Margaret Tudor
Timeline: Tudor line

Margaret Tudor
Portrait of Margaret Tudor

Queen Consort of Scotland
8 August 1503 - 9 September 1513

Predecessor Margaret of Denmark
Successor Charlotte of France

Queen Mother of Scotland and Earless of Angus
9 September 1513 - 6 August 1514 - 19 January 1533

Predecessor Mary of Guelders
Successor Charlotte of France
Born 28 November 1489
Westminster Palace, Middlesex, England
Died 12 April 1540
Edinburgh, Sctoland
Spouse James IV, Archibald Douglas

Princess Margaret of England was born on 28 November 1489 to Henry VII and Elizabeth of York and was an older sister to Henry VIII. Henry married her to James IV of Scotland, but he soon died and their only son became James V of Scotland.

She was soon married again to Archiblad Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus, he however was so ambitious that he wanted the throne for himself. He began to control his new stepson however in 1525 Margaret declared the regency over. Angry Archibald started plotting his death. Soon however James was married to Princess Charlotte of France and when she became pregnant with his son Robert IV, Archibald quickly made sure James V would not be there to see his son. Margaret however now knew what her husband was planning and sent a message to Henry VIII. He arrived with his army and banished Archibald. However the victory was not complete, a year later he came back starting a bloody civil war. Margaret survived it, but never had a chance to see the end of the second regency.

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