Marrikuwuyanga Kakaisaran
Marrikuwuyanga Empire
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Northern Territory Australia and Timor
ChinFed flag
Flag of Marrikuwuyanga

Kabeh becik Kaisar (All hail the Emperor)

(and largest city)
Other cities Mastolik, Eklamin, Norvas
Language Javanese
Religion Yadaism
Ethnic Group Kuwuyanga
Demonym Marrikuwuyangan
Government Oligarchy
  legislature Imperial Council of the Marrikuwuyangan Elders [With the Emperor as head of council]
Emperor Gulalin Gulpilil
  Royal house: Gulpilil
Population 456,000 
Established 1106 (as Tribal State of Marrikuwuyanga)
1202(Unification of several tribes into Marrikuwuyanga)
1345 (Union with Iwaidja Tribe)
1425 (Conquest of OTL Northern Australia)
1442 (Collapse)
1448 (Re-establishment)
1483 (Unification with Ounwinnggu)
1503 (Union with Timor)
1538 (Establishment as Empire of Marrikuwuyanga)
Currency N/A [Barter System]
The Empire of Marrikuwuyanga is an empire made up the Kingdom of Marrikuwuyanga, and her territory and overseas territories. Initially a small tribe present at the Tiwi Islands, the tribe was able to however conquer and overpower the warring tribes present at the island and establish itself as the Kingdom of Marrikuwuyanga after 96 continous years of war. The Kingdom continued to prosper and establish itself as a regional power, although it no longer sought to gain land. It was indeed, after 143 years of peace and stability did the Marrikuwuyangan interest in what lay south began. The Marrikuwuyanga would venture into the South, discovering new land and then mercilessly crush Iwaidja tribe of the North. The new Emeror would start a policy of aggression, conquering all of OTL Northern Australia after 80 years of war after which a series of weak emperors would bring a halt to the Marrikuwuyangan advance, and would continue to undermine the state; resulting in its collapse in less than 20 years. The Marrikuwuyanga would then again position themselves at the Tiwi islands and after receiving aid from the Celestial Beings [Sunda], the reconquest of the lands that formerly were part of the Marrikuwuyanga Empire would begin. The original Sunda however would soon be exiled albeit their successors would continue to rule the Kingdom. After establishing relations with foreign states, the Sunda would end the isolation that had befell the Marrikuwuyanga and bring great reforms and development to the former tribal state which would result in a period of war in which the Marrikuwuyanga under Sunda Emperors, supported by the Ayutthaya and then Dutch would conquer much more land and gain more fame, than any of their former Emperors ever had


Family Tree

House of Zestoniklas

  • Marri Zestoniklas [1106 - 1181] (75 Years)
  • Marri Zestoniklas II [1181 - 1262] (81 Years)
  • Sukatao Zestoniklas [1262 - 1268] (6 Years)
  • Marri Zestoniklas III [1268 -1345] (77 Years)

House of Kuwu

  • Kita Kuwu [1345 - 1380] (35 Years)
  • Torcus Kuwu [1380 - 1401] (21 Years)
  • Notusi Kuwu [1401 - 1427] (26 Years)
  • Kita Kuwu II [1427 -1429] (2 Years)
  • Torcus Kuwu II [1429 - 1432] (3 Years)
  • Tutankhimu Kuwu [1432 - 1433] (1 Year)
  • Kita Kuwu III [1433 - 1442] (9 Year)
  • Tutan Khimukuwu II [1442 -1443] (1 Year)

House of Gulpilil

  • Toluca Gulpilil [1443 - 1449] (6 Years)
  • Benelong Gulpilil [1449 - 1491] (42 Years)
  • Yada Gulpilil [1491 - 1538] (47 Years)
  • Gulalin Gulpilil [1458 -


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