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The Malta-Lampedusa-Corridor is a section of the Mediterranean Sea east of the Sicily Strait and centered on the islands of Malta. Since 2010 it has been a League of Nations mandate zone, overseen by the High Commission for the Mediterranean and Black Seas (headquartered in Alexandria). The zone was first established in 2010 at the end of the Second Sicily War with the consent of the sovereign authority of Malta and overseen by the navies of the Atlantic Defense Community. Its purpose was to monitor and curtail hostile Sicilian activity in the region. As time went on, the High Commission negotiated a transition to a scheme for joint patrols of the corridor that would be shared by ADC and non-ADC members.


Following Doomsday, Malta found itself cut off from communication, save from swarming refugees from Italy, Cyprus, and even a few stranded ships of the Soviet navy. With careful rationing of resources, the government was able to maintain a precarious degree of normalcy.

In 1989, a conflict began with mafia-tied merchants from the Sicilian republic. After disagreements broke out between the sides, Malta found its trade and waters under periodic harassment. The island's sovereign violation came to an end in the late 1990s when merchants from the Celtic Alliance and other Atlantic nations, as well as Australia and New Zeland, became more active in the region. Foreign naval patrols became more common. Warmly welcoming these "benevolent soldiers," the Maltese allowed their territory to be used as an outpost against Sicilian aggression.

The term "Malta-Lampedusa Corridor" entered world discourse in the 2008 Sicily Crisis. In response to the formation of the Atlantic Defense Community, the Sicilian Republic announced that would ban the shipment of arms through the Lampedusa Corridor. Sicilian vessels began to stop and search foreign vessels for contraband that month; but a swift international response convinced the republic to back down.

At the onset of the Second Sicily War, an ANZ naval flotilla entered the corridor and announced that it was under quarantine, protected from any combatant naval ships. Declaring a stance of armed neutrality, the ANZ effectively kept combatants from entering the central part of the sea. One could question how neutral this act really was, since it impeded Sicily's ability to resupply its troops on the Libyan Front and had far less of an impact on the logistics of Sicily's enemies. As the war dragged on, the ANZC stretched the definition of neutrality still further when it allowed Greece and the País de Oro to garrison troops on Malta itself.

At the war's end, the ANZ fleet quietly departed, leaving the Corridor in the hands of Greece and the PdO. The Atlantic Defense Community assumed responsibility for it, occupying the island of Lampedusa and stationing more troops in Malta. This was then legitimized as a League of Nations mandate, together with other occupied zones in Italy.

In 2015 the ADC sought to reduce its naval commitments both in this corridor and in the Strait of Gibraltar. ADC states renegotiated the status of Malta-Lampedusa with other members of the League of Nations High Commission in Alexandria. The talks produced a program of rotating responsibility for naval patrols in the corridor to keep it free of pirates, open to trade, and off-limits to any power bent on aggression.

Present status[]

The island of Lampedusa has been restored to civil rule and annexed to the Maltese republic.

At any given time, one ADC navy and one non-ADC navy share responsibility for patrolling the corridor. Each participant takes this on for one year, with terms staggered so that the ADC power changes in July and the non-ADC power in January. Sicily, though now a League of Nations member, remains excluded from the arrangement. The naval forces in the corridor are based in Malta on a base under ultimate Maltese command.

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