A list of Media for Satomi Maiden ~ Third Power.

Video Games

  • 東方Project - most well known and popular game in the world, created by Team Shanghai Alice. Main characters are Seiga Kaku (as well as Yoshika Miyako), Yukari Yakumo, Reimu Hakurei, and Koishi Komeiji.
  • Need For Speed - yet another popular series worldwide.
  • Driver series - a popular European video game series.
  • Grand Theft Auto - a popular video game series. Made in Ireland, and soon spread in popularity worldwide.


  • IOSYS - Specialises in Touhou Remixes.
  • PSY - A popular Korean singer, most known for Gangnam Style.
  • Skrillex - a famous dubstep electronic musician from Ireland.
  • Gensokyo Radio - An international radio station, with main headquarters in Kyoto, Japan.

Novels & Manga

  • Jetlag Travel Guide - a series of parody travel books written by Tom Gleisner, Santo Cilauro, and Rob Sitch written in Ireland. There is ten books in the series, with an eleventh announced recently.


  • K-ON! - A popular anime worldwide.



  • Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai, Hanguk Bangsong Gongsa, and Zhōngguó Diànshì Gōngsī are the three top news sources in the world.
  • Regional news sources are popular in their own respective countries only, save for Scandinavian ones.


See also: List of Domains

  • Finland's domain include .su and .fi
  • História Alternativa Wiki - A Wiki based on alternate history. Founded in 2003 in Portugal, it has since grown into one of the largest alternate history websites around.


See also List of Companies

  • Linux - Made in Finland, another OS. Not as big as Sendai Windows, but popular in Europe and Amazonia.
  • Sony - created the PlayStation consoles. Another top major company in the world.
  • Nintendo - Famous for its games and consoles. Another major company, though not as popular.
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