Kingdom of Maryland
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Maryland Panhandle
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Engish, Yinzer
Religion InsCath
Demonym Marylander
Government Absolute Monarchy
King Coolidge Galloway

The Kingdom of Maryland is a survivor state in the former state of Maryland.


In the years after the War, the Insular States were thrown into chaos, like the rest of the free world. And like a great many places, the region was squabbled over by warlords, politicians, and quacks. But among all of this, the City of Bittinger remained under control of a single man, Robert Thamus, whom had been appointed head of the City’s emergency council. Over the course of five years, he created a large militia loyal only to him, promoting his cronies, and undermining the civil government. He, like many ambitious generals, staged a coup. It was quick and bloodless, and Thamus was made King by his supporters. Over the next few years, he levied immense peasant armies of pikemen, spearmen, and a limited amount of modern infantry, conquering the entirety of the Panhandle. A Confederate Romanticist, he used a blue Crosslands Banner as his flag, and took the Regnal Name of Jefferson. He promoted his best supporters to the status of nobles, and created an imperial culture of sorts. He dressed his soldiers in plate jacks in the style of confederate uniforms, with kettle helms, wool cloaks, and shields painted in red and blue.

Jefferson made it a point to be on the battlefield with his men, and he died by a stray arrow meant for his officers in 1980. It is notable that Jefferson had no children, and had instead selected one of his generals to take the throne in the event of his death. It as at this point his successor, by the regnal name of Stonewall Thamus, claimed the throne of the Thamus dynasty. After this, Thamus appointed his successor in the event of his death, beginning the tradition of non-inherited dynasties. Stonewall promoted arts and music among the learned elite, and established the Bard’s Guild, among other achievements. Most notable of his Reign however is the War of Daisies.

In 1983, Maryland came into contact with the Knights of Saint Lazarus, whom told them of the Insular Catholic Church. Many disaffected Catholics in teh region immediately grouped into a new military order, the Knights Marylander, soon canonized by the King, and later Pope Castus. This group would fight in the Holy War of Maryland before their canonization; with many of their members rising to prominence within the ranks of the InsCath church; such as Sir Bob Randolph of Pawpaw; whom became an important bishop, fathering Sir Cyril Randolph, whom would go on to be Grand Chancellor of the Knights of Saint Lazarus.



Unlike most Monarchies, the Crown of Maryland is not inherited. Instead, a Marylandic King or Queen (usually a King) will choose a successor from his nobles, whom will become King upon his death. It is known that King Jefferson Thamus set this precedent, as he had no children, nor a wife. When a King dies, a special Coronation Ceremony is held.

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