Marlene Wensing
Timeline: The Kalmar Union

Marlene Wensing
Portrait of Marlene Wensing

Born 1st December 1989
Iserlohn, Mark
Profession Actress, Screenwriter

Marlene Wensing is a Mark-born actress, resident and working in Dortmund. She is famous for her comedic films made with DFA (Dortmund Film AG), often playing the accident-prone character 'Saskia'.

Working within the naescent film industries of Mark and Dortmund since the age of 14 Marlene's experience led her to begin making to suggestions to the often unexperienced directors. This allowed her greater control over the film-making process than many of her contemporaries.

Her hugely popular 'Saskia' comedies have made her a leading lady and many compare her to the Dane Mads and Frenchman Pierre Hollande in pushing the and inventiveness of the short film format. Meanwhile many conservatives have called her 'a terrible rolemodel for German women'. However her popularity has given her more control over her films and her image. She has begun to get proper credit for the writing and is expected to direct her own films going forward.


  • 2003-2009 - Various uncredited roles
  • Lichter der Stadt (City Lights)(2010) - Reveller
  • Der Rote Fleck (The Crimson Stain) (2011) - Nurse
  • Katrinas Hochzeit (Katrina's Wedding) (2011) - Troublemaking Guest (Saskia)
  • Meine Leiber, Augusta (My Love, Augusta) (2012) - Stefan's Sister
  • Ärger in der Stadt (Trouble in Town) (2012) - Saskia
  • Zweit (Two by Two) (2012) - Saskia
  • Die Wespe (The Wasp) (2012) - Saskia
  • Die Geburtstagstorte (The Birthday Cake) (2012) - Saskia
  • Die Falsche Katzen (The Wrong Cats) (2013) - Saskia. Also credited as screenwriter.
  • Salon Spiele (Parlour Games) (2014) - Saskia
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