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Seal of Manila.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, established in 1565 by Spanish colonists which transformed the early Islamic settlements into a walled city. It saw the site of many conflicts: The Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War. Manila was the site of the Battle of Manila during the Second World War, one of the bloodiest urban warfare battles in history. It was the second most heavily damaged cities during World War II, only next to Warsaw, Poland.

On July 4, 1946, the independence of the Republic of the Philippines was proclaimed in Quirino Grandstand with Philippine President Manuel A. Roxas and General Douglas MacArthur.

The city was still recovering from the heavy damages it suffered during the Second World War when the Third World War broke out. The city was attacked by the newly formed People's Liberation Army Navy, which proceeded to invade the city via Manila Bay. Heavy street fighting occurred between the Filipino-American forces and the Chinese. In March 1951, the city finally fell to the Chinese. Philippine President Elpidio Quirino surrendered to the PLA as Manila was once again occupied by a foreign power.

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