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Meredith Bay War
Days After Chaos
Meredith Bay War
Top: Meredith cavalry during the Battle of the Neck.
Bottom: Laconian forces under the command of James Smith after the Battle of the Corridor.
Date September 1912 - August 1913
Location Meredith Bay, Winnisquam Lake, Belknap, New Hampshire
Result Laconian Victory
  • Treaty of Pitchwoord
  • Minor territorial concessions
  • Establishment of Laconia as dominant naval power
Meredith Laconia
Commanders and leaders
Nate Green

Steven Brothers

Charles I

Henry Wentworth
James Smith

Spindle Point ♦ Pickerel ♦ Corridor ♦ Winnisquam ♦ Snow Trail

The Meredith Bay War was a conflict between the Governorship of Meredith and the Presidency of Laconia, lasting from September 1912 to April 1914. The was the culmination of a five year cold war and naval arms build up between the two rival powers, ending in an all out war on the seas, matched by heavy ground campaigns to secure territory along the coast. In September 1912 the conflict between Laconia and Meredith would officially boil over into an all out war, beginning with a number of naval engagements in the Meredith Bay. The first major land offensive would follow, known as the Pickerel Offensive and launched by Laconia, as part of a plan to push north along the corridor between Paugus Bay and Winnisquam Lake, eventually capturing Meredith Center and Wickwas Lake.

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