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Man, now this map game is kinda boring .... but check out the New Map Game! Just scroll down (past the year 2010) and click on "New Map Game" The New Map Game is already at 1209 (we started at 1205) and takes place in Europe and Asia (with a sub plot of the Americas). So PLEASE START TAKING TURNS ON THE NEW ONE!


Attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need to redo all maps after 1913 to incorporate the colonized Africa up until 1922!!!!!!!! All the rest have been updated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • One Turn = one Year
  • Pretty much anything can happen, just justify it.
  • Two or more people must go before you can go again.
  • All Maps are to be edited on paint, saved as a PNG and edited to a standard.
  • Don't ruin it by using Cliches, keep it interesting.
  • Record all the changes you make.
  • The Game starts in 1885 and ends in 2010.




A terrible fear grips Britain. A growing amount of invasion literature concerning the Germans leads to the government agreeing to construct a 'special colony'. The Kingdom of Oregon is formed, to serve as a back up state to Britain should it fall. To appease the Canadians, Newfoundland and Labrador is fully integrated into Canada. To appease the Americans, the British give them all their Caribbean territories. 1886


The Dutch and Belgians unite to form the Walloon Union.

California leaves the US as the California Commonwealth.

Germany and Denmark join together, Iceland is independent.

The British annex Nepal.

Finland becomes independent.


Russia invades China.



Russia makes huge gains in China.

Austria-Hungary declares war on the Ottoman Empire.

Italy declares war on the Ottoman Empire.

Revolts in the Southern Ottoman Empire.




Russia begins the siege of Beijing, now facing harder resistance from not only the army but also the villagers.

California begins to have an economic boom due to the discovery of gold (earlier then OTL, I believe). California during this time also decides to re-unite Baja with the rest of California and purchases it cheap from Mexico, thus more pioneers travel to California then OTL because of its new found "opportunities".

Australia secedes from British Empire, because of one too many new taxes the British enforce upon them.

The latest round of the New Zealand land wars ends in a victory for the Maoris, and the conquest of the east coast around Waihi. Now the British rule only the South Island and the land as far south as the Bombay hills.

Germany begins to build troops in order to seize the opportunity left open by the Austria-Hungary war with the Ottoman Empire, and the British Empire becomes even more nervous because of it.

United Islamic Republic is born from the revolts in the south of the Ottoman Empire.



Brazilian province of Mato Grosso because of tensions with the new republican government, Empire of Mato Grosso created
Finland invades Estonia creating the East Baltic Confederation


  • Greece enters war on the side of the Austro-Hungarians and Italians. Austro-Hungary gives Greece occupied Cyrenaica and postbellum promises them Thrace including Constantinople, the Western Anatolian Coast, any parts of Ottoman-North Africa Italy and Austro-Hungary do not take, and even British Cyprus if Britain were ever to aid the Ottomans in the war. Austro-Hungary deduces it's better to give land to a future satellite state than to have to deal with independence wars and international incidents itself.
  • The Boer Free State and South African Republic decide to merge for the reasons of a shared culture and protection from the British. Immediately diplomats are sent to Germany and Portugal from the New "Boer South African Republic". A wild theory is proposed by a few conservative that personal union with the Walloon Union would be beneficial to the new nation.
  • Russia, so as to secure their Chinese holdings, signs an alliance with Japan, allowing them to move into Sakhalin and Korea. Any Chinese-held islands in the East China Sea. The Sino-Russo/Japanese War has begun.
  • The Sultanate of Oman solidifies its rule over Zanzibar, aggressively ridding itself of Germany's secret hold over it.



  • USA attempts to invade California to whom Britain has recently allied with. The Kingdom of Oregon reacts by invading surrounding US areas as well as requisitioning Canadian land. Growing calls for Quebec to be independent grow. US invades China much more successfully by signing a temporary alliance with Japan and Russia.
  • Sweden colonises a section of African coast as well as annexing Iceland.
  • Germany annexes Luxembourg.
  • Colonies expand.
  • Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces expand in North Africa.
  • An act in Britain converts the empire into the Federated Commonwealth of British Nations. This is to answer against calls for independence in Quebec and to defend against the perceived German threat as well as the Australian independence, loss of most of the North Island in New Zealand and the creation of the Boer South African Republic. The first four member nations are the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Kingdom of Oregon, the British Raj and the Kingdom of Sarawak. An Imperial Parliament is set up and these four nations are allowed to send MPs to it. These four nations dominate the rest of the Empire for some time.



  • USA, Russia, and Japan sign a more permanent alliance as they all make gains against China. The Chinese government is beginning to crack under pressure.
  1. USA sends to many troops to China, leaving there home front a very tempting target.
  • Kingdom of Oregon was not appeased enough with this move and with the help of Canada and California declares independence.
  1. KoO (Kingdom of Oregon), California and Canada see their chance and launch a united surprise attack on the USA. Canada secures New England. California almost secures all of the Hawaiian islands and some land farther east, KoO secures some land in the mainland America. OoK also send some of its military force north to secure some of Alaska.
  2. KoO starts to feel the stretch as its military is brought to near breaking point.
  3. Canada sends some of its military north to secure its Alaskan border.
  • Germany (in November) makes a secret alliance with Russia and Ottoman Empire (both separately) they secure that ....
  1. Russia well help protect the German flank and also help by joining the war if things were going south
  2. Ottoman Empire has to continue fighting, and not give up to peace.
  • In Return....
  1. Russia is promised help with any future endeavors in Easter Europe and Northern Middle-East region as well as economic aid when and if the time comes.
  2. Ottoman Empire would get full restoration of their country's national borders.
  • Germany (in September) launch a surprise attack on Austria-Hungary, as well as a small northern part of Italy. These attacks are similar to the Blitzkrieg in OTL.
  • 1893


  • The Great War has begun...
    • France, Sweden and the South Islamic Union declare War on Germany and the Ottoman Empire. France moves into Alsace-Lorraine, Sweden into Denmark, and the South Islamic Union up through Ottoman-controlled Hijaz, hoping to make it to the Levant by May (I'm simply using March 1st, 1894).
      • In order to enter war on the side of the Austro-Greco-Italian Alliance, France was given Fezzan and promised any part of Germany if the Alliance won. Sweden was promised Denmark and any part of the Baltic Sea coast Germany held. The South Islamic Republic was promised all of Hijaz.
  • Russia seems uninterested in the war in Europe, it moves south into Yunnan. Japan moves farther north in Korea, and makes landfall in the Shangdon Province, quickly taking the province.
  • Only four great powers were left that were non-aligned; Britain, Spain, Portugal, and the Walloon Union. Emissaries from both sides were quickly dispatched to the four empires.



  • A French backed group of Quebecois nationalists seize power, creating the Crowned Republic of Quebec. Realizing this the British declare war on France and invade French Indian enclaves as well as fighting their various colonies.
  • Austro-Greco-Italian alliance expands in Turkey.
  • Italy begins liberating Austria.
  • Canada and the British New Zealand Territories (BNZ) are accepted into the Federated Commonwealth of British Nations (FCBN).



  • Texas seizes the same opportunities as California and a few portions of Texas secede.
  • The United States fails to recognize Texas as an independent state and invades the newly formed Republic of Texas.
  • California wants to recognize Texas as a country (mainly for oil profits) and intervenes on behalf of Texas.
  • Mexico allied with the U.S. (and seeing a chance to retake Texas) invades on its own behalf.



  • The Sino-Russian/Japanese War comes to an end. Russia creates three satellite states from its holdings: Tibet, Huánán, and Henan (controlling most of Central China). Japan's holdings over Korea and the Shangdong area are recognized, as well as the United States' Southeast China. Russia goes into a period of establishing its rule over its new Chinese territories; it hardly remembers its war promise in Europe.
  • Greece, Austria, and Italy expand in Anatolia.
  • A massive push by the Austrians, Italians and special troops sent by Greece and France make major pushes back into former Austro-Hungarian Territory and Italian territory. Germany not only controls Bohemia and northwest Austria.
  • Spain and Portugal begin to attack German-controlled Africa, but do not go into an alliance with the Allies.
  • After a surprise turn of events, Brazil and Argentina form an Alliance. Brazil begins to invade Uruguay and Argentina moves into southern Chile. It seems a South American War might begin.
  • Greece expands its Cyrenaican holdings and creates the "Kingdom of Cyrenaica". The Arabs, Africans, and Turks remained in Libya are allowed to run the kingdom, but the King George I of Greece is still sovereign monarch and the Greeks still do have a bit of power.





The British expand their colonial empire.

Australians gain Madagascar.

The Ottoman Empire falls.

The Kingdom of Syria is founded.

California takes Hawaii.

Chihuahua declares independence and joins California.


1899 Map 01


  • Brazil conquers Uruguay completely and invades Bolivia.
  • Chile counter attack, recovering the south zone, and conquering Mendoza and Tierra del Fuego.
  • The Thousand Days War begin in Colombia.


  • The Great war comes to a close as most of Germany is now being taken over again by the Austrian-Italian-Austria_Hungary-Denmark all make major pushes into German territory, Germany seems defeated and sues for peace.
  • California and Texas ally with each other and the KoO (kingdom of Oregon) along with Canada.


  • California in a bold move annexes everything west of the Mississippi.
  • California and Texas invade Mexico, for revenge on an attack that Mexico launched on Chihuahua but failed to see through.
  • Canada & KoO both start to advance into Alaska.
  • Canada starts to move a little farther south in mainland USA as well as claiming every northern landmass.
  • Quebec Republic declares neutrality, but also stakes a sizable claim in Greenland, mainly because they decided that becoming part of Quebec Republic will ensure they live through this war.
  • USA, in return for Japan supplying America with military supplies, gives all of its China holdings to Japan and launches and surprise attack on Californian Republic (in the coastal region).
  • USA also launches an attack on Texas, but doesn't go as well as planned.
  • California Military secretly starts to look for a powerful weapon to make America sue for peace and to ensure its survival. They tell no one about this and only have around 200 close "friends" aware of this plan.


  • Rebellions in China lead to Chinese liberation.
  • India divided between Hindus and Muslims.
  • Canada invades northern U.S
  • Russia invades Japan.
  • On March 1st, 1901 The Great War is officially over. Germany is partitioned between Austro-Hungary (getting Bavaria and Silesia), Sweden (getting all of the coastal area of Germany), and France (getting Saarland, the Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden-Württemberg, half of Lower Saxony, and part of Hesse). German Southwest Africa is divided between Portugal and Austria-Hungary. The Kingdom of Syria is essentially a joint Austrian-Italian-Greek-French protectorate and satellite state. German West Africa is divide between Sweden, Spain, and France.
  • Austria-Hungary, finally free from the war, can finally begin colonization of Western Africa.
  • Spain grants dominionship, home rule and representation in Spanish Parliament to its remaining colonies. Finally each colony has equal rights with the Caucasian, Spanish Peninsulares.
  • In the Thousand Days War: Argentina invades Paraguay, Peru fearfully joins the Brazilo-Argentina Alliance in a WW-II Finland-esque move, Brazil finalizes its conquest of Uruguay, and Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Panama rejoin into the Federation of Gran Colombia in the face of Argentine and Brazilian aggression in the rest of the continent. Plans for a Panama Canal begin.
  • The Boer-South African Republic is still considering personal union with the Walloon Union, but it is agree it needs a seashore first...



  • Mexico stops Texas-Californian's offensive.
  • Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador joins to Mexico in a Confederation of Central America. Costa Rica and Nicaragua refuses the offer.
  • Disaster of San Rafael; Chilean victory leads to an agreement of peace between Chile and Argentina: Tierra del Fuego for Chile.
  • Argentina continue invasion of Paraguay and Brazil your incursion in Bolivia.
  • Chile invades Bolivia and signs a Defensive Pact with the Federation of Gran Colombia.



