Alternative History

This page lists images of the maps of Nations, Wars and such and world maps of current listed nations in Ard Marjhoola. This page, along with the Notes page should be considered "Out of Character" and may document future changes, etc.

World Maps[]

This file shows nations in 1025 which have their borders shown somewhere on their pages. Key: Caliphate Nations: Green: Cordoba, Red: Fatimids, Blue: Abbasids Christian/European Nations: Orange: Byzantine Empire, Yellow: Danish Crown, Light Blue: French Crown, Light Red: Holy Roman Empire Notes: Might have overplayed the Balkan side of the Byzantine Empire, it might need more of a "dip". Post-annexation of the Bulgarian Empire. Dark Grey indicates minor nations which may be subject to majors.

Ard Marjhoola Map - 1025

Caliphate Wars[]

Key: Green: Cordoba Red: Fatimids Blue: Abbasids for all images

1000 AD:

Caliphates of 1000AD

1025 AD:

Caliphates of 1025AD

Individual Nations[]

Cordoba in 1000 AD:

Caliphate of Córdoba 1000AD

Byzantine Empire in 1025 AD:

Eastern Roman Empire - 1025 (Ard Marjhoola)

Kingdom of England in 1172: While this is a bit ahead of myself, this is boundaries I've already set for the English crown by this time. What remains of France is to the East, while it shares its southern border at this time with Cordoba.

Kingdom of England - 1172

Kingdom of France in 1025 AD: Includes Norman possessions.

Kingdom of France - 1025 AD (Ard Marjhoola)