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The Malta-Lampedusa-Corridor is a League of Nations mandate zone, under joint military control. It was established in 2000 - under the consent of the sovereign authority of Malta - to monitor and curtail hostile Sicilian activity in the region.


Following Doomsday, Malta found itself cut off from all communication; save from swarming refugees from Italy and Tunisia. With careful rationing of resources, the government was able to maintain an indefinite degree of normalcy.

In 1989, "contact" was made with the Sicily Republic, in the form of mafia-tied merchants. After disagreements broke out between the sides, Malta found its trade and waters under periodic harassment. The island's sovereign violation came to an end in the late 1990s when ANZC and Celtic Alliance forces arrived in the region. Warmly welcoming these "benevolent soldiers," the Maltese allowed their territory to be used as an outpost, especially against Sicilian aggression.

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