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The Manifests, a large group of American politicians in Congress from the end of the First America's War who advocated the expansion of the United States through diplomacy and, if necessary, military might.

The Manifests succeeded in annexing Florida from Spain in 1834, and the creation of several new states for the Louisinaia Remainder Territory (all land east of 102° East of the original Louisiana Purchase in 1804). One of their biggest gambles was forcing President Daniel Webster to declare war on the Mexican Empire after the Massacre of the Alamo.

Although Texas was liberated, and eventually annexed into the US, and the Pacific Republic was founded with American help, the goals of the Manifests soon became, quite simply, lunatic. One Senator, former President John C. Calhoun (D, SC), called for the " of the rest of the Louisiana Purchase...and of all North America...which is rightfully ours."

However, this attitude led to opposition from the Abolitionists, who began to oppose the expansion of the US, mostly because the majority of the area's they were expanding into was to the South, where slavery could be expanded, and, in the words of one Abolitionist, Abraham Lincoln (L IL), a staunch opponent to slavery and the Mexican-American War just past; "...the further expansion of this Union will the further bondage of a human race, and possibly the destruction of this Union."