Alternative History

Massachusetts was an American state before Doomsday. However, it had suffered multiple attacks, such as:

  • Boston: State capital; largest metropolitan area and cultural and economic hub of New England; one of largest and most important cities in the former United States. Several strikes in the vicinity have been recorded.
  • Lowell: Manufacturing hub and a major city north of Boston.
  • Otis Air Force Base: United States Air Force Base, near Buzzards Bay.
  • Fort Devens: US Army post, near Ayer.
  • Westover Air Reserve Base: Largest Air Reserve Base in the United States, near Holyoke.

Almost the entire Boston metropolitan area was obliterated.


There have been multiple survivors confirmed in the state, such as:

  • Plymouth: Plymouth County managed to remain stable in the aftermath and eventually reorganized into the Commonwealth of Plymouth, fashioned after the Plymouth Colony of old. It now controls Camp Edwards Military Training Base and the Tip of Cape Cod as well.
  • Outer Lands.
  • Vermont. Exploratory missions by the Vermont Army found survivors in the western Massachusetts towns of Fitchburg, Greenfield, Millers Falls, Orange, Winchedon, Baldwinville, and Gardner, all controlled by warlords. With the help of the Orange warlords, the Vermont Army was able to take down the remaining warlords in this part of the state. The towns were incorporated into counties, and over time they were admitted into the Republic by 1997. Lately there has been talk of those counties reincorporating with Plymouth into either Plymouth proper or a renewed Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Polls show voters wish to remain associated with Vermont.