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This page is intended to provide some speeches, news reports, photographs, and other works of art in the universe of The Era of Relative Peace.


George H.W. Bush's WWIII Speech

Then President George H.W. Bush's state of the nation address to the American people announcing that the U.S. and NATO is at war with the USSR and the Warsaw Pact. It was delivered on June 4, 1989, just hours after the Chinese military crackdown on the Tianenmen Square Protests.

My Fellow Americans. Today, June 4th, 1989, has been a tragic day for the world. In Peking, China; students protesting for democracy and change were brutality murdered by the Chinese military. Although we do not know the death toll, we expect it to reach thousands of people; mostly young adults. To make it clear that the free world does not tolerate this kind of crackdown, the United States condemns the action of the Chinese Communist Party. As such, I have personally ordered the cancellation of military hardware sales and high government official visits to China. As for any Americans left in China, the State Department and the U.S. Embassy are verifying their status and will make sure they make it safely home.

Now the other thing I am going to inform is just hours after the Chinese military crackdown on the Tiananmen Square Protests, the Soviet Union came crashing down the Berlin Wall and attacked both West German and our forces there. This unprovoked attack, which was suspected since NATO reconnaissance planes spotted large concentrations of Soviet forces amassed at the Iron Curtain, completely routed our troops despite the best preparations. Right now, 90% of Germany is under Soviet-Warsaw Pact occupation. Scattered NATO forces including contingents of ours have been cutoff and are fighting a defensive battle. As such, I have spoken to our Western European partners including NATO Secretary General Manfred Wörner. In an emergency meeting in the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, all NATO member states have decided to invoke Article 5 of the NATO charter. The attack on West Germany is an attack on all of us in NATO. Because of this sudden conflict with the USSR, I have already ordered the deployment of our troops currently stationed in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. Reinforcements from the continental United States are now on its way to the other side of the Atlantic as I speak. U.S. military forces in the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Guam, Australia, Wake Island, Midway Atoll, the Middle East, and the British Territory of Diego Garcia have been played on high alert. It is now apparent that since the breakdown of the Malta Peace talks last Spring, that the Soviets were not in the position of backing down. In an emergency session in Capitol Hill earlier today, I, as the President of the United States and one of the leaders of the Free World; in accordance with the U.S. Congress, declare a state of war exists between the United States and the Soviet Union as well its Warsaw Pact allies. We, as the American people, believe that democracy and liberty is the fundamental ideals of a progressive nations.

My predecessors have fought for almost 40 years, albeit through to support, to free Europe from communist control. Repeatedly, they lied to us for many years about democratically held-elections. The future of Europe was already about to be brighter when reformist Mikhail Gorbachev became president. Once he was imprisoned in a Coup de tat earlier this year, their hardliners returned to rule and influence with an Iron Fist.

Now that war has been declared by both the U.S. and our NATO partners, rest assured we will not stop nor rest, supported by you, the American people and the people of the Free World, until we have liberated West Germany; and if possible, the entirety of Eastern Europe until the other side sues for peace.

May God bless our troops currently fighting in Europe. May God bless our NATO partners and overseas allies. May God bless the civilians caught in the crossfire and living under Soviet occupation. May God bless the people of the Free World and the righteous. And May God bless the United States of America.

Queen Elizabeth's WWIII Speech

Originally an address to the United Kingdom in an event of a nuclear war against the USSR, the Queen delivered the speech in front of the British Parliament alongside with Thatcher and several British government officials.

Photograph Gallery

World War III

Modern Times


Iconic videos that detail the beginning stages of the war, reporting behind enemy lines, and the world's progress since the end of major conflict of 1989 to 1991.

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