  • California signs a Non-Aggression pact with Mexico so it can concentrate on the weakened America. This incurs many Texans to resent California.
  1. California is able to get a little more Mexican land before the agreement even though it had created the Central American Confederation.

1.a. Californian agreement also extends through all of the Central American Confederation.

2. California also stumbles across the invention known by many to be a "rifle that fires faster then a man can reload", or the machine gun and start mass production.

3. California was also able to push America off the coast and push farther into America, not to conquer just to weaken

  • Californians are growing tired of the North American War and vote to just consolidate whatever they hold. The Californian Senators and Congressman agree, "... so it shall be that on this day (December 12, 1903) California shall be neutral and take no further sides in this war, unless attacked, in which case California will have no choice but to defend itself" the president of California said.
  1. The secret search continues for the Californian Military, looking for a weapon now to defend itself against all enemy's that shall ever arise. They look toward science for the answers, so they start to look of how to make an extremely powerful bomb.
  • Canada pushes farther south then ever before because of the weakened state America is in, but it has to divert a large amount of the manpower holding Alaska to do so.
  1. America seizes the opportunity and takes back some of its former ground, unfortunately leaving the coast.line near free of troops.
  2. Alaskan citizens think of annexation and giving up to both OoK and Canada.
  • Texas takes its territory held by America back and starts its own invasion.
  1. This leaves it open in the south and the Central American Confederation attacks taking a large portion of land back.
  • The Chinese Liberation consolidates in central China and starts up rites all across Russo-Japanese held China.
  • Russia advances in the north on Japan.
  • Japan enacts the "Bushido code" and forces all able bodied men into the military.
  1. By years end they were able to launch a massive counterattack on Russian soil.
  • Brazil and Argentina consolidate their winnings, while also eyeing each other to make sure neither one gets any fresh ideas.
  • (Forgot the name of the light blue nation in South America) they also consolidate their winnings and start a defensive buildup.
  • Europe officially declares neutrality in the North-American Grand War.
  • Cuba considers joining the Central American Confederation.
  • ==




  • Swedish expand their colonial possessions.
  • Great North American War concluded.
  • Australia expands into mainland Africa.
  • South Africa joins Federated Commonwealth of British Nations.



  • Talks finally begins in February after the ceasefire in North America occurred late last year.
  1. All American territories occupied by Canada are now part of the Dominion.
  2. United States of America officially recognizes of Kingdom of Oregon.
  3. In an attempt to spark tensions between Canada and the KoO, the United States declares Canada the rightful owners of Alaska, even though the KoO occupied most of the Area. Most politicians see through the scheme, but tensions between the two countries starts to worsen, anyway, due to the views in the general population in Canada believing Alaska should be part of Canada.
  • With the war between Canada and the US over, Quebec now fears the possible aggression by the Canadians, and starts a military build up along the border. Control on ships sailing up and down the St. Lawrence River has also been tightened. In response, Canada moves their battle hardened veterans from the War with America along the border as well, especially in the capital Ottawa which is just across the river from the Quebec city of Hull.
  • In South America, despite the opposition of Brazil and Argentina, Chile starts to move across the Atacama desert into Peru, fearing a continent wide war, the two South American Alliances remained neutral.
  • Ceasing the opportunity of relative chaos in Europe and the downfall of the British Empire, Argentina lands in the Malvinas or Falkland Islands.
  • With much of Russian's military tied up in the war with Japan, the local resistance in Western China quickly retakes much of the Han populated areas in the three Russian puppet states. Realizing the difficulties of occupying large areas of Chinese territories, the Russians decide to focus instead on Manchuria and quickly signs a cease fire with the leaders of the Chinese resistance.
  1. All former Chinese territories west of Manchuria are returned to Chinese rule, however the resistance have virtually no presence in the other territories, leaving Tibet, Sinkiang, and most of Mongolia in de facto control of local religious leaders.
  2. Many Chinese resistance leaders, now considered national heroes fearing a repeat of history and a decent into regional warlord-ism, and many years of Manchurian rule under the Qing government, the leaders decide to re-establish China under Han belief of Confucianism. The rightful descendant of Confucius was found, and he was declared the new Emperor of China, marking the start of a new dynasty know as Kong (Confucius' family name in Chinese).
  3. The new Emperor however, holds no real power, with most real power still in the hands of the various resistance leaders, most of whom agreed that democracy is the way of the future, and promises to turn China into a Constitutional Monarchy, when the war is over, however this view is met with resentment by some.
  • While sporadic resistance still occurs in Japanese occupied China, the Kong empire has deiced to focus on re-organizing the liberated territories, a mutual understanding is in place between Chinese and Japanese military, and no official help was provided for the Chinese resistance.
  • In Southern China where the resistance is the strongest, Japanese forces were forced to retreat south, moving into Northern Vietnam.
  • In late 1905, a Magnitude 9.2 earthquake occurred in the South China Seas, creating a large tsunami that struck the Philippines, and the coast of Southern China. The British and Portuguese territories of Hong Kong and Macau were heavily hit. With their residences on prime ocean facing properties, most of the colonialists were killed. With the European powers unable to provide immediate help, local mobs quickly took control. Since the two cities had lost most of their infrastructure and therefore economic significance, Britain and Portugal felt little lose renouncing their control. The Japanese military quickly moved in, suppressed the local mobs and established occupying governments.
  • In Austria Hungary, Count Ferdinand Von Zeppelin unveils his first Zeppelin, LZ1.



  • Texans launch an ill-fated attempt to make Californian Republic and USA fight each other, this back fires miserably when both countries attack Texas. The Texans say it was mainly launched to see the Californian Republic suffer for their betrayal only three years before during the Great North-American War.
  1. Central American Confederation (CAC) seize the opportunity, ally with the CR (Californian Republic) and USA, and take back a small amount of southern Texas land.
  2. All of Texas becomes annexed to one of these nations, California gets the most of it because of their veterans, and are able to overcome the Texan defenses faster then expected, wanting to end the war fast.
  • California begins to have an oil and military/land boom thanks to the short war with Texas that allowed it to get its hands on some of the oil fields.
  1. The USA has an oil boom as well as a small land boom.
  • The Californian Republic finishes re-equipping most of its military with what looks to be an AK-47 (has shown itself to be as sturdy as one as well).
  • Canadian civilians start up sporadic fighting with OoK.
  1. The OoK military uses non-lethal ways to bring them under control in an attempt to appease Canada.
  • Quebec Republic claims a little more of Greenland, making what many would call a "Backup nation".
  • Chile moves farther into Peru.
  1. Tensions in South America rise as repeated attempts to make Chile stop have gone unanswered.
  • A extremely large hurricane hits Cuba and throws the nation into chaos. The Americans see this and step in with National Guard units, effectively controlling the nation because of their weakened defenses and amount of troops.
  • Russo-Japanese war comes to a close as they sign a peace agreement that allows Russia and Japan to keep their holdings.
  1. The Japanese then turn around and with the full power of the Imperial army, dispose of all the rebels in

Japanese-held China.

  • Tension gets to the point in India between Muslims and Hindus, that Muslims in large numbers begin to travel north where the Muslim presence over the Hindu is strong. This incurs a large military force to separate the two; this force just happens to be mostly Hindus.
  • Plans start to become more prominent and hit the cruise/train industry hard.
  • 1906


  • Kingdom of Sarawak invades north of Brunei and annexes an area so that they have roughly half the island.
  • British Raj is united with other British Indian territories.
  • British East Africa becomes a member of the FCBN as the Empire of Ethiopia.
  • KoO goes to war with Spain and they gain the Philippines as well as Puerto Rico, Guam and British Honduras.



  • With a seemingly stable situation in the Far east, Russia shifts its attention to Europe.
  • 1908


  1. In the name of protecting the Finnish people of a Swedish attack, Russian troops move into southern Finland
  2. In response Sweden occupies northern Finland also in the name of protecting the local people.
  3. Two military coups supported by the Russian then occurs in Romania and Bulgaria, non-ethic Russian people in the western parts of the countries resisted the new government.
  4. the Austro-Hungarian Empire quickly sends troops into the region, while the coup governments align with Russia.
  5. With war in Europe seemingly imminent, a defense pact is formed between the old allies of the war against Germany. Russian is hesitant to start a war with such a powerful alliance.

A Canadian passenger ship carrying 457 people was sailing down the St. Lawrence when struck ground damaging its propellers and rudder, it then drifted towards the city of Montreal deviating from the designated shipping channel that was imposed a few years ago. The city garrison falsely assumed the ship carrying troops for an invasion and opened fire on the passenger ship, leaving only 23 survivors.

  1. The Canadian Prime Minister saw this as an act of war and ordered all troops to enter Quebec territory.
  2. The battle hardened Canadian troops quickly advance to Montreal.
  3. In an act of desperation, Quebec lands troops. Newfoundland and takes Baffin and other northern Islands in hopes that Canada is willing to negotiate a cease fire in exchange for these lands, an offer which Canada refuses.
  4. With Quebec City about to fall, France comes to the aid of Quebec making a landing on Nova Scotia, and at the same time back out of the European alliance.
  • With Canada tied up in a war with Quebec, KoO crushes the Canadian guerrilla forces this time with lethal weapons.
  • In Central America, Peru with Lima about to fall, turns to the Colombians for help, the nations is soon annexed into Federation of Gran Colombia. Brazil and Argentina is still reluctant to join the war, thinking that the Federation of Gran Colombia would never be able to cross the harsh south American Desert.
  • After a few years of peace, the Kong Empire was able to unify most of Western China, and Sun Yat-sen was selected as the First Prime Minister. The Japanese knowing that Sun Yat-sen is an Ultra Nationalist decides on a preemptive strike in Central China.
  1. Unfortunately for them one of the cities attacked was Qufu, which is the holiest site in Confucianism. This infuriates the Chinese populations and causes uprisings all over the occupied territory.
  2. This also united the different sects within the newly formed Kong Empire, and under the command of Prime Minister Sun, the Chinese was able to take back much of the area taken in the initial attack as well has make strides in southern part of the country.
  3. After a few months of fighting however, it is apparent the Japanese still have the edge with superior weapons and tactics, the uprisings are surrounded in a few pockets, China will lose the second Sino-Japanese War without outside help.


  • Cuba ask to join the Union (USA).
  • The Caterpillar is invented in a Midwest town on the border of America and CR.
  • Brazil launches a preemptive strike on Gran Colombian Union, in fears that they are next.
  • US, France and Quebec enter into a non-binding alliance where they promise to help each other in defeating Canada. KoO allies with Canada because they wish to have some sort of barrier between them and the angry US.
  1. US launches a border-wide assault on Canada and wins back Chicago, but has even higher goals then that as they wish for a completely Canadian free continent.
  2. France also makes some head way into Canada, but is stopped near what used to be called Main.
  3. Quebec loses more ground to the experienced and war-hardened veterans of the Canadian army.
  • Russia comes to an agreement with China and allies with it in secret, so that it can launch a surprise attack on Japan
  1. Russia was also able to keep peace talks together in Europe was able to secure most of its new lands and a new border is drawn because of this.
  2. tensions between Russia and Europe are raised by this, but neither side wants to go to war over this.
  • Japan gains major ground as its better military fights what can only be described as guerrilla forces.
  • The Californian Republic (CR) discovers a faster then sound propulsion system for airplanes and rockets, and starts to design military vehicles to take advantage of this and the caterpillar drive.
  1. CR agrees to neutrality in what appears to be another grand north American war, only this time to include South America as well.
  • Sweden declares neutrality in ANY war in Europe, in order to better defend the nation.
  • 1909



  • Count Zeppelin unveils the first 'Air Destroyer' a Zeppelin battleship with armor, defensive cannons and MG's and capable of carrying bombs and/or troops as well.


