Flag of Red Cross (2009)

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The MediFleet (Medical Fleet) is part of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, the medical wing of the League of Nations. The main facility is in Galway, Celtic Alliance.


The MediFleet happened shortly after Doomsday when the Celtic Alliance used ships as makeshift hospitals to provide medical services to parts of the British Isles and the European mainland. As years went by the MediFleet continued to see service to those areas of the world isolated from modern medical care.

Since 1990, the office titled as the MediFleet Surgeon General has command authority over MediFleet to include the power to relieve medical officers for incompetence. In 2009, the MediFleet was transferred to League of Nations control.

List of Ships

  • CAS Hecla
  • CS Mercy
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