Alternative History
Mel Brooks
Timeline: Puget Sound-1

Mel Brooks
Portrait of Mel Brooks

36th President of the United States

Predecessor Stan Lee
Successor Nelson Rockefeller
Vice President Dom DeLuise
Born June 26, 1926
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Died N/A
Political Party Marvel
Profession Film Maker, Actor.

Mel Brooks was a former filmmaker who became drawn to the Marvel Party in 1953. He served as President Stan Lee's vice president, and became the second, and so far last, Marvel Party president. Under his control the United States became fairly prosperous, and improved its relationships with the United Kingdom of California, The Hawaiian Confederacy, and the CSA. His most famous and well-known incident as President was his formal apology to the President John Waihee III of the Hawaiian Confederacy over the USA's actions during the Reign of Queen Lili'uokalani and causing her accidental death. Under his administration, the Vietnam war reached its conclusion, ending in a ceasefire and the creation of a DMZ.

He chose not to run for a second term to return to his film making career.