War looms on the horizon in Asia, Europe and the Americas.


North America

  • The Federated Commonwealth of British Nations makes a unilateral declaration of war on France, the USA and Quebec.
  • South African and Ethiopian troops, fresh from campaigns against desert tribes drive the French off North America.
  • The legendary battle of Montreal takes place in which an isolated garrison of Canadian soldiers hold out against vast quantities of enemy troops before being relieved by Gurkha and Sarawakian soldiers. An official war artist depicted the scene.
  • However, the USA made great gains in Central Canada, succeeding in splitting the country in two. Oregon takes temporary control of Canadian land isolated from the East.
  • In December, Quebec surrendered. It was given a strip of coastline in Canada but it was allowed to retain the Arctic Islands and Greenland.

South America

  • A Special Force of Canadian soldiers disguised as Brazilian soldiers enter the border of American Guyana. Ensuring that they were spotted and firing off a few rounds, this causes an international incident. The US declares war on Brazil and Brazil, shocked declares war on the US along with their allies. The various South American nations take sides, with Brazil and Argentina siding with Canada and their allies and Gran Colombia and Chile siding with America.
  • Chile sign a peace treaty with Gran Colombia, agreeing their border. The agree to defend against Brazilian and Argentinian imperialism.
  • French Guiana is transferred into Canadian hands.


  • Russian and Chinese forces wait until Japanese supply lines are stretched, them attack. The Japanese forces are crippled and are forced back to Korea.
  • Japan secures its borders and hastily builds trenches.
  • The British Raj sides with Japan, showing a greater independence from Britain in the Empire.


  • The Russian threat in the East becomes clear with the defeat of Japan. The European Alliance declares war on Russia and advances into Russian land. the Zeppelins of the Imperial Zeppelin Air Supremacy Division bomb St Petersburg and Moscow.
  • Britain decides to be neutral in a European war.


  • Colonies in Africa swell thanks to a baby boom as African guerrilla wars end.
  • Boer South African Republic invades Portuguese East Africa and forged on to the coastline before signing a treaty handing over the captured territory to them.


  • Australia occupies New Guinea.
  • A mutual defense Treaty is signed between the British New Zealand Territories (BNZ) and the Maori kingdom, in Case of an Australian attack.



  • The Californian Republic announces that it well no longer stand idly by to this great war and well seek all and any methods to end it. This is thanks to a new president and a very hostile view that the people see KoO as. In short, California joins America.
  1. California is able to use its vast technologically superior firepower and weapons against KoO which takes near the entire world by surprise.
  2. Albert Einstein's parents (with him in tow) migrate to California because of the great wealth that California has accumulated.
  • America advances on the weak eastern half of Canada and their weakened troops on the western half, but is running into stiffer resistance then thought possible after the Canadian-Quebecois war.
  • Grand Columbia and Chile make advances on Brazil and Argentina, but Argentina and Brazil also make advances on them as well leading to a quasi-WWI (OTL) like western front.
  • Central American Confederation declares neutrality in all Northern and Southern affairs.
  • India declares independence with little to no argument from the Federated Commonwealth of British Nation government, and launches an attack on China, but allies with no one. However since the Muslim and Hindu separation a new nation formed in the west called Pakistan and it rushes in on its own side.
  • Russia bargains a peace treaty between China and Japan, which ends the Russo and Sino-Japanese war. This peace treaty is meant to last for thirty years.
  1. Now with no commitment in the east to worry about Russia turns its veterans against the Quad-Lateral Alliance (France, Greece, Austria-Hungary, Italy) in Europe, thus pushing back out of the Motherland, but not all the way unfortunately.
  • Federated Commonwealth of British Nations launches an invasion on France itself to try to take it out once and for all
  • 1912



Nothing significant happens.


  • China regains control of Manchuria.
  • Sikhs in India and Pakistan join and form the Punjab country.
  • Persia declares war on Russia.
  • Siam invades most of Southeast Asia.
  • Canada invades Greenland and northern US.
  • 1914world




  • Chilean-Colombian forces free Santiago and Puntas Arenas.
  • Brazil invades the Panama Channel.
  • Chile invades the Falkland Islands and prepares an invasion to Buenos Aires.
  • Russia stops Persian offensive in the Caucasus Mountains.
  • US launches an attack over New England.
  • Count Zeppelin reveals his latest creation, the 'fighter airship'. designed to counter the Fighter Airplanes being used in America. The fighter airship has a three man crew, a heavy armament of two cannons and four MG's, and great speed.


  • Greece and Italy merge and form the "New" Roman Empire.
  • France gets a new dictator and invades whats left of Germany and Austria-Hungary, the Roman empire leaves its alliance and joins France.
  • Count Zeppelin, the 'father of the airship' dies. By now his Zeppelin Company DELAG operates a transatlantic service from Hamburg to New Jersey once each week.
  • 1916


  • America and Canada scene a peace treaty.
  • the Brazilian troops in Panama are suppressed when American-Gran Columbian troops land and re take the canal. Just before this Gran Columbia asked for their allies help, America, and after debating some, they agreed.
  • Other American and Gran Colombian troops land and push far inland on the east coast of Brazil, which nearly cripples their entire war machine.
  • Argentina and Chile go through another round of fighting; this Chile getting the Falklands and Argentina pushing most of the Chilean forces off their soil.
  • France-Roman Empire both push into Austria-Hungary a little farther as Russian forces retake what was taken from them years ago.
  • China invades Pakistan and India, both of those nations ally and become the Indian Continental Democracy.
  • Californian Republic finishes a long defensive barrier along the border with Canada, just in case. They also start mass production of "rocket" planes as well as testing their new long range rocket which was tested to go as far as Hawaii from Northern Alaska. This test is kept secret in fear of other nations finding out about this machines incredible potential
  • CR and America make a Defense pact that is meant to last ten years.
  • 1917


  • Ireland makes a strong outcry for independence they secede from Britain and win there independence in a bloody eight month war.
  • California finds new found riches in the film and media.
  • California spends millions one advancing military might.
  • California takes their massive expansion one step farther and invades the US. The defense pact barely lasts a year.


  • Siamese Empire extends to Australia.
  • China, India, and Siam rule most of the islands of Southeast Asia.
  • California continues to invade the US.
  • Persia begins to conquer North Africa.
  • Japan begins to invade the Russian Far East.
  • 1919


  • Kaiserreich is made, due to the hate of foreign control, Kaiserreich makes its capital Königsberg, and joins the Austro-Hungarian empire.
  • The Roman Empire makes peace with Austria-Hungary's alliance, in exchange for Albania, Turkey and all of it Africa holdings.
  • Austria-Hungary invades the Baltic states, and soon defeats them.
  • Sweden is forced to give all its German holdings and Denmark to Austria-Hungary, if it didn't, it would be invaded and annihilated
  • Russia loses St Petersburg to Sweden in a small border clash.
  • Russia surrenders Poland to Austria-Hungary, because of a huge ongoing fascist rebellion.
  • France begins to lose a lot of territory, The Roman Empire invades French holdings in Africa and also invades the mainland, Italy is able to snatch a chunk of French Africa.
  • Japan makes more progress.
  • Fascist Rebellion is put down and Russia is able to put its army's attention on Japan.
  • Catalonia is independent.
  • Wiremu Rutherford, a Maori physicist at the University of Ngaruawahia, becomes the first man to successfully split the Atom. he theorizes that if enough Atoms are split at the same time, the result could be a thousand times more powerful than any weapon yet in existence. his views are ignored, a Californian physicist stating. "That Brown Bastard doesn't know what he's talking about."
  • 1920


    Wrong map!! go to new pics to see the real one!!!oh wait never mind my bad.


  • France is defeated.
  • Europe's map is completely rearranged.
  • The Balkan Republic is founded.
  • Austria-Hungary is now the Germanic Fourth Reich.
  • Many Muslim nations join together as the Republic of Mecca.
  • 19211


    US and California begin peace talks.




  • With film in media gripping California, the country is renamed the Nation of Hollywood, under orders of President Charlie Chaplin.
  • Newly formed Hollywood withdraws most of its troops.
  • Ireland begins the "Catholic War" and invades British occupied France.
  • South American borders are solidified.




  • Peaceful protests in Hawaii lead to the countries independence.
  • Ireland annexes a portion of France and signs a ceasefire with Britain.
  • The United States of West Africa is formed.
  • Seeing a great chance the Confederate States of America is reformed, originally planning to take every former Confederate State did not go as planned. The Confederacy was only made up of Florida Alabama and Georgia, although they are lucky and little military intervention by America is seen
  • Japan annexes Korea.




  • Ireland re-sparks conflicts over France, the British people tired of war, allow Ireland to take the portion of France they invaded.
  • War in South America finally ends.
  • wrong pic.


  • Canada, America, and Hollywood meet in a small town at all three of their borders. They decide to join up and become a SINGLE nation of North America. This is hailed by the citizens of all three nations as they were getting tired of the continuous wars. The new nation is called the North American Republic, or NAR for short.
  1. they attack and swiftly take over the Confederate States of America in order to unite the entire continent.
  2. They also take back Hawaii in a more NON-VIOLENT way.
  3. Mexico peacefully declines membership stating they would like to remain a close ally but not a full member.
  4. Most Caribbean nations follow the same philosophies as Mexico.
  • More Muslim nations join the Republic of Mecca.
  • NAR declares neutrality in all European an Asian affairs, but takes and interest in South America as well as the Central American Confederation.
  • Australia was able to push off the invaders, then immediately signs a peace treaty, making Australia holdings in the north belong to Indonesia.
  • (The map for Africa is finished).
  • All is quiet in the world as many nations just want to recover from the decades of warfare, thus a baby boom begins across the globe.
  • As winter rolls by Wiremu Rutherford is hired by some top military analyst in the newly formed NAR and assigned to make a bomb, this ironically teams him up with the only white man to openly agree with what he has to say, Albert Einstein (he convinced them that the theory could work, and they listened. Albeit in his young age he is only able to convince to keep Wiremu Rutherford on until the bomb is made)
  • The Forth Reich claims the desperate and bankrupt Balkan Republic.
  • 1925



Russia is defeated and Georgia is formed.

Scotland joins Ireland as the Celtic Union.

The Fourth Reich annexes Switzerland.

Turkey is founded as a Socialist State.

French China is split up.




  • Celtic Union invades England and English France and devastates the exhausted garrisons.
  • The Grand Celtic Union is formed from these conquered territories.
  • With the heart of the Empire gone the remaining British Imperial territories are snapped up by neighbouring powers.
    • Australia takes British Northeast Africa while the Republic takes British Northwest Africa.
    • Rhodesia is occupied by Portugal and Bechuanaland is taken by the Boer South African Republic.
    • The Fourth Reich takes control of Cyprus.
  • However, the Federated Commonwealth of British Nations still exists and a government in exile is set up in Victoria in the North American Republic.
  • The North American Republic expands into the Caribbean. Because of the government-in-exile in former Canada, small groups calling for a restoration of the monarchy begin to form. They are not influential and won't be for some years but it shakes the Republic up a bit.
  • Similar but much stronger calls are being made in Australia.



  • Dalmatia becomes independent.
  • Loyalist British in Canada join the New British Empire.
  • The Fascist Republic of Mexico is founded.
  • India gains much of Siam after a brief war.
  • Panama and Suez become independent.



