Map Games are collaborative althistory games in which a starting map is posted and players take turns making changes to the map and posting alternate history events. Games are based on different starting premises and historical eras.

Each game is different, so it's important to read the rules and requirements of any you wish to participate in. Presently, we are only running one map game at a time.

Active Map Games

Domesday - A Map Game set at the peak of the Middle Ages.

Accepting Players

  • Na Trioblóidí - a map game set in Northern Ireland in 1969. (waiting for players first)
  • Interesting Times (Map Game) - A Map Game set in the warring states period of China. Around 100 nations to chose from. Barbarian tribes are also playable. (on hiatus for now)
  • Risk!: Europe (Map Game) - A map game based on the board game of the same name.

Finished Games

Games end once they reach the present year or an earlier predetermined ending. These games have reached that point:

  • Map Game - The first Map Game. It ended because of year limits (up to 1 June 2010 on this wiki). It is also notable for at one point being more active than Talk:1983: Doomsday and having one of its maps used by Wikia to advertise this wiki. Founded by Baconton.
  • Rebirth of the World Map Game - Finally got to 2010.
  • Atlantic Islands - The first map game to be used specifically for a timeline, all of the islands were colonized.
  • Axis vs Allies Revised - Reached an agreed endpoint between the last two players.
  • No Nukes - Reached the present year (2012)
  • Hot Cold War - Game about World War III but ended in ASB.
  • Principia Moderni - Worldwide map game of military, economy, and exploration.
  • Night of the Living Alternate History - Original map game created by Mscoree. On October 1, 1968 George A. Romero released the film, Night of the Living Dead. Today it is viewed as the beginning of Zombies on the big screen, but what if that’s not all it inspired? Noted as being one of the most popular map games ever created.
  • Principia Moderni III - Popular sequel to the first two Principia Moderni map games. Begins in 1400, near the approximate beginning of the modern era. Currently the longest-running map game record-holder. Reached the time of its ending, 2015.

Defunct Games

For the most part, games are marked defunct due to inactivity, if you feel like continuing a defunct map game feel free as long as it is not one of the few that have finished. This list is incomplete. Add more when you notice an inactive game.

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