The March on Calcutta was a march led by Mangal Pandey from Madras to Calcutta,the capital of British India at the time.Its purpose was to rid India of the British

March on Calcutta





Bengal Presidency,British India


Indian Victory


British Empire, Kingdom of Nepal

Rebel Sepoys, Travancore, Tamil Rebel Sepoy Brigade, Dhaka, Nagpur


Mangal Pandey,Baka Bai,Rudra Singh Thapa

George Anson,Jung Bahadur Rana




Casualties and Losses





Mangal Pandey,leader of the March

The main group involved were of course,the Sepoys,led by Mangal Pandey(who was not shot in this timeline).The sepoys came from Madras,which had earlier been attacked.The Nawab of Dhaka,Khwaja Abdul Ghani,as well as the Oriya Gajapati king,Rudra Singh Thapa,a rebel Gorkha who led the Gorkhas against Jung Bahadur Rana,the Nepalese king,and the princess of Nagpur also sent in troops.

Eventual loss by the British and impact on the empire

The British Empire eventually lost their holdings in Asia thanks to the fall of their eastern capital.Bengal fell into anarchy until 1860.Mangal Pandey and most non-monarchs who fought in the war left to the Andaman Islands(renamed Aryadvip),where he established a Sepoy Republic,with its capital at Mangalpur(Port Blair).Singapore was bought by Chiang Lu,a Peranakan Chinese merchant who became Prince of Singapura.Hong Kong was also bought,by the French,who purchased it after they invaded South China,while the British protectorates in the Middle East gained independence.

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