  • NAR tells the New British Empire that they can do as they wish, but if they dare attack or act unfriendly toward them that they will invade.
  1. Any citizen that fells that they would like to get involved in European affairs on the New British side is told that they could if they get dual citizenship, but the NAR one well be suspended.
  • North American Republic see the Mexican Fascist as a credible threat to any democracies/republic in North/Central/South America. They launch an invasion of the coastal area along with an invasion by land; these attacks move swiftly and the Mexican armed forces is barely holding on.
  • The other nations in the Central American Confederation, instead of helping the already failing state of Mexico, tighten their borders to the north and persuade Panama to join. The Gran Columbia doesn't like this much and eyes them for invasion, but wishes not to go along with it, instead in favor of a propaganda war.
  • All nations in the Middle East that aren't part of the Indian Continental Republic (the purple thing near China, da big one) join the Republic of Mecca in favor to long, strong and united against the eyeing enemies in the north and west.
  • Kieserick (?) and Japan, seeking vengeance, ally and invade Russia. The Chinese decide to help Russia instead and invades southern Kieserick (?) with (ironically) great success.'
  1. Russian invades Kieserick (?) to the south (if you were wondering why China would want to help a country that is literally a country away)
  • Many powers declare themselves neutral unless they are already involved in the wars some in some way; in which case they take the appropriate sides.
  • The New British Empire allies with Australia and New Zealand, but all three declare neutrality in any wars in the Americas as well as Africa and only wish to defend themselves.
  • 1929


  • Early in the year, NAR attacks and holds the rest of Mexico. Cashing in on their success, they conquer the Central American Confederation, the British holdout on Vancouver Island, and the rest of the isles of the Caribbean.

This scares the be-jesus out of the South Americans who form la Gran Confederación Sudamericana and invade the Guianas. The Americas are now owned by two world powers: NAR and GCS.

  • The rest of the world prepares for more and more war.



  • The Great Crash. Financial Markets all across the world, strained from the endless cycle of wars, abruptly collapse.
  • Ironically, The crash silences most of the wars flashing around the world. the 'Seven Years Peace' begins.


  • NAR and GCS start to recover with massive amounts of their economy being spent in a military buildup as a Cold War between the two nations begin. The New British Empire unfortunately was unable to keep a stable economy and fell; NAR took it over in order to stabilize the area (otherwise known as Vancouver Island).
  1. NAR, in the FAR NORTH and away from all praying eyes successfully detonates an atomic weapon and keeps it a secret to all the world, afraid that it may fall into enemy hands. they also tighten the security around its inventor and his friend. (This weapon is not as powerful as OTL, but still packs one hell of a in most of the city would be destroyed).
  • The war in the far east of Russia ends with new borders being drawn up for all three nations, and an unsettling peace agreement.
  • Australia, British New Zealand, and Indonesia all for the South Asian Coalition. The Maori Kingdom refuses to join. This entitles that each nation well work through this hard time and that each one shall help each other in any time of war. However, all the governments well remain separate and all laws well to. This makes a more stable peace in the region then before.
  • What is left of France could not withstand the meltdown of their market and in a drastic plea joins the New Roman Empire, but does secure that all overseas lands will remain formally in French military control, so that at lest some part of France will live on.
  • Otherwise this year is only marred by a mine in California collapsing and killing the 149 miners inside. The outcries form the public make the government take a better look at safety of their citizens in all dangerous activities, such as mining, drilling, and construction. New codes are written up that allow for FAR safer working conditions and stricter penalties for not having the proper safety gear for MOST of the situations that a worker may face.
  • 1932



  • Britain gets hit once more and is beginning to crumble.
  • in Britain, the Fascist party wins the 1933 election and appoint Sir Edmund Ironside as ruler of Britain.
  • Read the other post in history, dude. Britain doesn't exist anymore and is part of the Grand Celtic Union
  • Oh, then in that case, the Grand Celtic Union Fascist Party takes control, with Sir Edmund "Ironside" becoming their ruler.


  • The NAR purchases four air destroyers from the Zeppelin Company. They are named Akron, Macon, Shenandoah and Los Angeles.


  • Australia takes control of the rapidly crumbling British Guinea. A new British government-in-exile is created in Brisbane.
  • Australia takes control of several Pacific islands.
  • Walloon Union and Boer South African Republic unite into Greater Boer Empire.
  • Palestinian Neutral Zone is incorporated into the New Roman Empire.
  • Sweden takes control of Svalbard.
  • Irish rule in Britain becomes increasingly unpopular. A certain wag comments that the Seven Year Peace didn't reach Britain what with the Resistance.
  • The Grand Celtic Union becomes increasingly Irish centric and isolationist, selling its French territories to the NeoRomans and breaking off its alliances.



The Peoples of the North American Republic begin to spread the National Radio networks across the continent, creating a national identity. The issues of the day race from east to west and from north to south. The Panama Canal is completed and trade begins at a frenetic pace. The GCS, not wanting to be left behind, imitates with similar results. Peace is indeed good for the Americas. The old regional stereotypes still exist, but a growing sense of national solidarity begins to grow within each of the American behemoths.


  • The Seven Years Peace ends.
  • With a new alliance between the New Roman Empire and the Fourth Reich with the goal to take most, if not all of Europe. The war begins with the invasion of Spain and Finland (I forgot what they are called). The War in Europe begins.
  • Russia now sees its chance to take back some of its older European holdings and with the Spanish,Finland and Portugal alliance, so it joins. Soon it becomes known as the second World War when NAR openly supports Ruso-Spaniard-Finnish-Portugal alliance and GCS openly supporting NeoRoman Empire. The War in America Begins.
  • In the east it is mirrored by how China. The Indian Continental Republic supports the actions of Russo-Spaniard-Finnish-Portugal alliance, and thus where able to spot a sneak attack coming from The Indian Continental Republic, and they protect Russian flanks from invasion. The War in Asia Begins.
  • The Republic of Mecca joins the 4th Reich-NeoRoman's side and attacks Russia from the south.The war in the middle east begins.
  • The Boar Empire allies with the Russo-Spaniard-Finnish-Portugal alliance (Old powers), to fight off the Reich-NeoRoman-Mecca holdings in Africa from sending any help to them. War in Africa Begins.
  • Japan, Australia, Grand Celtic Union, and New Zealand stay out of the war.

The Second World War begins

  • NAR makes easy work of the first troops, but gets bogged down in the Amazonean Rainforest and the 'South American' Desert.
  • the first great air battle takes place over Colombia. the NAR Air Destroyers prove themselves, facing of hordes of enemy Fighter Airplanes.
  • NeoRome and the Fourth Reich are able to fend off the attacks in Europe made by the "Old Powers", and then some. They make advances in Spain and The European holdings of the Boar Empire, as well as Finland and Russia (the Russian one is mainly cause of the attack from the Republic Of Mecca). The Republic of Mecca makes some advances in the south, but unfortunately with a not-so-up-to-date military, they quickly lose most of their winnings with the first month.
  • China is able to launch a sneak attack that disrupts most of the Indian Continental Republics Navy (shown by sprays of China's color on the map), and able to make some advances into what was Tibet.
  • The Republic Of Mecca (RoM) and NeoRome were not ready for a war in African and lost a lot of their African holdings against the Boar Empire's strategy of having the native people (guerrillas) help them.
  • 1937


  • Russian Armies launch a full scale assault into Japanese Occupied Kamchatka.
  • The Maori Kingdom begins a major Military Spending program.


  • Almost all of Kamchatka has been cleared of Japanese troops. Bombing Raids by Air Destroyers begin on Japanese Cities.


  • Ethiopia invades the Australian colonies in East Africa. Australia does nothing due to the invasion of its home territory, and the impractical distance between it and the colonies.


  • In South America, the NAR is slowly pushed back as guerrilla warfare and the terrible weather begins to take its toll.
  • Boer Empire loses European holdings but advances into Roman Southwest Africa and into Meccan Sudan.
  • Romans make a great advance into Africa and accept the surrender of Spain and Portugal who form the Iberian Union.
  • Germans advance into Swedish Norway and deep into Russian territory.
  • The British government-in-exile negotiates between the Ethiopians and the Australians and they agree to form a new country. The Ethiopian Emperor is monarch and the Upper house of Parliament is the Ethiopian House of Nobles and the British governments House of Lords combined. The Lower house is the the Australians colonial governments and the British governments House of Commons combined. The new country becomes known as the British African Empire.
  • In Asia, China advances into India, which begins to crumble beneath sheer weight of numbers. Ill at ease, Russians are pulled away from the Kamchatka front to guard the Russo-Chinese border, whereupon the Japanese strike back.



  • The Russians Launch Operation Oraski, and smash the Japanese, using newly built Armoured Terracars.
  • China is split into three Nations due to different ideology.
  • The Maori Kingdom launches an assault against BNZ. Initially, the well trained and disciplined Maori troops break the fortified Bombay Hills, but are stopped just short of Auckland.


War in Asia seemingly over

  • War in Asia stops with The Chinese Union (not like the USA) (the three new Chinese Nations) gathering up most of what used to be Indian Continental Republic's northern land. The three nations themselves stay under one flag and, even though they can act independently, they act as if one singular nation. With that in mind, they help the Russians in pushing back Japan.
  • Japan Considers a peace treaty.

The War in Africa heats up

  • The New Roman Empire launches and offensive in Africa against the Boar Empire, which surprises the Boar's but also brings the newly made British African Empire in on the Boar Empire's side. In fear and full of wrath, they launch a total war against the Neo-Romans and the 4th Reich.
  1. This is an unexpected entry into the war and so, takes Central Alliances military commanders by surprise, as they thought tat the humanitarian trucks they hit where Boar, not British.
  2. The British-Boar African offensive goes on full throttle and plows through Neo-Roman lines as well as Republic of Mecca's lines (some not all)

A nuke goes off

  • With the war seemingly going nowhere fast in South America, NAR chooses to use the only live-nuke bomb they have (the rest were thought to be too dangerous, and turned off; this is an experimental unit meant to stop wars) on the capital of GCS. This has unexpected consequences:
  1. GCS government, in bunkers designed to keep them safe from conventional bombs, doesn't help and instead helps eliminate 89% of the Central/Provisional government.
  2. This allows an enthusiastic military leader to lead a coup against what government was left and crown himself emperor of the sudamericana impireum (SAI).
  • This marks a terrifying end to the American war, as he sends a peace treaty, that all the troops obey, to NAR. NAR, suspicious, accepts in hopes of no more war in the region.
  1. The peace treaty stats that NAR may keep Gran Columbia and all other northern holdings in South America.
  2. And finally, it says that SAI will be allowed free trade and be given economic help from NAR in response to the nuclear attack.
  3. The treaty also states that there should be no more nukes used in either theater, North or South.

[The grayed out area in South America are the areas hit by the weapon and the radiation cloud].

The War in Europe nears its end

  • The the help from China in the east, Russia is able to push hard in the West with 85% of its military might (the rest in Asia against the Japanese) and push the Fourth Reich off of the Motherland, and even push a little to the South against the Republic Of Mecca.
  • Russian and Swedish forces are able to make small advances on the Fourth Reich and Neo-Rome (Map only shows Russian not Swedish advance)
  • The Central alliance (Neo-Rome, Fourth Reich, Republic of Mecca, and what is left of Japan) begin to feel the squeeze.
  • 1943

    The possible end of WW2


  • Neo-Rome leaves its alliance, makes peace with the Entente Powers, and joins them in the ripe conquest of the Fourth Reich, the Reich has very few men to stop Neo-Rome, but it still holds on.
  • Russia reclaims its upper Russian territories (Petrograd area)
  • Japan is collapsing and soon starts the Kamikizi Program.
  • Neo-Rome, with its army in Africa finally ready, it invades the Republic of Mecca (?) and begins pushing them back.
  • Auckland finally falls to the Maori Kingdom. the BNZ's north island territories are annexed by the Maori Kingdom.


  • Dalmatia, having been secretly supported by the Entente (which includes military support), invades the 4th Reich's territories in the Balkans. The Reich's troops are overstretched, and the territory falls with medium to low resistance. They immediately join the Entente.
  • After securing the west side of the Bosporus Strait the Dalmatians, bolstered by eager recruits from the newly-conquered territories invades the Republic of Mecca's territory in Anatolia. The Meccans have most of their troops fighting in Africa and Arabia, so the fighting is also light compared to elsewhere in the world.


