Alternative History
Mamluk Empire
Mamluuk Sultanate
Timeline: Pax....Syria

OTL equivalent: Mamluk Empire
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Cairo
Largest city Cairo
Other cities Alexandria, Siwa, Memphis, Gaza, Aleppo, Damascus, Mecca, Medina, Antioch, and Jerusalem
Language Arabic
Area Egypt, Levant, and the West Arabian Coast km²
Population 7,200,000 ~ 
Independence 1250
Currency Dinar


The Mamluks were slave warriors that fought mainly for the Egyptian Fatimads and Ayyubids. They took over the Ayyubids when their Sultan As Salih died. They overthrew the heir through Assassination, and their leader Baibars ruled the empire. They fought the Mongols a lot. Some Syrian oppositions oppose them, and support the Mongols. They failed miserably.

The Wars with Remnant Crusader States and Seljuks[]

The Mamluks fought, but never defeated the Crusaders. They were also fighting Seljuk Turks. They made a puppet Abbasid Caliphate. They even tried to retake Baghdad with them. (Failed because they sent around 300 people to takeover the city.) They fought the Mongol States too, but failed to do anything incredible to them.

Collapse of the Mamluks[]

The Mamluks' leader Baibars died in 1277. This caused revolts at the beginning of the next year. The leader was a well-educated 20 year old called Khalid Aybak. He was inspired by the republican government of Venice. He also wanted a great empire much around the size of the Fatimads at least. He also wanted knowledge to prosper like in Greece and the Abbasids of the past. His forces were well armed with the help of his plea to Venice over the months that led to 1278 for weapons in return for a alliance to protect Venice's trade routes.

What made this Syrian Leader different was his BITTER hatred for Mongols. They sacked his city when he was a child and bitterly hated the Mongols. Soon, he took over the powerless Mamluks and the remnant crusader states in 2 months by just the people who alleged to Khalid's empire. He named his empire "The Kharius Empire" and had the title of "Khar". He named it in the honor of himself, but accidentally "Khar" is 1 letter away from "Khan". The Mamluks are then demoted to regular citizens along with many people who had power in the region.