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Martinsson Crime Family
Formation June 21st, 2006
Type Modern Crime Family
Legal status Active
Purpose/focus Protection racket, prostitution
Headquarters Kiruna, Lapland, Sweden
Martinsson Crime Family is a group of nine criminals(the ones above associates), sharing similar interests in protection rackets and prostitution. Their meeting spot, where they meet daily in the morning, is established in the beach of Kiruna, swedish city in Lapland. They didn't use any rank structures, until 2012, May 12th. Their don Kenneth Martinsson, who is a 43-year-old medium-build male, has founded the crime family in mid 2006. The crime family is known for racketing Cafe' Oscar, one of the most-known cafes in Kiruna. They are also known for beating up of over twenty people, mainly of a black ethincity.


Martinsson Crime Family was founded in 2006, but the "Big-Twelve", was already operating in Kiruna since 2003. The first two people who decided to form a crime family "for fun" were Kenneth Martinsson and Bennedict Forstrange, in early spring of 1980, when they were 12 years old. This became serious when in 1989 they robbed a store in northern Kiruna, which was their real start of criminal career and when they found 10 friends, who were interested in joining their criminal group. In 2006, they decided to create name their group a "Martinsson Crime Family", which is now known for multiple protection rackets and prostitution businesses, which are currently known only for them, victim business owners and high-ranked detectives of Kiruna PD.

Sources suggest, that there were many italians in the family, but these suspected personas are currently dead, most of them died in Second Sicilian War. However the sources are unofficial and not yet confirmed.

Recent Events

  • 2012, April 23rd - Bennedict Forstrange was caught trying to steal a police vehicle, and sent to 48-hour jail. The court is to be held tomorrow. Sources suggest, that the theft was done on purpose, and was part of a major plan.
  • 2012, April 25th - Bennedict Forstrange was sentanced for 2 years for attempted theft of a car.
  • 2012, April 29th - Unsuccessful attempt to break out of prison with the other inmates, resulting in 5 additional years in prison for Bennedict Forstrange.
  • 2012, May 5th - Bennedict Forstrange escapes the prison with the help of 3 other members of the family, not identified by the police.
  • 2012, May 7th - Martinsson Crime Family organizes and accomplishes the arson of Kiruna Police Department Station. None of the members were caught. Corruption of police officers is suspected during this event.
  • 2012, May 8th - Martinsson Crime Family receives more associates from Sicily and Baltic States. Most of which are relatives of current members.
  • 2012, May 11th - The boss(don) of Martinsson Crime Family sent five of the associates to detonate the Kiruna Prison, but because of the failed attempt, four of these men were killed on action and the other one escaped.
  • 2012, May 12th - Bennedict Forstrange dies due to heart attack. Ranking structure is formed by Kenneth.
  • 2012, May 13th - Kenneth Martinsson puts new underboss - Sander Ek - into the position. The funeral of Bennedict is held, where every crime family member arrives.
  • 2012, May 14th - The Bjorkman Brothers leave the family and form a new one, calling it Bjorkman Crime Family and becoming the most rival crime family to the Martinsson Crime Family. The family war starts.
  • 2012, May 18th - The both families sign a peace treaty, which was proposed by Bjorkman family, because one of their members was killed by Martinsson crime family.
  • 2012, June 1st - Both families sign a family alliance and agree not to interfere with each other's rackets.

Range of weaponry

While Martinsson Crime Family does not have any AKs, ARs, they do know how to find an use of knives, baseball bats and brass knuckles. Sander Ek, the member of MCF, is a professional boxer who has won several boxing championships. In mid-2010, they robbed a weapon-store, when the owner refused to pay the racket money, but instead of using the weapons they stole, Martinsson Crime Family members sold it to their contacts for fairly cheap price, which was less than one hundred nordic krones.


  • Kenneth Martinsson
  • Bennedict Forstrange(died from heart disease)
  • Sander Ek
  • Martin Rupertsson
  • Caj Bjorkman (left and formed Bjorkman Crime Family)
  • Daniel Bjorkman (left and formed Bjorkman Crime Family)
  • Ansgar Langenberg
  • Vilhelm Claesson
  • Staffan Engberg
  • Acke Ragnvaldsson
  • Frej Svenson
  • Mikhail Dumrovskij
  • 10 active associates(4 died recently)
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