  • The NAR launches the first man made satellite into orbit. Two months later, they send the first human into orbit.
  • The Maori Kingdom invades the South Island, but the invading Force is defeated at the battle of Nelson.


  • The threat of Japan gone for good, the states of the Chinese Union formally go their separate ways. The northeastern and southeastern states form the stable Republics of Manchuria and China respectively. The western state is quickly embroiled in conflict as the many ethnic groups fight for domination of the new nation. These groups end up dividing the nation into small, weak statelets. Russia, India, and (to a lesser extent) the other states from the (former) Chinese Union, end up capitalizing on this disorder. Tibet is eventually the only one of these statelets to survive.
  • Indonesia retakes the Indian territory of Java.


End of WW2

  • NAR, felling uneasy next to the SAI, attacks with some re-activated nukes (only three) wiping out 89% of their military and 96% of the government. This is followed by a complete occupation as the NAR renames itself AR (American Republic). [still shown in gray, the fourth one there is still their because of contamination].
  1. this act is condemned by other nations, but since none of them knew they had nukes or how many they might have, they take no action except to make it against INTERNATIONAL law to make or pursue nuclear weapons.
  • Fighting in most of the world comes to a complete halt and all is calm.

Beginning of a New Era

  • Most of Europe is reformed into a single Union called (you guessed it) European Union. The only nation not to join was Neo-Rome, which was to prideful to join.
  • East Africa (the entirety of it), joins the British African Empire, which has 55% of the conceals as Africans; not British-Africans or British.
  • Australia, British New Zealand, and Indonesia all make a Defense Alliance named South-Asian Defense Coalition (SADC).
  • Ibinian Union's government is hit hard with a SCANDALOUS affair.
  • ((I drew the map to the best of my abilities.))
  • 1946

    What has the world come to (LOL)


Nothing much happens this year.


  • The economically weak Iberian Union ceases to exist after its ramshackle finances finally collapse. The nation's territory is divided up after the central government is declared dissolved. The nation's European holdings go to the Neo-Roman Empire, the nation's West African colony goes to Sweden, and the nation's south African colonies go to the Boer Empire.



Due to political instability due to the myriad of conquered nations and the use of nuclear weapons in direct violation of a treaty signed only a short time before the American Republic erupts into civil war breaking into many splinter nations.

North America

  • American Republic - Located in former California.
  • Commonwealth of Oregon - Made up of former Kingdom of Oregon territory and Alaska.
  • Canada - Made up of former Canadian territory plus New England.
  • Greenland - Defects to Sweden.
  • Great Plains Republic - Made up of the various great plains territories.
  • Mexico
  • Republic of Texas
  • Confederation of American States - Located in southeast North America.
  • Colorado Federation - Located east of the American Republic.
  • Quebec

Central America and Caribbean

  • Central American Republic
  • Caribbean Confederation - Made up of a confederation of Caribbean islands.

South America

  • Colombia
  • South American Republic - Made up of most of southern South America.
  • Brazil
  • Guyana Confederation
  • Eastern American Republic


  • North America
Borders are officially solidified on the fractured continent.
Hawaii enters a bloody civil war only to reawaken as the democratic Communist country called the Peoples Collective of Hawaii.
  • Europe
England decides they no longer want to abide to the laws of Ireland and they secede. Wales and Scotland follow soon after. Instead of intervening Ireland declares neutrality and decides to let them tear each other apart.
Other than war in the British Isles, the rest of Europe sees an era of peace.
  • Africa
Although remaining isolated for many years the USWE (United States of West Africa) invades the outlying territories and countries.
The USWE reveals that it developed some of the worlds most advanced weapons during its long period of isolation.
  • Asia
Japan makes a massive push to fend off Chinese influence.


  • The British African Empire forges an alliance with India, the Boer Empire, Australia, Canada and Oregon.
  • The British the Boers and the Swedes invade and conquer Iberian African Territories.
  • The British make a free trade agreement with the USWE. They also begin the Establishment Program. This is the voluntary removal of British settlers from countries like India and South Africa and their settlement in East Africa.
  • British African Empire (known more simply as Britain-Abyssinia) makes overtures to Texas regarding an alliance.
  • Roman Empire begins invasion of the Balkans and Turkey.
  • Wales and England unite in the British Union and Scotland joins as an autonomous area. The capital is established in Cardiff and the invasion of Ireland the common enemy begins.
  • Britain-Abyssinia becomes the second nation to launch a satellite.



  • John Smith, an eighty-five year old from the American Republic, begins a small television program that rallies those in his nation. He reminds them of the unity that had been in North America in the 1800's and as recently as 3 years earlier, and especially before the imperialistic expansion into South America. He conceives of the idea of a Federated Nations of the Anglosphere. The idea takes off. His program becomes the most popular in the entire English speaking world. His ideas captivate the imagination of all the children of the long extinct English empire. Soon a conference is convened in Sacramento, the Capitol of his nation, with a goal toward economic, military and political unity. Australians, British New Zealanders, East Africans, the Brits and even the Irish join the myriad North Americans in this conference.



  • At the Sacramento conference, a delegate from every attending nation signs a treaty forming the League of English-Speaking Nations. This treaty creates a common forum where differences between the myriad nations of the English-speaking world can solve their disputes without conflict. It also creates a free trade agreement between all of the nations of the league. Although the treaty states that its purpose is to establish political unity in the English speaking world, no actions are taken in that direction. Finally, the treaty includes a mutual protection pact.



  • The Neo-Roman Consul is assassinated, along with most of the Neo-Roman government when a Dalmatian sympathizer detonates a bomb inside the Neo-Roman Forum (ironically imitating the infamous Gunpowder Plot of 1605). The Dalmatians mount a massive counter-offensive on the unorganized Neo-Roman legions. They make tremendous gains as they push the Neo-Romans out of their territory. They also gained new lands in Anatolia and seized the Neo-Roman colonies of Palestine, Cyprus and there are talks to invade Italy proper.


  • The Neo-Roman Empire, still reeling from the destruction of its federal government and defeats in the war against Dalmatia, is collapsing. The Roman Empire is dying again, and several buzzards have already started to peck at it. The Dalmatians have made off with the every scrap of territory the Empire has in the eastern Mediterranean. The Iberians have started to reclaim the territory of former Spain. The Boers have begun the process of liberating the nation's former European territory. The former French colonies in Africa and Asia have banded together and announced that France was reconstituted. They too send a force to liberate their territory, namely former metropolitan France. The Neo-Romans are too busy fighting amongst themselves for them to realize that their nation's borders were imploding upon itself.
  • By now the Neo-Roman Empire has been united behind a new, and charismatic, leader. He has complete control over the nation. In public he makes himself out to be a new Julius Caesar, but in reality he is a new Caligula.


  • Now, three glorious years after its creation, the League of English-speaking nations unite to become what the old man had been talking about before his death in early 1958. They unite under one sovereign government named the Federated Nations of the Anglosphere. These nations include all of North America, including Quebec (even though not entirely English speaking), Australia, British New Zealand, Briton, Hawaii (included in late 1955), Cuba (included early 1956 because of the overwhelming majority of English speakers left from Americas/NAR's operations there), and finally South Africa.
  • This ironically polarizes many powers in the world to make their own alliances.
  1. Asia becomes more united with out Russia involved.
  2. Africa follows suite and start to contemplate an alliance of their own.
  3. South America is still real-ling from the war, but decided to join Mexico and whatever they decide to make a better defense
  • Europe begins to destabilize as Neo-Rome tries to hold on and it looks as if this could be where another war is going to be fought soon, one that engulfs the world.
  • Russia, along with Tibet, India, and Republic of Mecca (loosely) form a Defense pact.



The newly elected president of the Federated Nations of the Anglosphere embarks on a world wide tour of the nation. He speaks before tens of thousands in Australia and then on to Nairobi. As he leaves eastern Africa crossing the Mediterranean, his airplane lands in Nice for a layover.

As he steps from the public bathroom, he is shot and killed by Jean-Luc du Pont, a disgruntled half English, half French man who blames the English and especially the North Americans for wasting Europe's chances for greatness. The man is not entirely sane after all. He is hidden by a small group of extremists who claim to be the protectors of the "real King of Burgundy," who claims to be a descendant of Jesus Christ himself.

The FNA calls all its nations on high alert. The President of the American Republic and the new Acting president of the FNA demand the repatriation of du Pont. The request is denied. Tensions rise.

Meanwhile, the FNA restarts the old NAR space program, and send an unmanned probe to the moon. Luna I is the first man-made object on the moon.


An economic boom hits the world as stock markets across the planet sky rocket, almost everyone's average salary is doubled in this decade.

  • Africa
The USWE succeeds in its lifelong goal and is able to unify the continent of Africa and forms the USA (United States of Africa), they become the richest and most prosperous nation in the world and gain there first overseas territory as they annex the island of Sri Lanka.
  • Europe
Ireland fears England's power may grow to much, they invade England in an attempt to re-annex the nation, but they fail and are only able to gain Wales.

The Neo-Roman Empire now consists only of the Italian peninsula. The Consul's personal guard, tired of his abuse of power, launch a coup and kill the Consul. The new Neo-Roman Republic sues for peace. The French, Boers, Iberians and Dalmatians accept. The terms to the treaty are simple. The Neo-Romans acknowledge each power's territorial gains (FraNce gets former european France, the Boers get their former European territory, the Dalmatians get their conquests and the Iberians get the rest of former Spain)


The victorious Dalmatians invade and conquer the weak and feeble remains of the Republic of Mecca (although the citizens have started calling it "Persia" years ago). To quell any protests to the invasion they renounce claims to further territorial expansion. The proud Dalmatians move their capital to the recently renamed Constantinople as they rename their nation the Byzantine Empire. Considering who invaded them only a few short years ago this is a very ironic move indeed, and as such has risen more than a few eyebrows. (Yhis makes sense).


  • The Republic of Turkistan is founded.
  • Pakistan breaks away from India.
  • Tibet cedes eastern areas to China. Manchuria becomes part of China.
  • Russia, India, and Tibet make defence pact with China.
  • Siam and Indonesia separate.
  • Cambodia separates from Siam.
  • The Philippines and Indonesia go to war over Northern Borneo.
  • The destabilized Siam breaks into Thailand (Northern Siam, including Bankock) and the Kingdom of Siam.
  • Due to the amount of time, radiation left in South America begins to clear up and only small pockets are left of it.
  • The Byzantine Empire breaks into the countries of France, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Yugoslavia, and Poland.

Map of World in 1962


  • Spain is created after Munich argument (has same territory as in OTL.)
  • The Caucasus Republic gains independence
  • The FNA send their first manned mission to the moon. James Michelson says "one small step for a man, one giant step for the Anglosphere" as he takes the first steps on the moon.


  • Tensions rise between the Anglosphere and the Latin Americans over the status of the Caribbean islands. Many English speakers, descendants of the original English settlers and Ex-pats from the former NAR, agitate for inclusion in the Anglosphere. Riots occur in Havana and Georgetown.
  • The Maori population in FNA controlled New Zealand fight for secession from the FNA to join their brothers in the Maori Kingdom.
  • The FNA starts "Project Mars Man", and plans to have a man on mars before 1980.


  • FNA splits apart once more; space projects all abandoned,but then reforms
  • China, India, Tibet, Indonesia, Siam, Korea, Japan and Cambodia unite to form the Oriental Empire. Invades Pakistan, Persia, and parts of Turkistan.
  • The Oriental Empire sends 14 men to the moon. Russia sends four.
  • The Oriental Empire establishes a strong friendship with Canada, Arabia, Egypt, and the Philippines
  • Russia invades Oregon. Canada goes to war with Russia over control of region.
  • Germany and Holland break away from Italy and Poland.
  • Canada annexes Quebec; begins invasion of the Confederate states of America.
  • Arabia takes control of other half of Arabian peninsula.
  • Greece invades Yugoslavia.
  • Mexico invades American Republic.
  • Sudan secedes from Ethiopia.

