This page contains all the maps used in the Human History Experiment Map Game

  • After creating a nation, view the maps below. Place a dot for the location of your city on whichever map you prefer, along with the name of this city. If it is a tribe, draw around the approximate area the tribe encompasses. The right side is meant to be political, while the left is physical. Both of them share rivers for reference, but only the left shows elevation. The maps do not show much for now, but after the game begins, exploration should quickly begin to fill in the unexplored bits. Bear in mind that these are all areas of the same Earth, they are just isolated from each other.


Area 1


This is The key for the physical maps.

'Continent 1: Northern


Western Hemisphere         


Area 2:North

Area 2

ern Hemisphere       

Eastern Hemisphere         


Area 3: Southern Hemisphere       

Western Hemisphere         


Area 3

Area 4: Equatorial        

Western Hemisphere  

Area 4


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