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This is an archive of Maps created for the Pax Columbia timeline. This does not include Pictures and Flags created for the timeline. I, CassAnaya, have a degree in Digital and Film Animation, this wiki helps me practice some of my Photoshop skills. If you have any pictures that have a significant change to the original picture and fit within the Pax Columbia timeline, then PLEASE add it here. These pictures should not be from within OTL, they must be ALTered. :>)

Worldmap FSC 2011 ver3

2012 Political World Map (Pax Columbia).

Current Africa Map (Pax Columbia)

Map of Africa (Pax Columbia) as of March 2012.

Current Asia Map (Pax Columbia)

Map of Asia (Pax Columbia) as of March 2012.

Europe FSC 2011

Map of Europe (Pax Columbia) as of March 2012.

Current North America Map (Pax Columbia)

Map of North America (Pax Columbia) as of March 2012.

Current Middle East Map (Pax Columbia)

Map of Middle East (Pax Columbia) as of March 2012.

Current Sorth America Map (Pax Columbia)

Map of South America (Pax Columbia) as of March 2012.

Current Ocenia Map (Pax Columbia)

Map of Oceania (Pax Columbia) as of March 2012.

Blank worldmap Pax Columbia

Blank World Map (Pax Columbia)

World map United Nations (Pax Columbia)

Map of United Nations Membership 2012

World powers map (Pax Columbia)

Map of World Powers

Colonisation 1800 (Pax Columbia)

Colonialism as of 1800

World 1914 empires colonies territory (Pax Columbia)

Colonialism as of 1914

WWII world war II extent of Nazi Romana (Pax Columbia

Largest extent of Nazi Romana

Height of Communism map 1979-1983 (Pax Columbia)

Height of Communism 1979-1983


Tibetan Claims. (Pax Columbia)

Opposition to Ethiosomalia War (Pax Columbia)

Orange: Participated in invasion of Ethiosomalia. Yellow: Supported invasion. Blue: opposed invasion. Gray: uncertain or no official standpoint.

Author: CassAnaya

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