping changes, as well as an abundance of smaller ripples throughout.

In this timeline, the Western Roman Empire does not collapse. A king in southeast Africa plants the seed of a powerful trade realm, shaping the continent and the world around it. And China opens its sea lanes to reach out across the world with a banner of trade goods, spreading technology and innovation far and wide.

Further changes echo through history. Norsemen, fleeing the turbulence caused by Roman involvement, move in bulk to North America, opening that continent to the world earlier and for good - unknowingly saving an entire culture from veritable annihilation by early disease. With no accidental introduction of Rinderpest to Africa and therefore no follow-up tsetse devastation, Africa flourishes.

Terra Cognita is recognizable because it is a story of humans, discovering themselves and their world, shaping it into ways we are familiar with today in an unavoidable and inevitable march forward, progressing earth. Yet it is unrecognizable because it is inhabited by different characters, different rivers of time that flow to familiar seas.

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