800px-The world in 1962


  • Greece invades Turkey. Its modern army completely shreds the obsolete army of the Turks.


North America reunifies. "That which unites is us more than that which divides us!" proclaims the new Prime Minister in the Canada-led North American Union. The rest of the English Speaking world remains on friendly terms, but decline reunification.

NAU pushes the Russians from Oregon and then out of Alaska and the Mexicans out of the former California. Relations are signed with the province of Panama guaranteeing passage through the canal.



  • Belgium is reunited into the Boer Empire. The Dominion of the Netherlands is formed.
  • The Boer Empire occupies Sudan.
  • South Africa unites with Britain-Abyssinia to create the United Empire of British Africa.
  • The Fifth Reich is formed in Germany.
  • France is reunited with her colonies in the Gallic Union.
  • After the British Union complete their conquest of Ireland, they are weak and request annexation by the North American Union. The Union of American and British Peoples is formed.
  • The Mexicans purchase most of Swedish Kamerun and is renamed New Baja California. The reasons for this are fears of conquest from the North American Union.



  • The Oriental Empire and the North American Union Establish a tight alliance, trading and supporting each other.
  • Greek troops withdraw from Turkey.
  • Oriental troops invade Turkistan. Turkey is split between the Oriental Empire and Arabia.
  • Caucasia splits into Armenia and Azerbaijan.



  • The Iberian Republic merges with Spain.
  • In North America, a group of communists nearly succeed in killing the North American Union's President, which leads to the Security Act of 1970. This document supports a larger and more secure defense force to counter any threat at any level.
  • In South America, a disease strikes areas that are near former radiation areas, which leads scientists to believe that it's a mix of cancer and radiation.
  • In Russia something tragic happens.Communists, believed to have come from the Caucasus region, hijack four Russian planes, three of which that hit historic areas such as the Kremlin but one misses. The attacks hit Russia's morale as the people of Russia simply stared in astonishment.
  • Russians begin Operation Mountain Storm, the 'Occupation' of the two nations, Georgia (?) and "Blank" (the two Caucasus nations are invaded).
  • The Kingdom of Alexandria/Egypt take control of OTL Egypt region.
  • Russia and the North American Union are declared the leading superpowers which stirs up a Cold War.
  • The Kingdom of Alexandria supports the invasion of the Caucasus by the Russians and make an alliance.
  • The Joint-Op forces of KOA (Kingdom of Alexandria) and Russia are stopped by Caucasian militias in the mountains.
  • The Oriental Empire withdraws from the Middle East and Persia due to heavy resistance.


  • The Russian army takes over Armenia and Azerbaijan after heavy fighting.
  • An uprising happens in the Armenia in the Caucasus. Russian officials shoot the rebels in executions. Civilians fearing the news join the Russian army. The Russian army soon outnumbers the North American Union.
  • The NAU orders a draft for everybody joining the army. Even kids join the NAU youth. People not wanting to join the draft begin armed rebellions. Soon mass rebellions happen in North America.
  • The Russians, in order to "make peace on the North American continent", invades, beginning a war.


  • The rebellions stops, as they don't want Russians to take over' and they begin to fight a UNITED front against them.
  • South America becomes the United Confederated Nations of South America - which signs a treaty with the NA., The Oriental Empire begins a massive invasion of Russia.
  • Russia begins to crumble under the stress of two fronts.
  • Philippines join the Oriental Empire.
  • Europe unites to better defend their homelands, and while still staying sovereign nations, becomes the EU (formatted slightly differently then OTL).
  • Africa, afraid it might become the playground for the next war, unit and forms the African Imperial Confederacy (each nation is like a state, only without military, which is put under the jurisdiction of the Imperial court) and sign a defense pact with UCNSA.
  • The colonies being open rebellion against their government as they want to join the AIC.
  • Lines begin to be drawn in the sand, as each nation prepares for total war. It is said by many of these new alliances that if your nation is not part of an alliance/confederacy/union, then it is guaranteed to be a battleground, as you would have none to help you.



Those who had protested North American policies realize the errors of their ways and become the loudest critics of the Russian invasion. Soon the North Americans rally round the flag and and the Russians are soon expelled from Alyeska.

NAU sends two shuttles to the moon establishing a space station and a third to launch a group to Mars. Unfortunately, the Russians shoot down the rocket. Popular opinion reaches a crescendo and a bombing raid of Moscow is begun. The Kremlin is destroyed as is the Russian Parliament building complex. Thousands die in the resulting conflagration. 1973


  • The NAU launches a second group of shuttles, two of which are carrying the supplies necessary for the establishment of a colony on the Moon. the Russians again attempt to shoot them down, but SDI satellites equipped which had been launched in secret and only recently brought online, knock the Russian missiles out of the sky. the NAU settlement on the moon is built without a hitch. in addition, the settlement begins harvesting He-3 from the lunar far side, which is sent back to earth for experimentation into the creation of a clean fusion reactor.


  • Australia, in the early morning of September 5th, launch an invasion of the Maori kingdom and end up taking it over by the end of the year. It is put under martial law, in order to ensure peace in the region.
  • Hawaii joins the NAU, which leads UCNSA (United Confederated Nations of South America) to get Panama, which was left to the Panamanians. The Panamanians think of the acquisitions a mutual agreement between governments.
  • Russian forces attack the most eastern part of the Oriental Empire, but they also make gains in the east along a broad open line.
  • The rebellions in Africa are mostly successful after two years, as barely any help from the colonies home nation. Only two colonies remain, which have been severely depleted and also warn from war. These two colonies are split in two as they retreat to protect the coastal areas, when help Finally starts to arrive, all-be-it to late as he more inland half gets annexed into the Imperial African.
  • NAU successfully establishes a more secure/permanent base on the moon; this base has a Biosphere an everything needed for a permanent settlement on the moon. NAU astronaut Neil Armstrong (about 13 years older then OTL, I believe) plants a NAU flag on Mars accompanied by "Let me not be the last NAU man to walk on this most beautiful of sites". They establish a small operations base able to withstand the harsh weather on mars, which they tend to report back makes everything here a lot harder and longer to do, so many NAU scientist begin work on a way to control Martian weather. (only the military scientists go as far as how to control any weather period.)
  • Russia by the end of the year begins peace talks with Oriental empire. They also spark an alliance with EU, but it is for any future endeavors, not for the war they are in now.
  • In December of his year a small, clean burning, He-3 reactor is goes online and they celebrate their achievement. This also leads them to try out a new National He-3 reactor, which (in theory) would be able to power one-fourth of the country, thus it is set u in the north western part of NAU, near Alaska. This project is code named "Zeus's Bolt" (because of the energy involved).
  • They also use a new type of double hauled battleship that looks like two battleships with their upper deck's combined, this is shared with Oriental Empire, the UCNSA, and the EU nations, (tier close allies).



  • The European Union concludes and ratifies the long sought after political unification treaty in Nancy, France. Europa is born, capitol in Amsterdam. The Special Territory of Greenland experiences riots and instability; the Inuit population proclaim the desire to unite with their cousins in northern North America, but the ruling class refuses to acquiesce. High alert is proclaimed as the Russians push the eastern border.
  • NAU invade the Russian Far East to have a buffer between the belligerent Russians and its homeland. They do not interfere with the Oriental Empire.
  • the occupied Maori Kingdom explodes into a full scale insurgency. Car Bombs, Snipers, Mortar attacks and kidnappings roll all across the North Island. Support is secretly sent from the South island to aid the Insurgency.



NAU loses all land in Russia, but starts a strong front and invades the Caribbean and Mexico.


  • The European Union starts to loose control over Greenland as terrorist cells activate and start to reek havoc all across the country, they send some military up their to send a clear massage, "we are not going to let you be annexed into the NAU".
  • Russia and the EU settle their differences and things calm down on the eastern front, and they become a strong alliance like the NAU and Oriental Empire. Arabia invades the Oriental Empire to help Russia, and with that a peace treaty is send by all three powers which gives away Turkey to Russia and some of the other middle eastern holding to the Arabians.
  • Maori Kingdom becomes whole again and signs a defense pact with the mighty Oriental Empire; this send a clear massages to the Australians, which in turn sign one with the EU, but this does not go into effect until Greenland is brought under control, and it will not help with any war that Australia has before then.
  • Australia begins to lose all control over Madagascar as rebellions break out, which want to join their main land counterparts. This interest the African Imperial Confederacy (AIC), which lands an invasion force. By then most of the troops on the island have been evacuated to better defend the homeland, but fighting continues.
  • NAU wins the war with Mexico, and annexes the northern half; many NAU people believe it was for the best of the Mexicans and stay united. With that in mind, the UCNSA invades the Central American Republic and annexes it into itself; many of the native people in that country reluctantly unite under the UCNSA flag.
  • Mexico & Cuba become allies and form the Central Defense Nations, they also unify their armies and make a new flag.
  • The NAU's SDI defense system detects a Russian missile launch and fires, it destroys the missile. It was then saw that the missile was headed towards the Russian landing zone on the moon, but the Russians never give any more information than it being a pace pod, many people doubt this because of the fact that the missile was highly radioactive and had a different projector y then the Russians are saying. Tensions rise.



  • In this year, the British who had been plotting without NAU knowledge to escape the 'turmoil of the Earth' for some time, put their plan into action. Thousands of stolen and rejigged rockets were stuffed with settlers and equipment. The first rocket, the Ark led the way past NAU and Russian defence systems. The Americans were astonished, the Russians and their allies cackled maliciously and the various unaligned blocs cheered them on. The now sparsely populated Britain was subject to an American invasion in Scotland and a European invasion in the south. The remainder nations fought against them.
  • Greenland finally joined the NAU.
  • Madagascar joins the African Imperial Confederacy.
  • The remaining free African territories, take on the names, New France and New Sweden respectively.

1979 1979moon


  • Apiata Rutherford, the son of Wiremu Rutherford, begins work on a new Super weapon called the 'Sun Bomb', a hydrogen based Atomic Bomb with the capacity to unleash megatonnes of destruction.
  • The EU starts preparations for a colony on the moon. The plan is to place it near Russian land.


  • EU are almost ready, when a radical British terrorist cell attacks the launch station delaying it for a year.
  • NAU only strengthens their border in Old England, as it is now called. The EU struggle against the restless native populism which have formed a small new nations called "The Left-Behinds".
  • Earth remains e-rally quite as the nations that have holdings on the moon strengthen and grow their colonies.
  • NAU, Oriental Empire, and UCNSA also send an orbital habitat to Mars. This in preparations to terraform the planet, as the scientist have stated that they should have a working model within a year. Their alliance grows in strength.
  • "Zeus's Bolt" is activated with a small hitch, that is fixed quickly. This news get released to the world so all attention turns to the only known place to gather the He-3 required; The Moon.
  • On the moon: NAU colonies work on an underground subway line that can travel from colony to colony, they also set up a defense perimeter around their colonies, other nations soon follow.
  • On the moon: Oriental Empire strengthens their borders, but also sets up an agreement with NAU to work together to connect all of their colonies and share, through trade, the He-3 they gather. NAU trades the He-3 reactor tech to the Oriental Empire for their treaty that stats that neither nation can use more then a one megaton explosion on the moon at a time, thus coordination with the connecting teams comes into effect.
  • On the moon: more "Ark" craft arrive from the NAU, Oriental Empire and Russia; six (NAU), three (OE) and one (Russia) respectively.
    1. Dashed lines on the moon are the tunnel networks, the Square lines are the defense perimeters.

