Alternative History
Mary II
The Lady Mary by Peter Lely
Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland (more ...)
Reign 13 February 1689 –

27 August 1719

Coronation 11 April 1689
Predecessor James II and VII
Successor William IV and III
Co-Monarch William III and II
Spouse William III and II
William IV and III
Johan Philip
House House of Stuart
Father James II and VII
Mother Anne Hyde
Born 30 April 1662
[N.S.: 10 May 1662]
St. James's Palace, London
Died 27 August 1719 (aged 57)
[N.S.: 7 September 1719]
Kensington Palace, London
Burial 25 September 1719
Westminster Abbey, London
Religion Anglicanism

Mary II (O.S. 30 April 1662 – 27 August 1719) was the joint Sovereign of England, Scotland and Ireland with her husband (and first cousin) William III and II from 13 February 1689 to her death. Born as the first daughter of Roman Catholic James II and VII, she would go onto overthrow her predecessor with the support of Parliament due to her Protestant leanings and was promptly declared alongside her husband Queen and King regnant.

A reformist, she set out to maintain a government of limited royal interference with the passage of the Bill of Rights in 1689, and although she attempted to curve her own powers she simultaneously ceded most of her authority over to her husband, although he had to rely on her to maintain popular power in their nations. She did, however, often have to act alone in England and Scotland during the periods of time in which William was fighting abroad, proving herself to be a capable, albeit disengaged administrator.

However, after her husbands death in 1712, she slowly withdrew herself from public life and granted more powers onto her son and heir during the height of the tumultuous Fifteen Years War, the future William IV, who was appointed by parliament a month before Mary's death to be Prince Regent with the power to act in her name.