This page is for primary sources that provide insight into the world of 1983: Doomsday - videos, transcripts of speeches and interviews, in-depth opinion pieces, photojournalistic essays, etc. Short-form news releases are archived at the WCRB Newshour Main Page.


WCRB report on the Pacific United States, April 20, 2010

This report, an abstract more complete study to be released in January 2011, was written by Dave Hovde, a news reporter for KSBY news studios in the Chumash Republic through the west coast of the former United States and Canada.

The Telegram of St John's on Keene's Compact Day, March 31, 2010

This news feature reports on the first Compact Day, the Republic of Keene's commemoration of its independence.

WCRB report on the southern United States, October 30, 2009, Nueva Gerona

This report, an abstract of a more complete study to be released in January 2010, was written by Cuban General Gabriel Romero Navarro after an expedition through the southeastern part of the former United States. It lists settlements and larger political entities known to exist in that region, based on General Navarro's discoveries and other then-up-to-date sources. A revised report, including information about more recently discovered survivor states like Piedmont, is expected to be released in late 2010. Reports for the eastern, midwestern and southwestern United States are in the planning stages.

Jim Douglas on ANZBC, October 26, 2009, Nuku'alofa

Vermont President Jim Douglas gave this interview to ANZBC reporter Lauren Gilmore while visiting the League of Nations headquarters to seek membership for his country.

Danny Mateo on Alaska Broadcasting Corporation Radio, October 20, 2009, Hilo

In this interview, a transcript of a radio broadcast, Hawaiian Congressman Danny Mateo talks about Hawaii's plan to resettle the Bonin Islands, called Ogasawara by their former inhabitants.

Iberic and Andorran Foreign Ministers, October 8, 2009, Andorra-la-Vella

The foreign ministers from Iberia and Andorra ministers met in the capital of the latter to discuss the future settlement and division of the Spanish region of Catalonia. The Andorrans on the whole rejected the proposed settlement. Documents relating to the meeting can be found at the Ibero-Andorran Conference page.

Scottsbluff Star-Herald, August 25, 1996

This rare newspaper article published nearly 13 years after Doomsday consists of excerpts from a 1986 interview with a survivor from Lawrence, Kansas, who had recently died. It has been archived on the page "Lawrence, Kansas".

Constitution of the Provisional United States of America, Torrington, July 4, 1991

In June of 1991 a convention of delegates from the various communities met in Torrington, Wyoming, and on July 4th presented a new Constitution for the "Provisional Government of the United States of America." The version of the US Constitution presented here highlights the changes the delegates made to the original 1791 document.

NBC-TV broadcast, September 25, 1983

This transcript was NBC's last before broadcasting was shut off by the first missile impacts.

United Press International teletype, September 25, 1983, Chicago

This UPI report out of Chicago was received in Manchester, New Hampshire, just before the destruction of the former.

Associated Press teletype reports, September 25, 1983

This series of news briefs offers a glimpse into the first moments of the Third World War.

BBC Broadcast

Due to attacks in the UK occurring in the early hours (roughly 2 am) of the 26th September many TV stations were off air and many radio stations manned by so few people, news of the impending attacks were not very widely broadcast. However, shortly after bombs started falling, the BBC began broadcasting the emergency broadcast from an unknown location.

BBC Emergency Broadcast

Officially referred to as the Wartime Broadcasting Service, this automatic broadcast was on all British radio wavelengths and stations that were still functional in the days after Doomsday, it continued broadcasting until 11.21am September 29th, presumably this is when the emergency generators ran out of fuel.

1983 Emmy Awards

On the evening of September 25, 1983, the 35th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony was being held in the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, CA, located about ten miles north of downtown Los Angeles. At approximately 6:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time, the ceremony was interrupted by the announcement of the launching of Soviet nuclear missiles against the United States.

Photograph gallery

The WCRB is compiling photographs from journalists and bystanders around the world to help document the last 25 years of our history.


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