1981earth 1981moon


The EU and NAU agree on a common border between European Britain and Scotland. It is agreed that the Orkney and Shetland island groups, the island of Mann and the Faroes all belong to NAU while the Channel islands, the Azores and the Isle of Wight all belong to the Europeans.

On the Moon, NAU expands settlements to the southern pole and invites the Asians to join in the mining of water ices found there. 1982earth



Tensions are beginning to rise on Earth where the citizens of many countries, such as the NAU, are complaining that all of the government's money is going to the moon. This causes strife between the people of North America, and in Europe, it becomes clear that there is some sort of movement growing in Corsica ...


  • With the election in NAU over, a new charismatic leader appears which start to re-invest a large portion of the moon colony's money to civilian care. This swiftly save the nation from an civil disruption/war. Oriental Empire soon follows suet.
  • Russia and the EU, however, disregard them as just normal protest and continue their funding of the moon colony's.
  • Soon, AIC launches a manned mission to Venus. This ends in tragedy as the space craft is crushed as it enters the atmosphere. They stop and do new scientific research in how to make Venus SOMEWHAT habitable. (They want Venus for their own and don't want to have to share it with the other nations).
  • All of the subway tunnels are completed on the moon and soon they passengers start arriving to go to each colony ... sorta like a cruise of the moon.
  • The NAU and EU make a break through in controlling cloud cover and rain. Oriental Empire makes a break through in controlling the harsh winds of Mars. They plan to launch a new satellite network around Mars with the goal of Martian Weather Control in mind.
  • EU finally arrives on the moon with a small colony.
  • A disaster strikes late this year in the Russian colony, when a He-3 reactor explodes. This send large one-eighth Manhattan sized moon-orites towards earth. As they try to destroy most of them, the satellite defenses detect a larger piece headed towards Yaginstollica (small Russian town on the border of EU). They try in vain to destroy it, but it is to big and they only manage to make it worse by smashing it into several DOZEN smaller 1/20th size Manhattan pieces.
  • When the smoke clears after the impact, EU and western Russia is left in ruins. Millions flee to their colony or easterly. One-third of their combined governments are destroyed. The Russian colony is gone along with a good chunk of the moon.
  • One hits the northern part of Arabia and one also manages to hit the western region in the Oriental Empire,
  • An international effort begins to try to restore balance to the regions, but they face heavy resistance.
  • The clouds left by the impacts lower the world temperature by one degree, and if you don't know it, that is a lot. This causes some crops to not grow in Arabia, Oriental Empire and NAU & UCNSA. NAU and the UNCSA, however, had a lot of food stored up from a fear of global thermonuclear war, and thus are spared the worse, although they still have to deal with riots every so often.
  1. Striped areas on Earth equals lawless zones, and gray equals impact cite. The blacked out are on one of NAU's colony is heavily damaged, and I spray painted the area on which the creator where the explosion of a medium-large He-3 power play was.



This is called the year with no summer. Storms rage across the northern hemisphere leaving many cities buried in meters of snow and ice. No crops are planted much less harvested. Snow falls in Jerusalem, Cairo, New Delhi, Hanoi and Mexico City. Not just flurries, but feet and feet of drifts. Scientist feel that the weather will improve in the next two years. Many, many people in the European and Russian lawless zones die of cold and starvation. Refugees swarm across the borders in to Asia.

On the moon, the NAU and Asian bases manage to create a self-sustaining economic base with the help of the other bases. Refugees of the other bases are given assistance and help. A new business: Lunasat begins. They build Solar Power Satellites. These are built on the Moon of moon materials and because of the lesser gravity, shipped into Earth Orbit at a cheaper rate than from the Earth. They convert sunlight into radio waves which is beamed to the earth and converted to electricity. The satellites go on line in time to help warm up the shivering masses in the Northern Hemisphere. Lunasat then plans to sell cheap power to the rest of Earth so that fossil fuels can be phased out and petroleum can be used for plastics only.

After the success of Lunasat, the NAU launches several dozen satellites from magnetic accelerators on the moon, towards the sun. these spacecraft unfold in orbit around Mercury, creating the largest solar array in history. the solar energy accumulated by this array =is enough to power several cities



  • With most of Europe and a swathe of Asia knocked out a new age begins. The European Union is dissolved and the nations of France, Cornwall, Wessex, Mercia, Wales, Bernicia, Deira, Castile, Sweden, Italy and Greece are reborn. Separating them is a vast swathe of wasteland.
  • Sweden is by far the most powerful nation in Europe and secures the European colonies on the moon for itself.
  • On the moon, the British settle farther into the hills as water develops in the craters after many years of careful nurturing of the land in a process known as terraforming.
  • The Ethiopian Emperor who has been under house arrest in Africa for calling for independence is transported to the Moon where he is crowned King of the Britons.

1986earth 1986moon


  • Countries in Europe and Asia begin to take back the land devastated by the disaster from the moon accident.
  • German refugees return to the former site of the country Germany and restore the country; Greek, Yugoslavian, Spanish and Polish begin to restore their countries
  • Countries not devastated by the disaster send money and supplies to their allies who were devastated and help them rebuild.



  • During the He-3 Accident, an American who moved to Russia at the age of three, Arnold Schelnist was never killed for his town never got hit (he was 33 years old at that time), it is also learned that he was working on a planet terraforming device which he has now finished thanks to sufficient supplies.
  • The Planet Terraforming device shocks the world when Mars is made inhabitable, red grass grows, reddish-brown trees with red leaves develop, a red sky begins to form, red water spouts from the ground.
  • Arnold is made a celebrity everywhere he goes.
  • Venus is finally terraformed by the Russians who before failed in colonizing it.
  • Operation "Red Sun" begins, the operation is actually the colonization of Mars by the NAU.


On the moon, many people start pushing from succession from their countries, due to the fact that many of the moon colonists have the same culture due to the lack of difference on the moon. Others want to start the "Republic of Luna", a moon-based country which, if it existed, would have a population of three million.

On Earth, the African region is starting to revolt into violence, as the area of Egypt pushes to become its own country, as well as former South Africa.


The moon colonists declare the independence of the Republic of Luna, reminding the Earth that nearly all of their electricity comes from Lunar solar power satellites and if they want to purchase it, they'll acquiesce; they do.

NAU begins colonizing Mars in earnest, trying to move as much of their population off world as possible. Little does the NAU government know, but most of the new Martians have moved off Earth to get away from the Fascist NAU government. Life is freer if more difficult on the Red Planet. Unfortunately it is a nine month journey to Mars and the older Martian settlers are not sympathetic to the Johnny-come-lately's.

Overtures are made toward a universal, pan-human government. The majority of the Earth governments love the idea, none of the extra-terrestrials do.



  • As NAU arrives on Mars, they begin to change their government to fit the new world, thus becoming the United Martian Democracy. this new government set up Terra-forming devices in hopes of making it a more stable and reliable ecosystem, as the earlier attempt ended in a month due to "unforeseen consequences".
  • The NAU people left on Earth form a new government called The Democratic-Republic of Terra, or DRT for short. The continental American governments join, not because of safety, but because of the fact that they too wish to unite the world.
  • Many European nations join them as well. This sends shocks through the world of Russia and Oriental Empire, the latter of which decides to join out of respect for the old Earthbound NAU.
  1. Some in the Oriental Empire leave and join the new Martian government.
  • DRT decides late in the year to start to implement the stores of He-3 into reactors so they do not have to deal with the Republic of Luna's high demands.
  • The United Martian Democracy also sees fit to start capitalizing on its closeness to the asteroid belt and plans get under way to start mass mining of the belt, with limited mining of the moons.
  • The reaming Earth governments make a defense pact in an effort to withstand DRT. They call their new alliance, Global Defense Initiative or GDI for short (because that is what they would call themselves).


  • Each nation begins to ready themselves for anything.
  • DRT test its new defense system called Thor's hammer (Kinetic strike cannon, a modified version of the SDI satellites).
  • GDI test a new more compact high explosive. the test proves successful and they call it Pandora's Box, as it uses a small amount of He-3 to explode.
  • UMD test a new long range weapons system that explodes about 400,000 km away from Venus, near earth. It says it was an accident but many nations believe otherwise.
  • RoL test a new high powered solar weapon nick named "God's Wrath".
  • In December both GDI and RoL make a formal alliance, manly because GDI still gets a large percentage of its power from the Luna satellites. DRT, now only gets 25% of its power from RoL after it launches more solar arrays around Venus and Mercury. They also get around 20% of their power from the OLD He-3 reactors that NAU left.
  • DRT and the United Martian Democracy agree to a defense pact against any aggression that the GDI/RoL may take.


The first space elevator touches down in the DRT province of Ecuador, giving the DRT a cheap, efficient means of transportation into orbit. trade with the UMD increases by an order of magnitude, and the UMD begins construction of a similar elevator on Mars. the DRT economy flourishes due to an influx of cheap metals from the asteroid belt


Hackers from RoL break into the computer systems running the DRT space elevator transport system in Ecuador. They siphon funds and contracts to their allies in the GDI. Tensions rise between the two power blocks. Australia Province of GDI finishes its space elevator in the former Northern Territories. An Asteroidal shipment from UMD goes off course and crash lands on uninhabited Lunar territory. This creates quite the scare. Militaries all over the solar system are on high alert.

Having ineptly placed their space elevator, GDI leaders are shocked when their cable collapses. they manage to separate the upper two-thirds with an orbital laser, but the damage is done. A large swath of Australia is devastated, and the GDI space program is set back a decade.


  • King Artorius who ascends his pretender throne this year campaigns first for recognition of the large British community on the Moon. When this is refused he sells much of his royal finery such as palaces, robes and crowns. He uses the vast sums of money to purchase cryogenic freezing units, terraforming devices and large rocketry systems. They are put into the Ark of Britannia After a year of construction in the former British sector of the Republic of Luna, the Ark is complete and the British people flee from an overarching regime once more to the moons of Jupiter. The British name is now synonymous with the frontier, adventure and the will to survive on the one hand but also stubbornness, cowardliness and imperialistic on the other. A trickle of British from the worlds of humanity make their way to the capital of New London on Europa. King Artorius is crowned with a circlet of copper King of the Seventh Kingdom of All Britain.
  • RoL and DRT go to war over the British Exodus. The DRT resent the loss of citizens from the former Britain and blame it on the harsh laws of the RoL. Luna believes the DRT encouraged the British to leave and that it was them who sold the British the equipment necessary for their exodus.
  • The GDI finally construct their space elevator correctly. They make the mistake of applauding the British in their determination to avoid the power struggles of the core worlds.


RoL, using its magnetic accelerators, launches several 1 km rocks at DRT. Several cities are hit directly: New York loses Manhattan, Chicago becomes a bay on Superior, Los Angeles is hit which sets off the big earthquake on the San Andreas and Niagara Falls is hit resulting in two very difficult situations for DRT: when Lake Erie empties into Lake Ontario, it first inundates Toronto, then washes it to the middle of Lake Ontario. Then as the water hits the downstream side of Lake Ontario, it washes out the natural barrier of that lake, emptying the water of both lakes into the St Laurence river, leaving the ruined cities on Lake Ontario high and dry and washing the cities of Montreal and Quebec out to sea.

This is a regional difficulty. The impacts are not enough to disrupt weather patterns of all of Earth like the infalls did in 1984.

Mars applauds the efforts of Luna and sign several economic and military pacts with them.


  • GDI resents the attack made on earth and breaks it alliance with RoL, thus forming a new alliance with DRT. This is made not because they are on friendly terms, but because they both want no more harm (extraterrestrial or other) to come to earth. (GDI figures if it is going to unite the world under the GDI banner they might want to protect what they want to conquer).


