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Coat of arms
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CapitalKuala Lumpur

Putrajaya (administrative center)

Government Federal parliamentary democracy under an elective constitutional
EstablishmentIndependence from the United Kingdom
 -  Independence from the Federation of Malaya August 31, 1957 
 -  Federation of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, Singapore September 16, 1963 
 -  Expulsion of Singapore August 9, 1965 
Currency Malaysian Ringgit

Malaysia is a federal constitutional monarchy located in Southeast Asia. It consists of thirteen states and three federal territories and has a total landmass of 330,803 square kilometers (127,720 sq mi) separated by the South China Sea into two similarly sized regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (Malaysian Borneo). The country shares a land border with Thailand at the peninsular area while East Malaysia shares a land border with Brunei and Indonesia. Maritime borders include Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The capital is in Kuala Lumpur while Putrajaya is the seat of the federal government.


In February 2013, 200 gunmen claiming to be part of the Sultanate of Sulu landed in Lahad Datu causing a standoff. 9 Malaysian soldiers were killed while the gunmen were either hunted down or surrendered to Malaysian forces. This incident caused a degree of tension with the neighboring country of the Philippines - which has a claim on Sabah.

The country would suffer three aviation incidents in 2014. First was on March 8 when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared en route to Beijing, resulting in the largest search for a missing airline in history. Four months later, on July 17, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over a conflict area in Ukraine; killing all onboard. The last one would occur on the final days of December 2014 when Air Asia crashed into the Sea of Java.

U.S. President Barrack Obama visited Malaysia on April 2014 as part of his Asian Tour and met with Prime Minister Najib Razak. In this state visit, Obama assured that the United States and Malaysia will cooperate in terms of economy, peace, and stability of the region.

Malaysia is involved in the South China Sea dispute. Other transnational issues include the Borneo issue with the Philippines, Brunei, and Indonesia and a border dispute with Thailand.

Foreign Relations

Malaysia is a member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). It has cordial relations with China despite it's territorial disputes. Relations with the Philippines and Brunei remains somehow shaky due to the dispute over Sabah.

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