Alternative History
See also:Union of the Towns of Maine

The history of what happened to Maine after the bombing of Augusta. Part of "No United States."



December 24

10:00 PM: Governor Angus King looks out the window of the Governor's Mansion to see a plane fly overhead. Only a few seconds later he and the City of Augusta is incinerated by the nuclear bomb dropped by Terrorists.

11:00 PM: Even by now, not much of the state knows what has happened. Police enter the city to find that not a single member of the state government has survived. The senate president Mary Fisher, now officially governor of Maine, hasn't even heard.

December 25

7:00 AM: The first news about the bombing of Augusta comes on, but the fact that it is Christmas morning makes many, including Mary Fisher, not notice.

3:00 PM: Mary Fisher finally turns on the TV, to see almost every channel talking about the damage done to every single state capital. Knowing she is now governor, Fisher calls an emergency meeting of all the county officials in Hallowell.

7:00 PM: The official meeting starts. The county officials organize an election for new county representatives, making Fisher provisional Senator of Maine.

December 26, Onward

26: Fisher writes and approves the Rebuilding Act for herself, which asks for a great tax increase which will fund the building of a new state capital as well as paying for the health of all the victims.

29: The provisional US government announces the total reorganization of the US. Fearing for her job, Fisher declares Maine's independence from the US.



3: The mayors of many coastal towns jointly create the Union of the Towns of Maine and declare independence from Maine, and as the year progresses many more towns join. The governor is Jonathan Nelson, who sends a senator to DC.

29: The senator is unceremoniously rejected. Angered, Nelson decides to re-join the State of Maine.


1: Fisher, who by now should no longer be provisional Senator, announces the Rebuilding Act.

15: After days of meetings, Nelson re-creates the Union, centered in Portland.

17: The lame "Army of Maine", comprised of barely one hundred policemen, attempts to attack Portland. They make it about one eight of a mile before the "Battle of Vaughn Brook" ensues between the Army of Maine and the "Force of the Townships."

20: The Treaty of Farmingdale is signed, giving the State of Maine the city of Augusta, and the Union everything else. Now the timeline breaks up into:

State of Maine (NUS) and the Union of the Towns of Maine