  • DRT and GDI launch co-op invasions of RoL. This is unexpected by RoL and thus they are not really prepared in ALL their colonies. RoL loses five of its, now, 55. These five, however, control water and air filters for four each, so the sum total of lost colonies is 25; a little under half. They quickly tighten the security at the other control station, which is the capital, and set up a perimeter around the 25 colonies.
  • RoL calls for its Martian ally (UMD), with no reply. This is first answered with anger, because of no reply in the first month, but soon they pick up some large objects head their way, which hail the capital's HQ and announces they are newly constructed UMD ships and says that they are sorry they could not come earlier, but they were still under-construction a four months ago, in fact for over three years now they have been trying hard to complete them with all the safeties and weapons, thus it took an additional four months longer then it should have.
  • UMD sends marines done to the five landing colonies and captures three, but loses a ship from a missile launch Luna side, it was found to be launched from the one of the captured RoL colonies. The other ship fires multiple WMD's at Earth in response, 95 are destroyed before entry, 34 in high atmosphere, but still so many where launched that some made land fall. Some of these sites are Beijing, Moscow, Washington D.C., Madrid, San Francisco, Paris, Havana, London, Mumbai, Bankock, etc... and then over 30 cities where hit with at least one each; 20 WMD's hit transforming factories, making it impossible for earth to manufacture enough to stabilize even 1/10,000th of the earth surface. The ship has no weapon ammunition left for long range strikes and would have to go sub-orbital to attack Earth any more. (amount hit = roughly 65 WMD's)
  • RoL, surprised by this action, request that the ship leave orbit and not launch any more attacks against earth (RoL also wishes to conquer their old home-world). The UMD ship withdraws, but leaves a sizable force on Luna to help RoL; RoL thanks them and tells them that they shall not lose many men.
  • The DRT-GDI alliance is hurt from the attack and wishes to recall it soldiers in order to launch "Omega Luna 1"; this weapon would drill into the core of Luna and set off a 20,000 Megaton explosion. This is the last gasping/dying breath of a planet that is now in the mist of a nuclear winter caused by the UMD attack.
  • Toward the end of the year RoL-UMD alliance is winning massively over DRT-GDI alliance. This cause them to launch "Omega Luna 1" from a space shuttle that managed to make it through the detection of RoL scanners and into a sub-orbit of Luna. The weapon is launched, but hits a hitch and now has a three-month schedule until core explosion. RoL see's hit, but knows it is to late to do anything because of the extremly fast drilling mechanize m used by Omega Luna 1, so it chooses a complete evacuation of Luna. The date is November 30th.
  • RoL, wishing to avoid the nuclear winter, ask UMD for permission to set up a non-permanent base on Mars.UMD, with support of the public and military, say that they wish them the best of luck on Earth, as they only wished to have annihilated the DRT-GDI alliance before this could happen, but under RoL's request could not. RoL swears revenge and starts to attack the UMD military on Luna as well as trying to evacuate to another planet, or at least another planetary to orbit.
  • UMD begins a massive defensive build up now that the only other people to look after are the Seventh Kingdom of All Britain, or Seventh Kingdom for short. They also work out a treaty with the Seventh Kingdom, allowing 65% of the outer solar system to Seventh Kingdom and 75% (cause of the massive number of NT's [Need to be Terraformed] planets) of the inner solar system to UMD.
  • The Seventh Kingdom also begins a massive defensive build up.
  • UMD and SK start trade and colonization with one another, both shooting down any GDI, DRT, or RoL ships they cross.
  • UMD completes its space elevator, and then starts new programs (mostly for propaganda purposes) to help communities all over mars. The date is December 24.

1992earth 1992moon

  • Gray areas on earth equal nuke zones; dark red on Luna = UMD forces; Omega Luna 1 drill zone = Black

Yes, Earth may be gone (for the most part), but humanity lives on


  • Britain declares that the war was the confirmation that the unification of humanity is a foolish and impossible thing to do. "All sides wanted to unite the human race and it lead very nearly to their destruction. Now we are the only nation not to get involved emerge the strongest." Alongside this, Britain sets about setting up survivor states on other moons such as France on Io, Spain on Ganymede, America on Callisto and Italy on Enceladus.
  • The UMD's military build-up worries the SK and research goes into the creation of the Starship UK. Scientists all over Britains empire work on the theoretical potential of faster than light speed. Asteroids are clumped together to form the vast hull of what the UMD calls the "latest baroque escape attempt to come from British minds".
  • The UMD begins 'harvesting' the population of Earth and the Moon in order to bolster their population spread thin by colonisation of Mars.
  • Some European Governments (Britain, Spain, France, Italy) plus America and Mars start building the HSS "Humanity", an artificial planet that has oxygen productors, food, water, making an artificial planet that can survive alone for five million years.


The HSS humanity leaves, leaving only a million people to make the Confederation of Earth which the capital is Seoul.


The Confederation of Earth begins building The Eagle, a space ship designed to carry 5000+ nuclear warheads. They plan to use it on the RoL and the UMD for destroying much of the Earth. It will be completed in 2003.

The Confederation of Earth supplies a terrorist organization called Fist, which will cause destruction on the Moon and on Mars.



  • The Fist hacks into the United Martian Democracy's computer system and shuts down everything considered 'life support'. A significant percentage of the UMD's population is killed.

The New Era of Mass Scientific Programs

  • The Alliance of Intelligent Species Lovers (I couldn't think of anything better than that silly name) is created from volunteers from The Confederation of Earth (CoE) and starts a program called Evolution. AI (as The Alliance of Intelligent Species Lovers is called) designs another artificial planet, planet EvolutionAI, similar to the biblical Ark. It contains a vast array of animals and plants that were on Earth before humans started creating human settlements, quite a few are biologically recreated. No humans are allowed to live on it and by the end of 2000 it is set to launch in early 2001.
  • The United Labs of Luna 1 are created by the CoE in North Canada away from the rest of human society. The use the blueprints of Omega Luna 1 and start to drill in order to make a network of underground cities that will be protected from any future attacks by UMD.
  • Also Massive TerraDomes are built by the CoE as another defense against any attack on Earth by UMD or RoL.
  • By the end of 2000, the MSP (Mass Scientific Programs) is set to be a success. UMD is in chaos because of the attacks by the Fist.


  • UMD is swallowed whole by the newly founded Confederation of Extraterrestrial Alliance; this alliance is made up of all the countries that were around Jupiter, they also have a large scientific advantage over CoE because of the fact that they have not been hit by any real threats, so able to expand their scientific programs.
  • CoE launches EvolutionAI late this year due to unforeseen shortfalls. The shipe launches at 90% complete. The only things that remain are some species.
  • The terrorist that once bothered UMD, now bother the CEA, so in an effort to stop all terrorist activities they begin to crack down on all firearms and hacker stations across the UMD. This is extremely successful as the UMD did nothing in this line of enforcement to stop the terrorist, and by the end of the year ALL terrorist cells in the old UMD are eradicated.
  • CoE and CEA begin to separate projects in order to colonize outside the solar system. CEA's is called Union Supreme and the CoE's is called Terra Uno. Both projects are set to launch in three years.
  • By the end of the year CoE and CEA have come to a formal agreement to not fight each other and instead do open trade, this becomes commonly known as the end of human strife and the beginning of an enlightenment of humanity as neither nation wishes war with one another.
  • All educational and scientific fields explode with the trade of new ideas and science's becomes more free.


The Republic of Luna signs an alliance with the CoE and the CEA.

The construction of the Eagle ends as there is no need to attack people.

Save Our Earth project begins. It is designed to rebuild more cities, save the environment, and bring the population back up.

The first section of the underground cities in Canada is completed.


  • The Seventh Kingdom, apalled at the utter destruction of Mars, declares war against the CEA. They realize that the CEA is a threat to their territories in the outer solar system.
  • The CoE begins talks with the CEA, the CoE doesn't want another war that will tear more countries apart.
  • In the United Human State Act the CoE agrees to send a ship to start negotiations with the Seventh Kingdom trying to create a united government that will bring all humanity together into one nation.
  • November 13, 2003 Humanity the Nation is created from the RoL, CoE, CEA, and the Seventh Kingdom.

There are four branches of government in Humanity the Nation: Earth, Luna, Britain, and Extraterrestial.

  1. The Extraterrestial Branch is created to colonize the rest of the solar system and beyond, headqarters are created in the Asteroid Belt.
  2. The Earth Branch is created to finish Save the Earth project and to manage the largest concentration of humans in the solar system, headquarters are created in the new underground city named Eden.
  3. The Britain Branch is created to control all trade and scientific processes concerning the future of humanity, headquarters are created on Io.
  4. The Luna Branch is created to manage all of the now federal government processes that concern the humans not living on Earth.

Every branch has an elected leader. Every citizen in Humanity the Nation has a vote and votes for each of the branch's presidents.

  • By December 31, 2003 there are still some kinks and Humanity isn't yet functional.


The Humanity the Nation becomes the United States of the Universe and makes all of Australia a wildlife reserve and ban gas.


  • USU begins project 'Eden Prime', the goal of which is to colonize the closest solar system. There was a slight spike in terrorist activities but they were quickly put out (most of it happened on earth).
  • USU decides to call most of earth a wildlife preserve in order to make sure that humans to start to destroy it again. The areas not included in the Wild Preservation Act of 2004 are the USA's old East coast, South Africa, Southern Britain, Southern Coast of France, A small 100-mile strip of the Balkans, and some of the more Major Metropolitan cities are made into dome-cities in order to protect the environment around them.
  • By the end of the year, most of the people that were once scattered across the Earth have clustered either in the dome-cities or have left earth. The food and water is kept clean and fresh through advanced filtration and growing sectors of the cities, primaraly out of sight from the ordinary citizen.


  • Doug, a man from the defunct UMD begins a one-man war with the USU for destroying the UMD.
  • Some things he did do were blow up a cargo ship, blow up the Britain Branch HQ on Io, and terrorize citizens in the dome cities.
  • About 500 people died from his crimes.


  • Unbeknownst to the rest of the USU, the Britain Branch has continued construction of the Starship UK. In the face of Dougs attacks, they use the Starship UK's weapons to destroy him. The revelation of the Starships existence shocks the human community. The Extraterrestrial Branch condemns the Britain Branch for constructing something which is technically in their jurisdiction. For this reason, the Starship UK prepares to leave.
  • The Britain Branch has its branchial Constitution altered to place the King as the highest authority in the Britain Branch. When they are condemned they reply that the formation of the USU was an attempt to preserve sovereignty.


  • A massive wormhole opens in between the remnants of Mars and the asteroid belt.
  • A giant beast consisting entirely of anti-matter emerges, many times the size of Earth. It consumes Venus and then consumes Luna.

December 24, 2008

  • Luna is completely gone and the beast looms over Earth. Humans cower in fear.


  • All warring factions suddenly decide to unite under a single government and all past arguments are forgotten instantly.
  • Russia takes a surprise attack and launches missiles at Scotland, causing another World War.


The other nations of Earth launch a nuclear strike back at Russia, destroying the country. To make sure this doesn't occur again, the remaining Earth nations unite to form the United States of Earth, and Russia is annexed and occupied. The new USE begins to recolonize/colonize outer space, starting with the beginning of terraforming Venus. The great monster is shot with a dozen thousand nuclear missiles, and utterly defeated, when it breaks apart, Luna and Venus reappeared.


The USE finally terraforms Venus, and colonists begin to be sent to the planet. The Eagle is restarted up, and completed at the end of the year; it carries 10,000 nuclear missiles. Five more Eagles begin construction. The first Eagle is sent to Mars. After a threat to wipe out the planet with nukes is made, it is handed over by the UMD, and the USU is declares dissolved by the four branches. The USE and UMD are then united to form the United Planets of Humanity, which the Venus colonies soon join as a full member.

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