Alternative History
Mexican Empire
Imperio MexicanoMexico
Flag of Mexico 1821-1823 CoatOfArmsSecondMexicanEmpireMaximilian
MottoEquidad en la Justicia
“Equity in Justice”
3rd Mexican Empire
Mexico before WW2
CapitalMexico City
Official languages Spanish
Demonym Mexican
Government Constitutional monarchy
 -  Emperador Agustín II of Mexico (first)
Maximiliano II (last)
Legislature Congress
 -  Upper House Senate
 -  Lower House Chamber of Deputies
 -  Independence from Spain September 16, 1810 
 -  Mexican Republic restored May 15, 1867 
 -  Coup d'etat December 21, 1919 
 -  Monarchy overthrown April 26, 1989 
Currency Peso (Mex$)

The Third Mexican Empire was the name of Mexico under the regime established from 1919 to 1990. It was created after German troops, who were in Mexico to aid in the American Theatre of World War I, led the coup d'etat that overthrew the Mexican Republic. The coup d'etat put Agustín de Iturbide y Green on the Mexican Throne as Agustín II of Mexico. Promoted and installed by the Germans, with support from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the coup d'etat create a European-style monarchical system in Mexico, a dream that was envisioned by Napoleon III of France. The Mexican nobility, who aimed to promote stability and end the constant cycle of unrest and revolution, were in full support of the coup d'etat and did everything they could to ensure the rebels kept their word.